May have originally posted in the wrong spot so i'll re-post here. I have been wondering about meditating in salt water as it is a excellent conductor of energy. I think it may amplify the experience. Notice in the movie Constantine he was meditating in water to perceive into other realms, also Legend of the Tsunami Warrior.

During the recent " Super Storm Sandy" I had had the idea to do my normal ritual except this time my intention was to cultivate energy from the storm. Normally i work mostly from the root up however i started visualizing me pulling in cosmic energy from the vortex. I could see it in flashes coming from above and entering my upper vortex or crown chakra.

It was a very profound experience as my energy body was so amped up. I felt my root chakra instantly light up with heat almost felt like fire burning. The energy eventually moved up my stomach. The whole thing felt so healing and blissful probably the deepest i have been able to go in yet. The energy lasted into the next day's ritual.

Anyway just curious to know if anyone else has any thoughts on energy cultivation from mother earth's natural elements. Peace

(know thy self, Love thy self)

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I have done this in Epson salt baths. Works great for healing. I wouldn't recommend astral projection in a bath but that is just me.  About using the storm energy. I think it is perfectly reasonable to draw in energy during a heightened period of ambient ionic charge. I have found in my research that what we seem to be attempting to do is supercharge the nervous system in meditation,thai-chi, energy accumulation. After all what is this energy? and where is it going?  I found that each of the chakras is actually a color coded reference point to each of the primary Nerve bundles (Plexus) in the human body. We are merely augmenting our nervous system by focusing our thoughts (which is more neural energy) which means we are amplifying or focusing this energy along the internal grid lines/bus lines (so to speak) we in effect give ourselves an upgrade (symbolically from a 32 bit system to a 64 bit system and beyond if we keep going. Thus expanding our capabilities and essentially forcing our DNA to evolve via consistent pressure to a higher more durable state in order to compensate our desire for more energy. (in the same way a muay thai fighter will kick banana trees with his shins to harden his shins for combat we over stimulate our nervous system to make it more powerful.

I would suggest you look into a stone that might hold properties of interest to you. Search on google for an ebay seller known as "the russian stone" - Currently he has 13 varieties of nuumite from polished stones to wands. This stone helps working with earth energies as it is over 3 Billion years old... One of the "oldest stones" formed by various sediments over time. It also is very protective and is used to protect from environmental pollutants. Here is the link, I really like this guy as a gem source as he finds some amazing specimens and they cost 10 dollars or so to get a hold of a powerful specimen.

Forgive me if I sound ignorant at all, somedays I feel so confused while other days there's so much clarity. I'm here as a seeker, I don't have any real training in the fields designated in the group description above. After ten years, my mind is finally starting to somewhat grasp what chakras are. I practice asanam and pranayama here and there though very inconsistently; truthfully I'm undisciplined. I have had amazing experiences with mushrooms, ayahuasca, cannabis, etc... I've given birth. That's me, those are some of the alterations in consciousness I've come to know. Getting to my point now, I did have an unforgettable experience as a child of about 11 years old. Typical kid, played video games, watched cartoons, also brought up Catholic, with a continuing interest in ''the unknown" for lack of a better word throughout childhood into adulthood. As a child, one day for whatever reason with my little sister and friend playing make believe I started moved my hands physically in the air while I "gathered" energy from the air, the trees, the sky, the rocks... and guided it into a glass jar with a lid that I had with glass marbles inside of it. We soon experienced a euphoria, or atleast I did and maybe the other two girls just played along. All the nature around us seemed to have a soft glow about it and seemed to be so much more 'alive' before. Every tree, every bird, seemed to be speaking to my soul. Not in actual words but just feeling so connected. It was so peaceful. We wanted to know why we felt that way, we asked "God is it you?" "Is it you doing all of this? And we said if its you send us two birds. And we looked up at the sky and waited. We saw birds here and over there but couldn't agree as we bickered wether any of those birds could be considered a sign. At that moment two perfect shadows of birds flying low side by side appeared on the driveway and glided right overhead. I wont forget the way it looked because the way we were positioned to the sun, we saw the shadows first before the birds. And we were so elated and blissful that we thought we did receive a sign. Anyway, the feeling lasted a while and faded away sometime after I'd waked home. Our parents told us it was all a meaningless coincidence. I never knew what to call it. When I was older I wondered if it had a name or if other people ever had that experience. YUNG THUG's description made me think of that time. And also the part about energy and the elements. And now that I'm older, is what I experienced then possibly kundalini? I don't know. Anyone's thoughts would be appreciated. I hope I dont sound too silly having shared this, but it truly was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life way before ever intaking any mind altering substances.

You posses the meta gene. read this document.

It is in the last few pages that answers may come to you. 

Hold onto your hats folks were in for a ride!

The return of the mighty-men and the children of the Elohim as well as the Nephilim.

It is not what most think. That cloud were going into. It is the activator.

Biblo Thanks for dropping this gem on me. I haven't read it yet but i plan to soon. I saw this they showcased the Blue Planet Project on A episode of Unsealed Alien Files called Alien Encyclopedia.

Yes, its called by many different names, in many different cultures and many many other realities.

Many individuals have thought of energy cultivation from mother earth, see Peter Ragnar.  He does chi gong on magnets.  He does this because he states that the ancient masters had the benefit of a more magnetized planet in earlier years.Falun Gong uses a energy wheel that brings in energy from the universe still a form of Chi Gong.  The question is if mother earth  or the cosmos has these energies, where do they come from?   

Lord Sanada that is a good question. Now I'm much more advanced in my meditation techniques. As far as Intention, feeling, and visualization. I create a strong circuit with Mother Earth and she shares her energies with me.

I have discovered some techniques through practice, and messages from higher self that i haven't heard mentioned on the web. I will reveal the method sometime in the near future. After i put in more energy work.

It is good that you are doing energy work an have improved your techniques but a word of caution is advised about contact with alleged higher selves.  They don't usually talk with you, they do however, use other methods of communication, visual, messages etc. etc.   If this does talk ask questions? lots, for verification?  When you are in these realities there are lots of entities and you will be at their mercy and they don't usually have any.  I say this because i had a friend whom was a pious muslim whom had made contacted with and entity and was almost driven crazy the only thing that saved them was using the mantra AlhamDuallah.  this gave some relief but they always lived twith this entity on the fringe of returning.  and looking at your name i would make an assumption that an is reference to Anu and el to the Elohim, sumerian and egyptian terms interesting since the share similar creation stories.  nice talking with you hope to have more conversations with you. 

I appreciate the word of caution. In fact i had a astral vampire leeching off me for awhile back when i was at my darkest point. It is the contact with H.S. which helped me climb out of the abyss. Yes I always stay on guard. It's funny because I heard Sevan mention that sometimes demons are trying to interfere with your Chakras. On two occasions i have casted out demons from my sphere while in meditation.

My name An-eL to me symbolizes the yin-yang, God-Goddess, and me trying to merge that into balance within. Your assumption isn't far off that also factored in. Also it is a anagram for my middle name.

Nice to talk with you as well.

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