Hey everyone, can anyone help we with this? I would like to understand why It would be good idea allways to start focusing or working with your root chakra first. I really struggle to innerstand that...

Also can anyone advise on the correct intonations for the 7 point chakra system? I got following from the root chakra upwards: u, o, oh, a, e, i, m. Hummed in its latin (?) pronounciation. Is that right?

Thanks so much for you help

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Sucram it is my understanding that the Root chakra is where the kundalini is stored and cultivated. Therefore its a good idea to begin working from the root up to properly cycle energy through each chakra. The higher chakras will not work at full capacity until the kundalini has passed through the lower chakras.

The Root Chakra is the source of the life force and forms the vital foundation for all the higher chakras. Here, the inexhaustible supply of kundalini energy is awakened. The sushumna, ida and pingala (the three main energy channels of the human body) begin in this chakra.

The Root Chakra is the true seat of the collective unconscious. Through this chakra, the stored knowledge of the collective unconscious becomes accessible. This chakra should always function in harmony with the seventh chakra in order to maintain our inner balance.

Dear en al, wholeness and thanks a lot for you reply. Sorry, my question was not precise. Let me try again :)

Reason why this question came to me because i saw the intro video on ascension tech where Sevan mentioned that it is important to allways start with the root chakra. I remember that this was mentioned at some other video/audios as well.

My understanding was that the 'rajayoga does not start with the series of asanas and pranayamas but insists first on a moral purification of the mentality. This is said to be of supreme importance. Without it the course of the rajayoga (where by pranayama the division between upper and lower prana currents in the body is dossolved, the kunalini is struck and awakened) is likely to be troubled and full of unexpected mental, moral and physical peils. Tis purification is devided in the two heads, five yamas and five niayamas. The first are rules of self controll in conduct such as truth speaking etc. yama is any self dicipline by which rajastic egoism and its passion and desires in the human being are conquered and quited into cessation. Object is to creat moral calm, a void of the passions , and so prepare for the death of egoism in the rajastic human beeing. The niayamas are equally a discipline of the mind by regular practices of which the highest is the meditation on the devine being and their object is to create a sattwic calm, purity and preperation for concentration upon which the secure pursuance of the rest of this yoga can be founded(awakining the kundalini shakti, braking open each lotus as it ascends until the shakti meets the purusha in the brahmarandhra)'
That classic kundalini activation process in mind, my understanding from an integral perspective was, that this preparation, the yamas and niayamas should be carried out with concentration on the lotus of the heart and mind. Each lotus or chakra is a storing house of psycological powers, energies, operations and more importantly each system corresponds to a plane of our psychological existence. I had the understanding that the lotus behind the forehead and crown chakra stores mental powers and in order to carry out niayamas, a true starting point would be to calm the mind by ie concentration on the higher chakras. Simultaneously the concentration on the heart chakra brings your soul in the front and together with a concious mind one can carry out the yama as one will be able to differentiate ie passion, desire from ones true essence/soul. Discovering your essence once the mind is quitened, concious choices are possible. the completion of this purification is the end of the prepration phase and the real work can begin (awakining kundalini at the root lotus)

Sorry for the lengthy prolog, but my real question was whether my understanding is kind of too tradditional, slow, old school approach which should be skipped? Or is it actually correct and was it just condensed info thrown out of context?

I personally innerstand the reasons, especially because the world (also individually) is full of "mind-noice" (thinking) and locked up souls that are surpressed by extremely powerfull egos, but admitedly i really struggle with the yamas and the niayamas thoughout daily life.so, maybe i was thinking that it was said by intent and that the direct work on the kundalini/root chakra may be recommended withou prep time and that it is ncessary to gain a specific level of personal energy quickly to speed up the process and overcome the struggles and fallbacks doing yamas and niayamas with a boosted level of personal energy?

I also struggle with yamas and niayamas. The right way or choices in daily life is not always easy. The first book i read on yoga was a book called "Raja Yoga" Or King Yoga.  A sort of Mind Alchemy in which the goal is to connect with the most high and activate cosmic consciousness.

I think this thing needs broken down to simplest form over complicating the practice holds alot of people back. I just go in and kind of let the higher self decide.

If you have already activated your energy centers then yes i think you can work with each one individually. thats just my opinion.

kundalini yoga can be seen as one element in the path of raja yoga (or ashtanga), however, in modern times it is more and more often refered to as a standalone way.

I fully agree with you - reducing complexity of these system(s?) would be a benefical task to build a bridge.

Possibly words play us tricks as well as they activate the mind and stop intution/feeling/sensing.

I sense that your "going in and let the higher self decide" is the same movement which i labeled focusing on the heart chakra and connecting with the true self.

I personally still feel (think?) that i have to continue focusing to quiten my mind so that all mind decisions can be replaced by "going in and let the self decide" before i can start working on the root chakra but this may be my individual bridge and this could be also wrong as well should my mind be stil involved :)

This is going to sound a little crazy to most of you.  First, i raised the kundalini by the classical methods describe above, however, i also used radionic techniques until i came into the realization of who i am.   Classical yoga by the (rishis) Indian system is an incomplete system and was a remnant of a purer practice that was originally practiced in kemet but whose tenets have been lost in antiquity..  There was only one original asana, the sitting posture (full lotus)  or sitting in stillness/emptiness in the dark. The techniques were for the  cultivation of the life force, ra,chi, kundalini, orgone and the liberation of the spirit from the illusion of the wheel of reincarnation. The chi, kundalini (Serpent) orgone, pi ray, was to give you conscious connection to the real you, higher self, to the physical you the old master realized that the chi, kundalini etc. was actually the thread that connected the incarnations.        


I didn't answer the question, you don't have to start at the root chakra,  there are many chakras above the sahasrara, which is the seat, there are many, many more above.  So if the sahasrara is the seat and it is in the head where would you start?  The Gong zhu, actually proceeds down and then up from the higher self down into the incarnations sahasrara thru the seven chakra and then up like what  Mantak Chi states about the micro cosmic orbit.  



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