"Lesson" Lie double snakes on, double snakes duality, as to look at it in two minds, "intelligence"

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ss    s flipped on itself is 8.  s turned 90 degrees in either direction on the other s is a clover or..(yin yang)

le(of) on (an)

li on

in-formation (lightwaves) spout out of le (the) son (sun) like a nossle (nozzle)

"When she teaches you, she will lessen the burden.  Therefore it is less on her."

ss is also swastika which is sun or soul, its multi level

an = anu = "god" creator

yes i know this iI studyed my last name, Lyon, Zion, of god = perception.

perception is the creator "god"

back in a circle we are god

didn't even think "Lyon".  I saw that ss was pulled out of le    on.....nice



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