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I have a question about intoning,  and the constant buzzing I hear in my ears, that gets louder as i meditate,  as I understand it the purpose of practicing intoning is to be able to amplify this sound that's in my head/ears and as I heard that this is the sound of the heart? (sounds like a plastic pipe with sand running through it) and I need to amplify this buzzing in my head/ears, I need to imagine my brain projecting or generating this frequency throughout my field? I did try that and i felt this sound get louder the more I focus on it and direct my intent into making this sound as loud as possible, untill it was all I heard,  I just wanted to confirm that this is the right approach for practicing intoning is to be able to hear a sound and intent the brain to generate the sound I hear? Also i kept wanting to create a visual of this sound being generated to help me focus but could not come up with a picture any tips or visuals you can suggest?

Thanks for reading.


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