Apparently implants are a real thing, and not just physical. They are used to control us, block us when our vibration starts to rise, block or bind the chakras, put thoughts and thought forms in our minds, etc. There is a group that believes they can remove all implants. They are doing it daily at five pm mountain time. At this link you can get the info. I did it a couple of days ago because I have been feeling so oppressed for so long. I have been feeling more peaceful and my mind is quieter, but it is still kind of early to be able to know all the effects. I  hoping to feel more able to express my self and to feel more emotion, especially to feel excited and to laugh more.

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HI Stacey,

I would like to learn more about this, specifically what methods are you using which you find helpful?

I checked out the website and it didn't resonant with me, but that doesn't mean anything, and whatever works for you and others is what is important! I do believe in implants though.

That's great that you feel more peaceful! Anything in particular that makes you more connected to your emotions and especially laughter, is significant. Let us know how this goes for you, and if you have any specific concerns about feeling 'oppressed'.

Here is video for you that is about happiness and it's very funny, so feel free to laugh!

Shaun Achor: The Happiness Advantage at TEDxBloomington talks

Bliss for you,



Recently, I was visiting a vibrational medicine practioner, Quantum Physician, who is intutive with the gift of healing hands. I had shared a story with her about a past fear of E.T.s during my childhood, she checked me back over, scanning with her hands, found an implant in a matter of a minute, focused on the area, asked for permission to remove the implant, opened the door and energetically released it from my body. I noticed an imeddiate difference my posture and release of muscle tension in the area. She then giggled at me and saged me clean :) I asked her if she classified implants, to give them a descriptive category, she had called the one she removed a metalloid. I didn't question as much as I should have, but I'm lead to think that it a tracking or tagging device that affects the aura and marks the being for data harvesting.I'm already a vegan but it brought me a new level of comppassion for animals who are tracked for data and their flesh.

In my experience, these things cannnot happen unless agreed upon at some point. Know that this is an event your higher self agreed for you to have, not to judge it and to allow it to bring you forward.

Thank you for sharing your story! WHoleness. :)


Thank you for your story! Amazing.

p.s.I like your compassion towards animals.


Stacey, who was this practitioner who worked on this for you, are they able to work remotely, I.e I am UK based and what was the cost to have this removal? I'd really very much appreciate it if you could get back to me on this. Best wishes, T

An implant can be a simple thing as an idea or suggestion that is not originated from you. How many times we find ourselves taking on not only ideas but entire behaviours of other people with whom we intermingle? How many times we let ourselves be influenced by whoever we (many times uncounsciously) like, praise and ultimately are devout for...? This is when we can apply the saying "The strongest mind wins"... Right? Fashions - aka: factions - and trends can dictate what is it that you're going to wear and eat in any given day...

As for "metalloid" implants, think about mercury in vaccines, tooth fillings, our so called higiene products - soaps and deodorants all of them containing most likely mercury, also in our food and water... They are not necessarily "tracking" or "tagging" devices like seen in the movies... that's how they trick you...

Be alert!

Know that WE can also remove implants ourselves just by coming into certain knowledge and having full realizations that have the power to wake a person up, no need to wait for these certain groups or entities or for a specific hour of the day to do it for US when WE can do it... right now!

That last sentence was the TRUTH. If some group inspires you to prioritize your well being-great!! But, please know that the group which Stacy refernces, first contact ground crew, doesn't resonate with me, because of the very reasons you articulated. I couldn't have said it better.

That said, I don't glean any mal-intentions on their part, just a promotion of benign 'higher power' paradigms, which I am leery of. But whatever floats your boat, and doesn't harm others.

If someone were to want specific help with deprogramming tools for implants, please ask. Ahein, and others in this group and site, may have knowledge about your issue.


Inelia Benz is someone who talks a bit about this.  She calls them firewalls and they may have been put there by entities or by ourselves out of fear.

Her website is

She has tools for releasing fear and is all about raising our vibration and coming up with simple methods that anyone can use :)

Implants seem to be fairly common for those who play with the ET's. in sessions with clients, thats the first things i look for. They are subtle energy governors. I can usually feel them in me, right away in the morning, just a tad off, with a propensity to find one self looping in the little self, the ego self. I work with Theta healing and just ask the Creator of all that is to remove the low frequency ones and they are gone. i feel anyone can find them thru muscle testing and then expand to the multi verse and move them out of our space very easily. There are also highfrequecy implants, which can also work to keep an eye on us for our Med team etc. Doright and fear nothing

Wow thx



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