I was a Christian for many years and had to realize at least for me the religion requires the member to only be subject to it. Meaning all hopes dreams and desires must be given in prayer and service- with the reward of an afterlife but with threat of DEATH. Once I realized that and the GOD of Christians is one of many, I left without fear. We came into this world without this allegence we can also leave without it.

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Agreed Roberta!

I completely agree, i respect the people that whole heartly believe in it but i feel that all it does is take away the power you have. Only praying and hopeing for the best or just saying god will fix it stops you from useing the power within you as a powerful being to change whats happening or make things the best they can be. It limits the infinite within you. So i completely agree with you Roberta!
Have a beautiful day my friends and family!

I also dont agree with the indoctination-its preditory.

It truly is.



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