Has anyone here ever heard of the Keylontic sciences? I'm just now beginning to look into this and it seems pretty extensive in outformation/information. Has anyone else delve into this or perhaps knows if its just another new age illuminati front? Also according to the GA(Guardian Alliance) they are stern about the use of manoatomic gold. According to them it only offers a temporary physical/spiritual fix but over excites the higher strands of the DNA templates while eroding the lower strands which would potentially harm your "natural" ascension process as we shift into the higher vibratory frequencies which are bombaring our quadrant of the galaxy. I would deeply appreciate an open discussion about the topics at hand...

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Ashayana Deane and Drunvalo DO NOT represent the SAME Melchizedek collective.

A great way to explore the Keylontic Science teachings is over here: http://www.keylonticdictionary.org/home.htm

You need to join to have access to all the info.

Wow Interesting Read and Discussion By all....Im certainly gonna keep on eye on this Debate and see what else unfolds. Ive just started taking it, and so far am Loving it. Thanks to All......Namaste.



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