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This is my first post and I wanted to share my breathing practice experience I had using full body breathing and doing short breaths and long breaths and what I discovered and felt personally. 

I start off in a seated pose in a chair breathing fully into lower belly first then expanding into lungs and upper body about 1 breath a second or a little slower like 2 breaths in 3 seconds pace. for about 10-15 minutes and that really pumps my body full of energy. Then I start to slow down and extend my breath longer inhale and longer exhale eventually doing about 7-10 seconds inhale and 7-15 seconds exhale breathing at the back of the throat with more focus on the exhale and trying to tighten up the  exhale "beam" so to speak or the stream of air at the back of the throat. What I found is that I started to feel my aura slowly spinning up as I do this and the longer I do it the faster it spins up and the faster it spins the more releases I start to have that feel like these "pop offs" that break off my body from legs to shoulders and head, or sometimes I start to feel tightness in some areas and then something shifts and the tension goes away.  By body gets really energized and starts really buzzing everywhere by doings this. 

Then I very slowly go back to shorter breaths and then back to long breath to keep the aura spinning faster and faster.  Eventually I slowly start to breath normally and let go, and then the aura starts to speed up by itself, the more I "let go" and just try to "be" the more it ramps up by itself. 

So to summarize, I use the short breath to fill me up with energy and then long breath to spin up my aura, and then slowly alternate between short and long breath about 3 minutes each cycle.  

Would love some feedback or tips or comments if anybody has done this or has any suggestions or experiences. 

Thanks for reading


John K

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Nice John! I like your technique and don't have one to share. but very much appreciate the post. I am going to give this a whirl. I'll return with feedback. Wholeness




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