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I haven't read all the posts on this forum and do not know if anyone has touched on the subject of backwards phenomenon when they changed the writing system from left to right. I was a preschool teacher and the children all naturally begin writing with two natural truths. They write naturally from right to left but then get called dyslexic. They form their letters from bottom to top and then are told this is also wrong, they must write from top to bottom. From the earliest years of education there is a backwards system being pumped into our minds. We are constantly told the 'natural' is wrong. Any thoughts on this and ideas on returning to the natural and authentic ways of human expression and what it does to us by counteracting the natural way of doing things? If its already been discussed, can anyone provided the thread for me.



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What comes immediately to mind is that 'it is,' yet adding in an extra course on 'writing the letter in a different way' and becoming a pro at it, could be added to the curriculum, for possible enhanced synergy of the creative process and teaching an early-on lesson of there are many ways to the same end...

I don't know why we don't simply allow the children to write as they see fit and yes, accept that there are multiple ways to the same end. One of the other things I adored about the pre-school level was that it was the last year before they were shoved into the system. It was the last chance for them to discover their true self and their authentic nature. There were quite a few indigos who are out there at 4 years old. Rather than learning to write for the reptilians, it was more interesting to help them find their gifts so they had power to remain authentic, but then I found that the pirates are all in the early educational system and they want to stamp out teachers like me. needless to say, i no longer teach on that level. :(

Thanks Mike. It is fabulous that we live in a time where we can take our mind back from the old attack. I don't know how that will apply to 'writing' letters, but if my mind is thinking backwards maybe I can turn it back around to a natural intuitive, or a new blend of intuitive and logical. One friend suggested to me at one point in my life to never write from an enemy mentality. I pondered this for quite some years. Then I realized something incredible - if I fight duality principles, I am just as bad as any other attacker. Duality is a war-minded paradigm. So, I thought some more about how it could be changed and ran into Bucky's quote about making a new model. So, my area of thought is new models, BUT then I realized that 'evolution' is a powerful thing. In this evolution of consciousness, maybe I needed the arse-whopping I got from the lizzys, kinda like parents spanking little children and trying to make us obey how THEY think. Then what happens? I grew up and I began to think for myself. Our emotional stimulus fuel for making new models has been to bounce off of what we do not like and find greener grass. Well, if the outer world is really a mirror for the inner, and we humans are now searching for new alternative fuel sources, then what if this is a brilliant metaphor for seeking new fuel sources in our inner being for the 'creative new model making flow'? It might make for a cool new paradigm, but I don't have any answers, only creative thinking, free from old fossil fuels. LOL Now that I am free from the trap, maybe I can gather some implements of possibility and find some goodies for a new model. I dunno. But the journey into the nether to find the light has been interesting to say the least. Thank you for the fuel for thought.


Very Maritime law-like, Crystal.

Thanks for this book title, BeingM. Are you familiar with Andre Crouch? He also had a major math issue in school. But Andre is a genius musician. So, his dad put the numbers on the piano keys and math turned into something easy as pie, like you found by reversal. Thank you for sharing that BeingM. I'm going to google Math Magic. That writer saw.

well I'm a few years off. in front of the gun but a race late, lol. Has anyone taken a look at script, or "CURSE/ I'VE"? I cannot recall where I heard this, but something about signing the name in cursive was giving yourself to the dominion at hand, no pun....



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