You are what you eat. Better put, you are what you digest.
Check out the attachment below and while you're at it, search engine "Trophology"

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Thanks for the link Agent Elusive. And for anyone who maybe ill or knows someone that is ill please share the information in this documentary with them. We do not have to be sick, we have a choice and a responsibility to ourselves and our family and by extension the world. Dr Bob Beck also has some interesting self-healing treatments you can find in the attachment below.
Thank you!
thankyou dexter ... most imformitive.....
How long do you suggest one should meditate for?
I did 32 hours.
It felt amazing, but I don't think for me, that I need to do more then 24 hours.
Once a month.
What are your thoughts?
Hi people!

What the document says is true to a certain degree. Your body's ph balance needs to be 7.0-7.4 to make use of the enzymes in your diet. If your body is of this scale disease can follow. A way to do this is to take alkalizing fruits, vegetables or specially prepared water with a higher ph then 8.0. A second factor for your body to utilize the proteins, vitamins, minerals etc. is your intestins. This means you need the clean them out every once in a while. This can be done on several ways.

When you eat you'll lose energy. Like the BBQ I had last week. On the other hand your body's energie depends on what you put in the system. So if you could put all the nutritions your body needs in a liquid form your body won't have give up so much energy. This is where superfoods some in ; Goji Berries, Raw Cacao, Maca, Marine Phytoplankton, Spirulina and many others. Put them in a blender together and you have a tasty and healthy mix of the best foods in the world. This will have the same nutritional value than the average American consumes in a month.

My girlfriend I are think of starting a family. Like everybody else I want my sons and daughters to be as healthy as possible. This means me and my other half need to be at our best when we start making babies : D This is why i'm doing research about health, diet, and supplements. As I continue my search for the best possible health i'll share my finding here with my brothers and sister.

If you are interested with diet check out these guys:

Stephen Heuer was diagnosed with chronic fatigue disorder at age 15. From that moment on he studied to become what he does today. He tried a lot of different combinations of diet and supplements for over 15 years and has a great collection of all-natural high tech supplements. When you need advice you can get a free 10 min. consultation. I have done some research about his theories and they seem the best strategie to get healthy on the right way. He had (has) some problems with FDA for saying truths about some of his product (incl. mms). Be sure to check it out! I'll put some his vids on our channel soon.

Cocoon Nutrition:

Now if you don't like to take supplements there are also other ways to get your body at optimum health. David Wolfe is a food-expert who has written many books concerning health and superfoods. Check some of his videos on YouTube where he explaines the superfoods and how to make a ultimate smoothie.

In my opinion a combination of nutrition and supplementation will yield the the best results and a higher energy level.

Also you will need fresh water and air. In our time there is a lot of technology and everybody claims to be the best. These products are the best in my opinion.




I hope this will be helpfull for you all!
Checkout this interview of David Wolfe:

awesome, thanks for posting this!



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