Many people want to know how I know what I know, why am I here and what all this is about. So I don't have to keep repeating it I will put it here.

My future self saw it imperative to come and tell my past self what it knew about the future. It sent this through a beam of information. That information reconfigured my DNA and RNA right now thus allowing me to evolve away from what was going on in that future reality. The future got very evil, something like an Aeon Flux, Island, Matrix. The same immortal souls of evil made the world unbearable to live in, so We rebelled and made this last ditch effort at enlightening ourselves faster and others that would listen by sending our Energy into the past. First it is painful to be so far ahead and watch all the people being lead about like lemmings numbed out and mind controlled. Anger welled up in Us because We see man will no longer rally thus many solutions for mankind have been canceled, their is no longer a power in our numbers because We are too few to save most of the humans. This did however not mean We did not plan to save at least out own selves. That plan of how We exactly pulled that off will be revealed at any moment. Our brains are almost finished hacking Morpheus and in a moment he will tell us everything he knows. There is no doubt in this.

Furthermore, We are all immortal so not dealing with what needs to be dealt with now will only mean that it will be harder to deal with in the future because it grows stronger at the moment and will continue as long as it goes unchecked. If you are caught up in any religious paradigm be sure that you have in all actuality sold your soul and thus it belongs to something at this moment. Fix that. 7

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I find it interesting that this discussion was "reactivated" by quinn vo's comment on 3/19. March 20 was the first day of year 3363 according to the Rosicrucian calendar. And what about the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act - ARRA. Commonly referred to as the Stimulus. Just who or what is being Stimulated? I think We know....
It truly is amazing how that works, isn't it. Brother Sevan sends out the vibes. Sometimes I'll get that urge to check out the site and, sure enough, Sevan's just posted something that I need to read or hear.

Very cool.
we are those selves from the future to tell us what we are. there is no one here different then any sister or brother here. we just are in awakening process. Some read less some read more.the awakening depends on the ability to find the sources of knowlegde and good meditation food being close to nature talkins as talking with the creator.
i tank all of us beign as important to awakening as everybody else.

I c u
I will post this so it can surface at the top of the forum and set it self in front for those members who havent reach the depts ofknowledge in the archives.. Important to know...
On point as usual... Although... one lil correction... I think... Ra is also Amun... Amun and Ra make up Mahu-Lisa... the hermaphroditic parent of Shango... aka Shaitan... Mahu-Lisa or Mawu-Lusa is Amun Ra... and yes.. it is coming quite quickly... The presence is here already... I have seen and felt it. Mawu-Lusa is also Saturn/Odin/Anu and many more.... It usually appears in trinities of ancient myth... Take the Archaic triad of the ROEmans... Quirines(Saturn), Jupiter and MArs.... that trinity is a veiled mask for the real trinity of the Etruscans: Teutates(Mars) Taranis(Jupiter) and get this... Esus(Saturn)... And yes... that is exactly how Jesus was spelled back then.... Their Geomatria revolves around the 3 6 and 9. They are Diabolics... that control the Demonic... Just as the Babel tells us so. Diabolics are far worse than the Demonics for they can look and act with loving kindness and affection... ULTIMATE liars they are... They are the types that would enjoy watching their own children being raped and mutilated... AND I AM NOT EXAGERATING! They are sick and twisted and have control over the minds of BILLIONS!

As far as hacking Morpheus... I dunno what that means... but if it has to do with hacking the tricks of MA... yes... that code is being cracked daily... I believe I have made a few slashes in it myself... Nothing major... I don't think... but the efforts could be beneficial. I've got tons of info that I will be putting on my new site... It seems that my job is to research and present the results... take what you want and keep it movin... like a buffet... right?

Last year a merkaba appeared on the back of one of my cds. I made a video about it... it's on my youtube channel. The thought had occurred to me that it was my future self... I had burried that thought until I just read this post. Thanks much Sevan.

As far as getting of the Planned Net...

About two months ago I was getting frustrated because I kept getting information and mistranslating it. I knew the info was important... I just applied the wrong thought processes and got myself all worked up. anyway, I was outside the restaurant pacing back and forth when I looked up and said, " What! What is it that I am supposed to do? How could it have been wrong? What's going on?" When I brought my gaze back down I turned to go back in and smakc dab in front of me was a sign... "Please remain in your vehicle. We will be with you shortly. Thanks You" I practically crapped my pants. In some way all of that was supposed to happen... and did. THus, what ever lead me to that moment... was right. Regardless of my feeling on the matter.

In conclusion, I dunno if I am gonna make it off this rock alive... If I am lucky I will pass before it is too late and travel my ehteric self back through the portal and OM...

I am happy to hear any thoughts and suggestions and please feel free to explore my site...

Take Care

Dear Sevan 

You have made me cry for the deep innerstanding of these word I know them all to well. 

 Thank you 




how can you be so sure he will return - Ra? Timelines can be altered by anyone...humans have reached the threshold for exponential awakening. Anything can happen now...too many ripples mean distortion in the pool, so those that arent looking dont mind, but those that are exploiting the reflection cant see jack s*** (or there are far too many possibilities to focus) so its all freestyle now for everyone. my 2c

everyone...meaning all sides



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