Would any members out there help me flood StumbleUpon with 7's posts?

Good day to all,

Today i am concentrating on using StumbleUpon as a current for us to get The Resistance well noticed. I am finding this to be a bit of a load to do personally. Would anyone be willing to lend me a hand in doing so? At the moment i am in the forum going through the featured discussions part selecting prime 7 material. Get a feel for the post then you can copy and paste the tags at the bottom of the post (and feel free to add your own) then simply select "share" and choose StumbleUpon and follow the prompts from there.

If you do not have an account you can either make one or hit "login" at the top right hand side of StumbleUpon and then hit "login with facebook". If you are interested in assisting me today please make it known in the reply box. Wholeness.

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Lets Do This

are you experiencing any difficulties with stumble upon?  on my tenth post it stopped allowing me to continue stating tht the url could not be added i tried about 4 - 5 times

Yes, i ran into that issue as well, i am assuming the site only allows a certain amount of uploads a day per person,i think the cap is 10 pages. So i have just been doing 10 daily :) Thanks for the help!

I'm interesting in spreading awareness. Could I please get the link?

No link necessary.  Below the post you will see the Share, Twitter and Facebook icons.  This is where you can send the information to these various social networks.  If you press the icon that says "Share" a series of choices will come up, one of them being StumbleUpon, that's all it takes ;)

Kool brother ive gone through knowledge base.. whats left?

if you would like to sift through the Q&A section to find any gems that would be great, wholeness.

If and only if this is to be using information about spreading the knowledge of this sight i always put in metaphysical science and explain it and i can go on but perhaps itcould work.

I would love to help but today is my first time on the site.....if I can figure out how to navigate I will help you.



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