Has anyone here ever heard of the Keylontic sciences? I'm just now beginning to look into this and it seems pretty extensive in outformation/information. Has anyone else delve into this or perhaps knows if its just another new age illuminati front? Also according to the GA(Guardian Alliance) they are stern about the use of manoatomic gold. According to them it only offers a temporary physical/spiritual fix but over excites the higher strands of the DNA templates while eroding the lower strands which would potentially harm your "natural" ascension process as we shift into the higher vibratory frequencies which are bombaring our quadrant of the galaxy. I would deeply appreciate an open discussion about the topics at hand...

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Then again many 5th columnist are within the ranks of those in the secret orders and do have positive intentions then again we can never be to certain.
You are right about us already having gold particles within our own chemistry that can be generated from the bodies own mechanisms. White powder gold exists naturally in your body and is contained in small amounts in the herbs and foods that enhance the immune system and regeneration, thus we can naturally obtain these elements from plants! There is still so much to research though on my part..
I agree with you 100%. White powder gold exists naturally in your body and is contained in small amounts in the herbs and foods that enhance the immune system and regeneration. Perhaps not in the greater amounts manufactured by these companies but still existent within our own chemistry. Interesting story!
Your right Markus I since something fishy with this Ana character but then again perhaps she has some type of useful information..
When I was a kid, there was a show on tv. A "man" was on there and he claimed to have found immortality by drinking gold. I'm not sure exactly what was said, but as I've gotten older, somehow the idea I got from those memories was that he was drinking a mixture of virginal menstral blood with white gold powder.

A while back I happened upon Lafayette's stuff via amazon. What shocked me was that for some reason the image of the "man" reminded of the same guy I had seen on Tv as a kid. I don't know if it was his energy, or his physical being - but my memory of the tv guy and this writter seemed to be a 100% match. What is odd is that this lafayette guy wrote books about anunnaki and their kind.

I'm not suggesting that it is wise to drink gold or blood, but I am wondering - has anyone got any info on this lafayette guy (who some are saying is germain or some other mage) or anything like this? Need the info for a paper I'm writing
I tried looking for this 'man' your talking about and nothing came up. What stuff did you look at on amazon exactly for a more concise research starting point?
Anunnaki Encyclopedia

No problem bro I'm just trying to start some intelligent conversations instead of empty conjecture..
I found this comment from Sevan in the Downloadable Tools section...

Reply by Sevan on September 15, 2009 at 7:58pm
You won't believe I posted this last night and the computer crashed before I thought it was posted. It took me 45 minutes, which is like 45 days in my world, to put this thing together. It feels so great to see it somehow made it. I will post the other two frequences which are very important.

Now the monatomic Gold is for Adepts only. This is not a joke, once taken you will be thrusted into the fourth astral plane. When you get there you better know what you are doing. However for those that are trying to bend the realm, this is a one way key to seeing if you have what it takes. Silver should only be used in the colliodal form and works very well as an antibiotic. Injested in monatomic form you will see why the Serpent should not be fed.

There is also another company that sells a product called Etherium Gold which is more of a combinaton of Iridium and Rhodium. It is only $29.99 for 60 capsules and works great for replacing elements in the body that have been gone since birth. http://www.energeticnutrition.com/ I found Etherium Black and Alterra to also be sure winners. The great thing about these minerals and elements is you only need to take them for about 2 weeks and then you do not need them anymore. Crown Chakra is more sensitive after taking Etherium Gold. ORMES (Powdered Gold) is much more different.
Interesting indeed An g'Ela but I would like to know if these statements are from personal experience know what I mean.. Regardless thanks for supplying this info for it adds more to my already extensive repretoire of information ..
thanx bro for your insight I'll be sure to check these sites out!



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