Sibu, Costa Rica

Cebu, Philippines


I'm from the Cebu area, so I found it interesting that there was also a Costa Rican God by that name:

The legend of Sibu:

According to an ancient legend of the Bribri and Cabeear Indians, the huge platform formed by the Cordillera de Talamanca, whose peaks between Costa Rica and Panama rise to an altitude of almost 12,000 feet above sea level, was the site where the god SIBU decided to set up house and sow the maize seeds that would give birth to humankind. According to this legend, the creation took place at the source of the Lari River in Surayum, where SIBU organized great festivities, handing out lavish quantities of cacao to each person who had helped him. When they were over, he brought forward young Iriria, the Earth, so that she could cover the rock with her fertile bridal train, and the world began to turn green. Then Sibu fell asleep after asking the cuyeo bird to sing for him that night. SIBU lived in a round house with a thatched roof.

What's interesting is that both areas export a lot of raw cacoa.  Nearby Cebu, there is a neighbouring island by the name of Bohol ~ there's a tourist spot called "Chocolate Hills"  

The people in the area also enjoy a dish called "Champorado", basically Cacao porridge with rice ~ similarly, in Mexico (I'm guessing latin countries as well) they have a dish: "Champurrado" which is a cacoa drink.

*some interesting Etymological findings:


There's a University in the area, BISU: "Bohol Island State University" ~ interesting how its on the same island as the Chocolate Hills.


BI - US ---->Bi US, two of us - BIAS --->  two sides but one sided.    

By US - "who is US?"  

Bi = 2 = di = DI 

US sounds like OS

DIOS ---> DIEUX (French means GOD)

CEBU ---> CUBE ---> six sides ---> 2D cross ---> the sword

The spanish word for fencing, ESGRIMA ---> ESKRIMA 

The island of Cebu is the mecca of Eskrima:

*I remember over hearing that CE or See (that sound) is the name of Mars. 

*Film speaks for itself.

Here's some interesting footage:   Words of Power and Amulets

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