What is Astral Quest?

Astral Quest is the first virtual and real world simulator for Ascension. We will do our best to explain the ideas enveloped in Astral Quest however we do ask you to keep in mind Astral Quest is an experience and often takes seeing and experiencing to believe.


Since this is just an introduction we will not get in to the vast Innerverse of Astral Quest right away. The purpose of this dossier is to inform you of the condition of your Mind, Body, and Soul in the Universe in real-time. Astral Quest is not a game in the sense that most games have very little if any applicable use in the real world. It is true that it has been said that virtual reality games can assist a person in learning how to operate in Lucid Sleep but no game has been designed to specifically target this and many more real abilities until now.


In order to accomplish this it was imperative that we move such concepts in to the real world designing a multi-platform that will allow the User to Level Up by gaining the Knowledge, Wisdom, Support, and Tools necessary to reach the next stage of their own person Journey.


As an example Astral Quest features real trips to certain places that are known to open Chakras, when a Seeker cannot reach this location a Leveled Up Adept can send them a Stone from this location. When this stone is placed on the proper Chakra it will have the same effect as visiting the location. The Seeker then keeps the Stone until another requires it.


Astral Quest is not only physical it is also Virtual linking you up with thousands of true aspirants to spirituality on various levels. This allows you to find not only those who have gained a great deal of experience and can assist you, but also friends that can relate exactly to how you feel. Soul Groups are easily united on such platforms and this takes a great deal of wasted time out of the equation.


Again, I am only revealing a small fraction of what Astral Quest consists of, it is guaranteed to be the most rewarding Gem for those who choose to give themselves the opportunity. What is most important is to begin the Quest today with the preliminary phases of the Journey.


The Crash Landed Ship

It is know that you have several Bodies but we will talk mainly of the three. The physical Body, the Soul, and the Mind. These bodies are called vehicles. We use the term vehicles because each body can be used to travel through a different plane. You use your physical body to walk or run about this plane. You use your spirit body to astral travel and you use your mind to dream.


The current stage of humanity and most beginners of Astral Quest is their ship has crash landed and they are in bad need of repairs. You can visualize what has arrived is a holographic manual that can instruct you on how to make repairs.


The Soul

The Soul is constantly learning and growing from every experience, it is Immortal and cannot suffer destruction by fire or water it can only remain confined for a moment in time to a vessel such as the body for experience. The Soul is our core energy source, when the Mind through suggestion, experience, and programming has accepted death the Soul is briefly imploded and begins life anew with a fresh start. The Mind is the Souls only opponent because it can temporarily convince the Soul that it is the Body or even that it is the Mind. This is how one has crashed the Soul.


The Mind

The Mind is generally connected to a collective system or nuero network of all other Minds that share the same frequency or components. The Mind is full of many nodes, lobes, and receptors that sync up and localize themselves to the environment. The Mind is responsible for phase locking, focusing, and triangulating our psyche in order to anchor us to this frequency we call Earth. There are several consciences resident in the brain including a Bird, Reptile, and Mammal. Because of this the Mind constantly receives and deciphers information to its best ability. In the event that the Mindis fed Junk Information or Disinformation it conflicts with various components of its own subconscious and thus short circuit burning out the Corpus Callipsum. This is how one has crashed the Mind


The Body 

The Body is wholly comprised of the indigenous animals along with the flora and fauna that are genetically transmitted to the person through their mother's womb. Much of the work on the designs of physical bodies human and animal is recent in comparison to the Hive Minds and Oversouls which span through non linear Spaces. Due to its being directly subject to physicality the Body being extremely inferior to the Mind and the Soul takes the most abuse and has a greater potential of crashing the entire system. In short the Body takes orders from the Mind and Soul, when not given the proper orders and allowed to become sluggish it can and will drag down the Seeker.


From the Inside Out

A major part of Astal Quest is internal, it does begin in the Innerverse or inside of you. It requiers that you gain proper innerstanding before embarking on assisting others. It is a rule of thumb that you cannot assists others properly if you are yourself in need of great assistance. You must first repair yourself and then head in to the Quest fully charged up with all perceptive filters cleaned.


The Awakening means coming in to the awareness of something you have been asleep to. What have we been asleep to?

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i guess this is the nearest juncture group for hyper-communication. for sometime i've  believe our astral body/s travel, communicate, link, learn, at war, mold, project, absorb and preserves energies and bring these to this plane. i wish this group could consolidate the astral experiences and synthesize that into an evolutionary threshold for all.

Thankyou for this group Sevan.  A place is indeed needed to discover explorations and explanations of experience...
    It is time for me to share of my InnerWorld.......I am trusting here is a safe place to action this.

Today, is 1st of April....The Fool.......Jester, Trickster.....God Loki, God of Gifts,  The Greatest the gift of Self to Self...freedom for Self to Be.....I Am......

Here in London, the sun has shone brightest today than it has in a while, I have taken to sungazing....increasing my time as I do.....I was really looking forward to my time today.  I did not rest last night....for days I have been listening non stop almost to the Resistance TV whilst painting the Nature Spirit/ Deep Earth. It is done. As I, at dawn today, looked upon the painting.....I connected many dots....the jigzaw came together......Stories, within a NOW.

Background....I know I am of bloodline that is very very old.....every mother before mine was of the line....passed via the mother.  I learned ancient hebrew Temple song as a child in Australia, at Temple Shalom, Adelaide....Germanic life within my home. Of Lucifarian/Judaism.  I sang one haunting the esteemed Rabi Tann and friends and they said it was so ancient that it is also lost in translation.....what is known, is that it is ancient Far Eastern Hebraic pertaining to The House Upon The Waters.

( I continue to sing this song.....knowing of its Ancient past.....not knowing the meaning but knowing enough to know it is to be is like an old code....a vibraton that once was strong....vibrant...alive...thriving.....and now, I may be the last on Earth to have Voice to sing this, I sing.....sending it out to the was is not lost, for it is still sung.....even one voice .... can make a difference.  One true vibration changes that which it reaches. This statement alone, I could write a whole lot more...)

Now this over time, has found me pondering.....singing it again and again....serene...transformed. There is change through multiple tonal vibrations.....opennings are created into densities.  The Photon levels some say, however I will stick with 'density', for now.  The House, = Body? .....The Waters.....Aquarious?.....Rivers of Life? or is it something different....The Etheral.....The mind goes off into many many interpretations of this.....

As a child, I was taught to look into fire.  Made to read the flames. I was sat before a wall on a chair and made to stare at a wall until I could no longer see the wall but blackness......nothingness......through the wall......I was given books on Hatha Yoga, Rama Yoga as a young child by father and completed all disciplines. I learned to read nature..the rivers, bush,earth, the stillness of observancy, we become of that which we are within.......

Within.......Nature.              Within Universe.........Within OURSELF........

In telling of the process that I have gone through to reach the level I am at this time, is something I would have thought never to divulge.............this is the first serious platform of enquiry that I have come across.  I share, because in experiencing some of my experiences, that not one person I knew I could share it with.....for it was beyond concieved have become Observer of My Own .... I was of seperateness......disconnected to others in vibration.....where are the beings vibrating on that level?  That experiences are not even shared within written word? Nor word spoken?..........Why do we have inner fear of sharing.......of speaking absolutes in Truth.......the inhabitants of this planet are not free in their takes reaching out, creating takes place of turn this around.....actioning the concluded data solutions. 

I dont know if anyone is fully Innerstanding what I am trying to communicate......out a ship that is calling out with a signal.......whence commeth the return ? Who has ears...........who has eyes..........can one come with Alice into Wonderland?

My life from the beginning has not been 'normal'.  There are so many experiences..that I agreed to go through in this body experiencing existance here on Earth....that now, at 51, I am knowing of much of worlds that are unspoken, unseen....silenced......hidden......but what good does knowing depths ,if it is then not dispersed........?  Wholeness in wisdom is called for. 

Today, so many things happened, that it went way beyond coincidence....all the dots are adding I know I am not the only one....that others must be experiencing things, like me...and no one says anything, coz it goes beyond belief....but it is reality, none the less, it is what it is, despite another's perceptions.

So, I am breaking silence codes and speaking.  Stuff is going on........

My matrix has changed.  I am all that I was and more.....I am all that I am.........I accept entity.

In having had years within monastic walls......having escaped from an arranged marriage at 17, keeping bloodlines, I ran to 'The Open Door'.   Here, for years I did not partake of outside input. No TV, radio,media/ social interractions.  The food was reseached to pre days of Jesus...I wore the clothes I was given...I owned nothing.....I fell in love with the Universe...

I learned, through research, that we can reach a level as I experienced a pure lifestyle.....of healing plants.  We conect so strongly with nature....we are emotionally conected.....we are joined.....sing....let the heart feel through voice...inner sounds........breathe...with the sounds....breath and breath let the sound.....vibrate inward...outward.....tone of colours......we are the healing balm......we are that which soothes......we are healers....we are so many actionings.....

Our ears......oh gosh.....what do we listen to?.....This is a real question.  We need to be of the silences the quietness...the still alignment of our entity entirity.....we hear that which is beyond 5 sensory level....

Yes, you know the thought of the person...and of what words they will speak, before it is spoken.....why?  Your HEART,  the energy is so powerful of Heart.......tests show that in viewing a series of clips, testees heart showed significant vibratory changes before the next image was responded before the brain activates DNA up to five miles as is stated by USA military,  tthat was just testubes of blood.....what is your whole body capable of???

You may sit on the bus, as I have, and the person facing you, somehow you know their pains, their circumstance, their 'data', inner knowing.  

Animals......will be both healed and the healer.....I have a pride of cats, they have taught me much.  Respect life. Respect Waters......Respect the Sky, Respect the Land,  the Rock, two legged, four legged, winged, creatures of the deeps, respect it all........We are part of it all.....there is energy transference going on all the time....tune in to it...tap into it...sing into it, paint into it, write into it............create ......action......we are animal.....I can be snake, I can be of mouse, I can burp like a queen frog, I am capable of being.....all I can create and perceive.........(sound familiar?  it resonates? That feeling of conection with other life forms...there is energy transferance....

So, we are at a level....of hearing that which others do not hear.(I have heard the sounds of whales and dolphins and the shores with white noise in the winds......this went on for days, and I had Kishaun holding my hand through that experience........seeing that which is unseen by others ... conections despite time zones/location....instant transferance.

Our sensory perception has widened, acute awareness.  Clear Thoughts. 

Now here is where I began to 'play'........I have developed my own level of sungazing.  I am daily conecting to nature, consuming living fooods, no exesses.....looking after my body...the physical,  my mind, I stretch and indulge with expansive data that elevates .... my prominant within all .....I do Mayan Magnetic Movements.  I am energy, you are energy, everything in the Universe is energy. We are vibratory beings in a vibratory universe.

Now when I have tested for myself ways to go into the energy/density it seems to me to be of not one thing alone, but the combination  of several all at the same time working like a clockwork, a system an organism....they all make the Whole.

Today, I experienced the super normal activations that I am now realising is not imagination, it is other realities within this reality.......I saw in looking into the sunkissed trees and bushes and plants in my back garden that which I have been seeing in my art......subconsciousness coming into the NOW.  Higher Self activating in a different paradime

At first I gave my plants on the kitchen windowsill water that I had spoken into.....breathed energies were giving toward the herbs/seedlings...I felt conection and then looked out of the window to see the sun reflect through the trees like a bright bright star.....I stared a long time.....the light changed, it was a star, then an a pillar of bright light...I looked away, but the light was so bright, I looked more....I tried to see behind the trees, at the house wall and see a window ....but, I could not see one....something in the trees was as bright as a star reflecting the sun.....I was drawn to look at some bushes....the sunlight made spring branches glow...I looked, like the looking into a flame...I applied same principlles.....the bushes had light...and movement and form....within form......the images were very strong, and I had wanted to know how to paint sybols of certain animals, and entities and the images showed me perfectly what I had been looking I stared at the bush and tried to take it all in, as one image in the light changed form, morphing into another image within the light...and sometimes it was like more than one image like layers on top, no, not on top but within, but the merging of the images created a third the head of a horned animal elongated and became a being with head two arms, and two different light panels within torso area, then it was like one upon the other merging like a totum pole...but it was so strong, that I thought I should go get my journal and record it.  But I was in a dilema, if I left the window, would it all be the same when I returned, or would I have missed the happening......??? I did it anyway, went upstairs and chose pencils and grabbed my journal..the hall had a golden reflection upon it that burst out light...we all came to see this new occurance that we had not seen in all our years here....ever.......through the chimneys of the house nexxt door, like a stone henge, the light burst forth a perfect alignment.....the whole family looked....partook of this experience of our own mini stonehenge........the light came through the open window in a single ray......the air moved like glittering stardust.....I was so so excited!  "This is exactly what my near death experience showed me.....let me show you",

I explained there and then in the moment of experiencing our stonehenge in our hallway of amazing light and ray, that is what my entity in other dimensions looked was like seeing myself....I was elated!  They blew smoke into it and we watched the sur real swirling of smoke and light...... 

Then I went to the kitchen again.....and yes....the light was still shining in the trees like a bright star.....reflecting the sun, and the bushes .... I looked.....and looked....and then one by one, the images came......and I drew them, everyone in the kitchen fell silent, as they watched me staring out of the window and drawing the unseen....but i saw was there and it allowed me to draw it.......this, my family saw.

There comes a point, that we must live our truth.  Whatever that truth is.  My powerful.  Strong.  It is mine. Mine to cherrish, love, and action. ......  The fear factor does not enter this truth zone. 

Now I am moving with the other energies that have become part of my life....working together.    I am aware that majority will not even be aware of what I see, experience.....yet.....that does not mean that their unawareness cancels existance.

I have had to go through a process.....involving acceptance and love of self, the rectification of inner self to self, what I put into me......or not, matters.  It is important to me that I maintain and care for my whole being, the entire entity that I am.

Yet, even adversities....are great teachers, now, I know I am growing in adversity, time for purging, cleansing, detoxifying, and.....what I call,  STOP

What is the Data You have accumulated?   Time to stop and data.

A time of non action .....of reflection...of seeing what it is that concludes the knowledge.  What is it that needs to be done? What actions to be actioned.  What is the creativity?

This is what I have recently been doing:-
I examined what it is that gets me 'excited'. What my passions are?

Scanning my data..

.information uploaded on multi levels/dimensions and quantums that you have accumulated until this moment

What is it that makes you anticipate with excitement, that drives you into action/seeking of action// ACTIVATION.

What activates?  What is requiring solution?

The time comes, for us to action through our activations.   Creativity is a key.  Unlocking.  I am a driven women sometimes...I am like on a roll that I dont want to stop and completely consumed in the flow of can be sound, music, dance, movement, rhythms, song, humming, drawing, writing, creating.........doing something. 

I am not alone in experiencing these things at this time......vivid dreams, one of mine was of blue babies, some huge, on chords in a pool of blue light, blue and white transparancy of all, and the chords where cut by a blue and white naked transparant man and I was cutting chords of the babies, some enormous.......floating in the sea of light.....cutting of chords.. .....

This was so vivid...dreamworld...dreamtime.....astral travel.....dreams that we fly in, my flying dreams in childhood started with me sitting on a log, looking at the Paravista and I raised my head and lifted up...with the movements of my head, I directed the flight, so fast.....zooming .......seeing other worlds.......we are in a time of merging of densities and new formations , activations,  ......I dont know what others are seeing, I see colours, have dones since my near death experience 27 years ago.  I dream and then paint the dream.  I paint the dreams of others......bring to life the unseen......creation of worlds......

that is what we do......we create.....all the time we are creating with energies.....and dont even realise the half of it.  If we do not come together, those of us who are evolving into something else......different to those around us.....and direct and review our collective will be an expansion opportunity that we will miss.  I advocate in my classes and one to one sessions with people that we raise the raising your own vibration then you are strengthened in wholeness, when two come together, it is stonger still.....when threee come together........intent has manifested and the more that join together in vibration and energy .....we are few...scattered......remnants of old......nomads, hermits, loners, but that is also a comfort zone......familiar and reveal your true self.....takes courage.....strength and purpose.....

Astral I my experience thus far and that to come and that which is.....I am on a journey of discovery and all the data is aligning.......the truth, is is what it, sharing, with love.....I am joining you,

To Know the Inner Self...........allowing the freedoms to Be....

................  I am sharing my awakenings....

Totally unsure at this moment.....question , heart beat change, what happens if I 'add reply'...then I have revealed my unknown a look into the void.......what else is there to discover.....? Note to self, fear factor...why do I have a fear of sharing Innerknowings and the realities of densities/dimensions/etheral....but peace when I do.....?

This is my way, I am of enquiry.....never quenched this thirst ......always asking questions....

1, Accumulation of data.  2. Stop, Review  3Conclude/Action.......

It is taking courage and stepping out of my comfort zone to post this, but I do believe that if open ness re is limitless.........100% resontation.....we each have a truth, a light.....when each light is shning bright.....together, we ......


And I exhale... I just read your post above, and as I neared completion, I received a vision - a simple drop descending from above, creating a rippling effect in the waters - the waters that I am apart of. Ironically enough, last night, after tuning into one of the Astral Quest videos, I found myself in deep contemplation.  It's been a few weeks now that I have been delving into the information that Sevan is bringing forward - here, as well as the videos that he has been uploading to you tube recently. I am a very organized individual who like to have a system in place, which has recently seeped into how I take in information as well.  But, I've decided to listen and follow my intuition as to what and when I tune into.  So far, this approach seems to be flowing accordingly, as I am receiving answers in a somewhat timely fashion; or rather: appropriate time; as needed.

My apologies... I rambled and forgot what my initial point was.  Oh yes.... I just wanted to say that I so appreciate what you shared above.  There have been so many occasions where I found myself wanting to reach out and get feedback from certain occurrences, but hesitated.  Why? Because when we share parts of us, it's truth - it's light; it cannot be contested - yet sometimes I feel that I may be judged because of it.  What is there to judge? Light is light; no matter how much darkness attempts to penetrate it - it still is.


Thank you Maria. 
Yes, it took a lot of courage to post what I wrote, but there are so many wisdoms within.
Someone will read, look and resonate.  It may give birth to seeds which will grow and we may see expansions.

I love the image of a drop descending from above creating ripples in the waters.  Thank you for sharing.
Please continue to share for we are not islands, none of us.  If people overcame their insecurities and shared that which is of deeper levels, it does feel strange at first, but it creates links. Others can identify.  Insights given.  we grow.
You are so right.....Light is light, it is our condittionings, programmings, that create faulse perceptions and keeps us from revealing our individual Truths.

dear janet myers, ... hope this finds you well and I realize it's june 2014 ... just had to say that you have a beautiful skill for writing, truth style. Absolute, enJoyable and stirring read. Still rings true today, vibrations oscillating. See myself, somewhere in every sentence and another GLOW is shared. Palatable in the sanctuary for the soul and gym for the spirit ... the quiet fear and unspoken tradgedy is breaking, the GLOW is palatable.

namaste my dear ... myself ;)




Thank you James Cameron.  I am elated that you connected and resonated.  We have to link, for within the linking is added strength. We are not dependent on how we behave on another's behaviours, however, when one shares in an edifying manner, that is wholeness, illuminating, Truth, something inside, deep, deep vibratory fields are tingling.  They are jumping up and down in resonation, are awake and alive and aligning!

It is a dance for the souls! Jubilata, everybody! 
I am now deeply researching how one can change perception, and get out of the depths and emerge as something beautiful ... as the rays light reaches the dense waters , something beautiful emerges, - how did it emerge?  When you are in the deep, learn to dive, learn !
We have choices in each moment, and we can change, the best time, I have found, is the morning, to enter the zone, in the waking times, and the day has a different flow to it.  When momentum has not yet been established, then sieze the control, the direction, you are the Directions~ This, is a concept, to be embraced, and this one alone, is worthy of much meditation....

I just felt inclined to comment here tonight. I sit here in awe of the vast information I have just absorbed while watching one of Sevan's broadcasts (season 1 - episode 5 re The spirit). Mind you; it took me 6hrs, as I do have a little one, but none the less: what I wanted to share here is that prior to tuning into the broadcast. I was somewhat in a subdued mood; full of questions and not enough answers.  Quite the contrary now:  I am energized; as much was covered in this 3hr program.  Much appreciation and hearftfelt gratitude.  I am a newbie here, so pardon my excessive jubilation! I'm sure it'll taper off to a simmer in due time lol! .....  Wholeness! 

"so pardon my excessive jubilation! I'm sure it'll taper off to a simmer in due time lol! .....  Wholeness! "

  June 2014 ... Umm, I'm still jubulating.


  maria, (I almost said, "nearing it's aniversary," but now I'm not sure if I like that word?)

  Energized ... a perfectly-picked word!


Wholeness everyone:

I'm not sure if this is the right forum to pose this query. I scrolled back to see if I could find something similar; but no luck.

I'll just be direct in what I experienced recently. When it comes to astral projecting, I don't recall putting up a resistance to such; sometimes I would get that rushed, speedy sensation lol; and other times I would just find myself in the awareness that I am astral projecting.

However, this last occurrence; I can't say for sure that it was the onset of astral projecting. Instead of having that rush where I seem to be entering a tunnel at full speed; this was more like an expansion horizontally (an expanding opening if you may). I've seen openings while in a semi-conscious state with my eyes closed, where the opening will expand and I could view an image / scenery etc, depending on my ability to stay in observatory mode. Sometimes I would find myself peering into a scenario, and then become part of that scenario form an observer standpoint (third person) e.g 

But this last experience was different; I think I was semi-awake; as I was aware of what was happening, and aware of me still in my physical body. Unlike the above-mentioned re an expanding hole (for lack of a better word); there was immense pressure in my head.  I felt that if I continued to allow this opening to expand; fear set in because it felt like my head could explode at any moment.  I began to scream in my mind; not from fear; as I was not putting up a resistance or trying to move my physical body (just more out of not knowing or confident).  But I became aware of my physical body, because it was covered in goose bumps (pins and needles as they say); and so I woke up.

I was so disappointed in myself after for not allowing the experience to unfold. Can anyone explain this, or possibly offer any re-assurance in the fact that this is normal, and if it was not the beginning of an astral projection, then what was it. 

I guess my concern here is; I don't see this as something to be afraid of; as I am open and receptive to exploring, but I just wanted some feedback re this sensation of one's mind about to explode, and is it related to not having enough energy / power to withstand or follow through?      

My apologies for being so "at length."

 ok now ready to join


Thank You



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