I've been wondering this for a while now, so I thought someone might shed some knowledge on the etymology of right and left. Particularly, how most people are brought up to be right handed ( or maybe it's in their genetics) and how we say the expressions :

"it's alright"

stop right here

right now 

right this way etc. 

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African community attribute right-handedness to respect especially when relating to older people. Young ones are force to switch to right hand and ambidexterity is almost always discouraged.

It's also kind of interesting how, right is "right", and left is not "right", "right" being correct/appropriate etc. Was thinking about this the other day. Not sure if its pointing one the language being systematically emphasizing the left half of the brain, which controls the right half of the body. 

I've heard that reading from left to right puts you in some kind of lockdown, as with the English language itself. I remember finding an interesting book online that had one chapter on language that I found interesting.  You can do a search on it in quotes "We have the right to exist"

You might look at it as bringing the internal logic to the external emotion, rather than bringing the external to the internal, the return :)

Not much 'left' to add, for someone who is 'cack-handed' (awkward/clumsey). Traditionally, the left hand (passive/internal) covered/guarded the heart while the right (active/outward) engaged (greetings or attack?) external influences. This would account for the origin of 'right-hand drive' (from coaches to cars), spiral stairways, etc?; in order to keep the heart as far removed from danger as possible.

I heard Sevan mention on a recent truth Frequency show how the right hand is linked to our external reality and the left hand to our inner world. Transcript from the show: "...the right arm to us corresponds to the physical reality, or the extrenal reality while the left arm is clearly 'the left hand path', more the internal situation that we're experiencing."

I'm right handed and last night I tried to practice writing with my left hand, at first I felt like a child learning to write, after a while it improved a little. Drawing was interesting, although I was simply doodling on the page it felt more creative. Before bed I wrote an affirmation in my dream journal with my left hand to recall at least two dreams in the morning. The results were pretty impressive! Dream recall was significantly improved as I remembered eight dream fragments compared to one the previous morning.

I'm looking forward to working more with my left hand to help on the journey to lucid dreaming.

I want to try this. I've been practicing writing with my left hand too. I don't know why I started (when I was 16) but something within me has always been edging me on. I've been on and off as it seemed to take a lot of effort, but of late I've really been giving it a go. I'm going to try you idea of writing affirmations left handed

Very interesting. Just started my dream journal today. Definitely going to try this out.

I've written on this in the past for people.  You can check out my stuff at zenalchemist.wordpress.com too.  

Here's a little bit of the scenario, and I'll try to start at the most basic.  Walter Russell did a magnificent job in showing the M/F dynamic.  Male is Electric is Outward is Explosive is Radiative.... Female is Magnetic is Inward is Implosive is Constrictive.  Hands are connected to opposite sides of the brain. We can also see giving and receiving in hands. 

We can also observe that we perceive past and future.  The past is connected to the left brain/ right hand/ male mind - which is memory.  The future ideas are contained in the abstractions of the big picture right brain/ left hand/ female mind.  This cycle of Rota as in wheel as in rote learning is the 'hard-wiring' of repetitious functions - not only physical but mental as well.  We could get into the links to Church and School with (T)eachers and (Pr)eachers with (M)asses and (Cl)asses or even Henry Ford links to the school but these things are evident.  

So, what happens is that a Right is a Rite of Write(ing). 

This wheel of learning, this rota happens because of the part of the brain we are accessing for information.  The male brain is order and can only produce out of what it already knows.  The female brain is just as the womb - in is introduced to something and creates 'new'ness out if it.  It is an idea of the 'cave' of creation, but this isn't the only 'cave'. 

Even in the way that we 'pull' letters and sentences in a direction shows us a ton.  In other lung-gauges we see 'spell'ing going from right to left.  While in english (angle'ish) are grasping concepts from memory and putting them into creation.  So as other languages are pulling from creation to memory,  the angle of English is to force our hand to produce out of memory and put into creation - thus the circle, the ring, the rota, the wheel and completing the circle in a pre-sent order or recreation re-creation. 

Just by using our left hands for mundane tasks, we are accessing the right brain, the creative / big picture brain to start to re-order realities.

This is why so many of you could find parents (pay rents /pair of ants) or grand parents who where forced to write with their right hand... as the left hand was of the 'devil'. 

There is much more here, and if anyone wants I can go deeper with it for you.


I typed this with both hands...thanks again Zen you do have a way with words!

practice drawing a perfect circle with your 'other' hand and then sewing and so on. Try using your eyes  by  left and right dominance when looking at objects. I try to work with either hand  when posed with an awkward position so I have learned some ambidextrous tasking just like many other folk do just that not everyone is aware of significance of what they are capable of.

I'm on the same wave length as you. The repetitive use of the Left brain (which controls the right side of the body) is not only forced on society through the Right hand but also the Right foot (Driving) and "Pledge of Allegiance" Right hand over your heart... etc.

Our society is now so Left brain based that it can't stop thinking from a mechanical perspective. Our culture is dominated by "L"egal, "L"aw, "L"ogic..

Repetitive movementsin one side of our body builds tension which creates imbalances, into the muscle and connective structure of the body. This is why so many people have crooked faces.



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