For-tune, everything is a melody.


If you've been following the study group talks from Sevan on everything being a harmony, I thought i'd give you a quick shortcut to wealth or abundance in your life. Playing your tune, or being for the tune, on account of, because of, owing to it etc. On its negative side, which fortune can have to, in spite of, at the price of etc.


For Definition:


Anglo Saxon Definition:

before, in the sight of, in the presence of, as far as, during, before, on account of, for the sake of, through, because of, owing to, from by reason of, as regards this world, in order to, in place of, instead of, equivalent to, at the price of, in preference to, in spite of. 

Modern Definition

Preposition: In support of or in favor of .

Conjunction: Because; since.

Synonyms: preposition. to - on - by - at - in - of - towards - with - about conjunction. because - as - since - inasmuch as


Other reading:


Anglo Saxon

fōr  going, course, journey, expedition, BH;AO : way, manner of life.


Not connected in the same way:
For-, originating from Fer- or Fore, denotes loss or destruction (fordon, forgiefan), or is intensitive or pejorative, as in forbaernan, forrotian. It is not connected with the preposition for (according to this accounting)


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maybe we can see b(ankh) notes(know-t) are the keys to a specific for-tune if we know of the mus(i)(c) / muse I see.   Why do we give someone a bill when they hand us a bill? 




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