Workbook for Spiritual Development of All People: Revised Edition by hua ching ni/omni

I'm sharing this scroll knowing it is very helpful, very useful and very practical. The teacher himself may have his own issues to reconcile, i cannot comment on that, but the teachings are clean and very much in tune with the purification of our bodies in concert with universal nature and cosmic qi. Although these will fall under the heading of Tao, it is not a dogmatic code of conduct, it is more of a guide to self cultivation. for those that can see, this book emits a golden light, once kindled within .cant find the pdf but worth the purchase. totally in tune with what seven has been guiding regarding astral hygiene and purification of the heads portals. 

another one by this author that serves as an introduction to integral self cultivation is


other titles of relevant value to resistance members will be:

Internal Alchemy: The Natural Way to Immortality

Teachings of Chuang Tzu: Attaining Unlimited Life

Guide to Inner Light transcribed from various talks in costa rica

Nurture Your Spirits

The Story of Two Kingdoms

Enlightenment, Mother of Spiritual Independence: Teachings of Hui Neng

Hua Hu Ching: The Later Teachings of Lao Tzu -this  is  a  straight  gem  not  to  be  underestimated

The Taoist Inner View of Universe and Immortal Realm

Tao: The Subtle Universal Law and the Integral Way of Life

Life & Teachings of Two Immortals, Vol. II: Chen Tuan

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excerpts from this masterful book:

'Without a total investment of your energy, no spiritual development can be reached.Therefore the first thing you must understand about this book is that there are no emotional games and no psychological crutches. It contains only pure spiritual practices for the spiritual development of people who have already made major emotional, psychological and conceptual breakthroughs. If you are still wandering around in the muck and mire of personal confusion, you might want to read some of my other books first. They were written to help those who are working on clarity of mind and spirit and the purification of all kinds of confusion.'

wish i could transcribe it all but that will lay in your own willingness to receive the msg in full. i will add the invocations in the order they are instructed to be done. more to come. wbv

'The value of this book is not in its words, but rather in the use of its contents and the harvest of its practices.'

'Once you attain personal self-integration, you can recognize other integral beings. For people who are still developing, the problem is not only to believe, but to BE the truth. I hope that developed people will help to dissolve all dark and unvirtuous controls over other humans.'

'Each word, especially in the invocations, displays the inner beauty and integrity of your life being in which you are the center of the universe. The reality is you and your spiritual projection and connection.'

'The knowledge I offer no longer belongs to a single spiritual tradition, family or person, but to all humans and to the universe. I offer such spiritual wealth to all who can use it. The cornerstone of correct self cultivation is, "All the highest things start from what is fundamental" '

Again I can't emphasis enough the importance of WHOLENESS when it comes to these teaching from my teacher and spiritual friend OmNi.    Please do not take them apart as they function as a whole and provide safety if received as such. I cannot transcribe the entire book, my intention is to provide the effective invocations and practices that can be confirmed by yourself. 

"In natural spiritual practice, reading or praying with the mind is valued. Why? Because in spiritual reality, thinking is louder than thunder. This is one of the great truths in spiritual practice."

we can begin here:

Statement of Sincerity:

I search only for the most refined divine energy 

which reveals itself as the Heavenly Way.

I am willing to follow the way of universal nature

and renounce all distorted images and descriptions.

I do not doubt the truth of natural beings,

just as i do not doubt my own being.

My life is the heavenly way itself

which dwells in this world.

I respect my life and all other lives as well.

I lead my life in obedience

to the cosmic laws of life.

I will never violate the heavenly, responsive

Universal Law of Harmony.

Nor will I damage my life by ignorant behavior

or negative thoughts.

'At the beginning of a spiritual pathway there can be no real progress made until one has purified ones energy. To think that anyone can begin with high level esoteric practice is to fool oneself.'

Soul Purification(pre-requisites to performing invocations)

EYE PURIFICATION-Do not look at corpses. It hurts your Qi and makes you morbid.Do not look at pornography or low-class dancing and shows.If you violate these prohibitions, it will be difficult to have peace of mind or bear good fruit in your cultivation

MOUTH PURIFICATION-Do not eat raw meat, stimulating spices, or drink stimulating drinks.Do not use profanity or speak harmful words.In general, if you do not speak too much you will be able to help nourish your Shen Qi which is the virtuos energy used to cultivate ourselves.

BODY PURIFICATION-Keep yourself physically and mentally clean.Anyone with whom you have sexual intercourse must also be physically and mentally clean, because if you sleep with an impure person it will stain your soul. Also, do not use stimulating or addictive drugs. Do not depend on tranquilizers of any kind.

NOSE PURIFICATION-Avoid dirty, decayed and strong smelling odors, for this hurts your Qi. In order to keep your souls terrace(Ling Tai) pure and maintain your sensitivity, avoid inhaling drugs.

EAR PURIFICATION-Avoid noise, low class music and listening to excessive talking because it will disturb your mind and hurt your Qi.

MENTAL PURIFICATION-Do not have unrighteous or excessive ambition. Too much ambition will stir up your mind, while good motives purify your mind. Calmness can unite your soul with the reality of the universe and can make you effective in the right way, thus helping you become a Shien.

What will follow comprises The Golden Collection of Spiritual Practices

Be sincere and do not use these powerful invocations casually. I am sharing them because they are truly beyond value in the common sense of the word. I advise all who read these words to practice these 
invocations for 21-49 days before coming to any conclusion on their effectiveness. By then you will probably be buying the book.

We wil begin with the statement of sincerity followed by the 5 purifications.These must be completed prior to Requests and Enrichment invocations as well as circulatory mudra practices.

week one-Purification of the mouth

week two add on Purification of the body

week three add on Purification of the mind

week 4  add on purification of the Earth

week 5  add on Purification of my entire being in union with heaven and earth

These will be provided in the next post

gratitude brother

greetings, I'm gonna work on aligning these invocations with the 60 day energy calendar of the yellow 'imp'eror aka the golden sun. this interconnects with the 28 day lunar calendar. hopefully we can also monitor the other planetary orbits to synchronize those cycles also.

look for the 1st week of purification to begin(be added to the post) on the 13th.  its really pretty cool once you start doing it.

before beginning the purifiucations i want to bring attention to the 60 day energy calendar otherwise known as tian gan - di zhi.  meaning heavenly/celestial stems and earthly/terrestrial branches. The stems are the 5 elements. the branches are the 12 chinese zodiac animals. the permutations equal 60.  

In other words there are 12 day cycles of terrestrial energy.


water(pig/rat) wood(tiger/rabbit) fire(snake/horse) metal(monkey/hen) earth(ox/dragon/sheep/dog)

There are 5 day cycles of celestial energy


to catch you up to now…today is an earth rabbit day. tomorrow the 9th will be a metal dragon.

 the 1st day of the 12 day cycles will always be considered 'rat' days. This is symbolic so in future posts i will explain what sort of energy is encapsulated in the animal called rat. for now we will just work the basics. january 13th will be an earth rat day and this is when we , those wanting to link in to the cosmic tao, will begin our invocation purifications.

To be effective, purifications must be practiced diligently and properly with good concentration and sincerity.

The 5 Purifications

When tao reveals itself through the mouth, it manifests as the God of the Mouth.

When tao reveals itself through the body, it manifests itself as the God of the Body.

When tao reveals itself through the mind, it manifests itself as the God of the Mind.

When tao reveals itself through the earth, it manifests itself as the God of the Earth.

When tao reveals itself through your entire being, it manifests as the God of your Entire Being.

Tao makes itself evident through its infinite variations, but in truth it is One.

7 days of consecutive exercise.

ones mouth is a palace of vitality. circle tongue inside of mouth, within jaw and also outside of jaw between lips and teeth as well as outside of mouth, swallow saliva. many variations can be made and specifications are usually given. i will leave that to your inquiry as the book is available online. lightly biting teeth down in counts of 3,6,9 or 36 in the four quadrants: left right front back, will also help to enliven this palace. Although i stated to begin on the 13th. starting anytime will suffice as long as the prior information has been processed. use these invocations with your soundless voice until you can internalize the statements into a formless petition.


Purification of the Mouth

God of the Mouth, Dan Chu,

Door Guardian of my body, gather only positive energy.

Goddess of the Tongue,Ching Luen,

nurture my incoming & outgoing energy, and connect my being to the divine realm of the universe.

God of the Teeth,Luo Chien,

refine the coarseness and protect the true nourishment of my body and mind.

God of the Throat,Hu Fen,

be the pathway for constructive energy only, and induced refined saliva as 'Jade Dew'.

Goddess of Thought,Shih Shen,

maintain stability, straighten your activity, and continue the refinement of my life.

All Gods and Goddesses,

help me to achieve the pure energy of the heavenly way that is everlasting.

So it is commanded and confirmed.

jana yes,

me too...sharing these tools are very inspirational like l want to apply this phase into my life as if somehow it's sounds familiar already to my innerstanding as well. Thanks daniel sun and 7 for the resistance :-)

After 7 days consecutive of doing the purifications of the mouth are completed, we are instructed to ADD the next set of purifications for another 7days.

With continued practice these formal instructions dissolve into the formless tao of oneself. please allow the form to dissolve naturally rather than rush into creating your own invocations.

'The integralness of spiritual reality is revealed in these invocations and they are an important practice for those who wish to proceed in their spiritual development.' (all quoted material and otherwise noted material are taken from the above mentioned book, written by ni. hua ching)


Purification of the Body

With the sun, I wash my body

With the moon, I refine my form 

With the divine immortals, I am supported

With the eternal beings, I perpetuate my own eternal life

I unite myself with the enduring energy of the 28 constellations

Within and Without, all impurities are cleansed with divine water

Most respected heavenly authority, console my body

Saturate my souls and energy with the light of all stars in the enormous bushel of space

Eastern stars of the 'Green Dragon', lead me forward

Western stars of the 'White Tiger', protect me from behind

Southern stars of the 'Red Bird', guard me from above

Northern stars of the 'Black Turtle', guard me from below

So it is commanded and confirmed



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