Has anyone here ever heard of the Keylontic sciences? I'm just now beginning to look into this and it seems pretty extensive in outformation/information. Has anyone else delve into this or perhaps knows if its just another new age illuminati front? Also according to the GA(Guardian Alliance) they are stern about the use of manoatomic gold. According to them it only offers a temporary physical/spiritual fix but over excites the higher strands of the DNA templates while eroding the lower strands which would potentially harm your "natural" ascension process as we shift into the higher vibratory frequencies which are bombaring our quadrant of the galaxy. I would deeply appreciate an open discussion about the topics at hand...

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Thank you so much for this valuable information. My son who is a chemist and is sat here with me, has just endorsed what you say to be absolute fact. IT is all well above my head, but I am no chemist. I have read extensibly about the qualities of Monatomic gold, and silver. I was almost convinced that it was time I bought some. Indeed we do all need to read the documentation we have at our disposal here. What was that saying ? A little knowledge is a very dangerous thing.
Anytime Robin! And there is never anything above your head you just have to WANT to know thats all. I've never really been science oriented but when something catches my interested I become well invested in whatever I endeavor.
And this is also wise advice you give Nine. And very true. Ive just had a crash course from my more informed son on chemical, and molecular bondings. Its really not that difficult when one really wants to know something. I'm quite happily surprised as to how the learning part of my brain is still very receptive, and active. And here was I thinking I was approaching senility almost. LOL We need more articulated teachers that can reach that mechanism within our brains that makes us link in, and successfully download and store information. Preferably of the truthful, factual kind. I'm so very grateful to have this knowledge.
Absolutely Robin! I definitely know that for me its been detoxing my body which in turns clears the energetic blockages which would normally be used for increased mental activity. Also being careful what I pay attention to helps conserve what would normally be required of my brain for proper function. It has been a reciprocal relationship when I give it that approach but discipline is key.
Thanks for the link of the site! I read all the replies and no one really knows what are the secondary effects while using the "monatomic gold" except Bryan. However, he's so secretive that I still don't know! lol I'm just confused! So, I think I'm not going to take it before having more informations because it's all my loved ones' health same as mine which is at stake ...
Yeah I know how you feel its a catch 22 with this type of information but there is always crack in the matrix where we can all discern the REAL facts from pure conjecture. Live on the search for our inquiries lol.
Interesting video indeed. Just wanted to inform you incase you didn't know already about (SIR) Laurance Gardners affiliations with a certain branch of the illuminati "as author and head of the ancient Royal Court of the Dragon Sovereignty." It is also interesting to note that Steward Swerdlow has claimed that "he also witnessed human sacrifice and blood drinking rituals at the Montauk mind control centre on Long Island, New York, in which Sir Laurence Gardner played a major role." Now I'm not saying all this is factual but is definitely something to think about when considering information from any source. Perhaps there is some merit to what he has to say.

Quotes borrowed from http://www.educate-yourself.org/cn/laurencegardnershapeshifter.shtml
No problem myriam! Glad to help..
The camera angle consistently shows the movie (or whatever) poster in the background cropped. Instead of "The Christian" we see...

I question his motives based on that.
Wow! good sight An g'Ela I never noticed that until now.. Thanx for pointing that out and I can see that you are really using those critical thinking skills..
Resistance 2010.
Peace, brother.
A reptilian hybrid with a the full tail underneath lol. I definitely know that SIR Gardner has a astral reptilian attached to his lower naval chakra!



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