Many people want to know how I know what I know, why am I here and what all this is about. So I don't have to keep repeating it I will put it here.

My future self saw it imperative to come and tell my past self what it knew about the future. It sent this through a beam of information. That information reconfigured my DNA and RNA right now thus allowing me to evolve away from what was going on in that future reality. The future got very evil, something like an Aeon Flux, Island, Matrix. The same immortal souls of evil made the world unbearable to live in, so We rebelled and made this last ditch effort at enlightening ourselves faster and others that would listen by sending our Energy into the past. First it is painful to be so far ahead and watch all the people being lead about like lemmings numbed out and mind controlled. Anger welled up in Us because We see man will no longer rally thus many solutions for mankind have been canceled, their is no longer a power in our numbers because We are too few to save most of the humans. This did however not mean We did not plan to save at least out own selves. That plan of how We exactly pulled that off will be revealed at any moment. Our brains are almost finished hacking Morpheus and in a moment he will tell us everything he knows. There is no doubt in this.

Furthermore, We are all immortal so not dealing with what needs to be dealt with now will only mean that it will be harder to deal with in the future because it grows stronger at the moment and will continue as long as it goes unchecked. If you are caught up in any religious paradigm be sure that you have in all actuality sold your soul and thus it belongs to something at this moment. Fix that. 7

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Is this what you mean by "if you have a destiny then it means you are moving backwards."? That was a statment that was very interesting to me and I was curious about it's meaning. Also if you are coming back then why not go further back to when it would be easier to stop before the powers of evil are so strong or is this the only time it can happen?
I can still count on one hand how many people I know that actually know the full spectrum of what is happening here on Earth/Tiamat. In addition knowing what is happening and acting like you know what is happening is two very different things. I'm now 30 and it took me this long to figure out who I am. Imagine going back to your indigenous self and trying to explain mind control and the T.V. and various other parts of a not to distant future. You see Mr. Nicholson this is one of the only times in history that this ever hindering system has actually allowed some men to even gain a decent education. This is why: After making us farmers, blacksmith's, coal and gold miners, etc. The Elite realized that if they wanted to see more performance and faster growth they should educate us to a certain degree, sure they realized this could lead to some figuring out what was really happening however it would be far from a majority so the risk was taken. Just as planned the Universities and Media compartmentalized the knowledge and thus the person becomes an operator in a more complex matrix but still mostly unaware of its existance. Farmers become Scientist and the Matrix itself evolves thus producing greater energies to be trafficed about the cosmos. Something of a Galactic drug dealer they are, read the Terra Papers downloadable from the Library. Soul Energy are drugs of the Cosmos, the Spice must flow.
Thank you sir. Makes perfect sense. Didn't mean to sound cynical but i am, but certainly not closed minded. I do believe from what I see as a very limited amount of knowledge at this point that the evolution of technology was something that has been known and controlled by the powers that be, to bring us to where we are now at the time of their choosing. I am new to this line of thought so please bear with me.
And do keep in mind Mr. Nicholson that these stories are fragmented, meaning that it is just one story that exist within a sea of various happenings that are all truth. This is why I said "We do not all have the same past, so it is most certain We do not all have the same future but We will help each other as long as We are together in this moment.
No this is club Shem-ham-phoresh a pyramid hierarchy of Gods and Demi-Gods Aphanim Ophanim Chioth Ha Quadosh, Orphim, Seraphim, etc. mans world is indeed populated but beyond his perception these Beings exist in the spaces within spaces, I have beheld them. Earth is frozen in time the Klipoth known as Stasis as the cycle shaped like an 8 continues with the person imagining that they have just arrived. As a semen/sea man fertilizes the egg it constantly gnaws at the shell until it makes a hole and then it enters the place of fertilization. I now see the hole opening and soon it will be big enough for me to squeeze through. Now eye sea life.
Hi Sevan,

I only just found this site and joined. I don't know why but I did. I have been researching things myself and looking at all sorts of ways to free myself so that I can really understand what is really going on. With so many things going on nowadays it is hard to believe anything anyone says. I am afraid I still haven't freed my mind and experienced astral travels. What is your solution to freeing the mind and soul? Is there really a blue and a red pill? Thanks H
There is a forum topic entitled, "Solution" that may be a beginning for you.
You will notice I use the name Sevan because it is my middle name with the "S" moved to the front. I will say the Book itself is alive and has a character of its own. I even go to the Code every now and again and become totally amazed at the eloquence of the work itself, it has a subtle poetry with the zeal of boldness and a sound ring of unshakable truth. One should not imagine I'm tooting my own horn, in all actuality I'm half crazy everyday attempting to figure out what more I can do with what I have, and what I know, which is much more than I have so far documented or poke on. In addition I live mainly in the present, meaning all my past accomplishments are no longer remembered by my current self until I have a simple moment to reflect, which is almost never since the cosmic gears have speed up. Currently I'm working on "full activation of the complete 144 point chakra system" I believe this to be the solution to the current situation. One individual that has achieved this can allow other to reach totality by contact. I have witnessed this by experience. Wish Us more than luck, We do this for the continuation of the Humanoid species and all those in Alliance with Our cause. Your gratitude is received with warmth.
I am just finishing up day 5 of a slow and thoughtful read of 'The Cod of the Matrix'. Suffice it to say, I feel it is the most important work of esoteric/hidden information I've run across and my mind is sufficiently 'blown'... and stimulated as new layers of awareness unveil themselves to me. This 'dot connects' with my entire life path of genuine truthseeking (I am now age 54). The picture, which began as a blurry unintelligible mass of confusion 20 years ago, now is getting into sharp focus. I conclude I am one of the ones this work was meant for. I just happened on this website from links.... Am I to understand correctly that you are the author of the above referenced work (James)? and thereby, also 'Innerstanding'? Just want to get these labels clear for identity. I'd very much like to open a dialogue with you, either here publicly or privately. respectfully / Jack
This is tickling to me today, I was looking at the ceiling wondering who I really was since my mind by the moment continues to unravel the Codes of this dominion and my involvement with being a vessel that knowledge can be sourced from. Then I come to the site for some identity and the members don't even know who I am, lol. Divine comedy. So here are my names so far. James, Sevan, Innerstand, Innerstanding, Arch Chariot, and of course I'm "Prime Mobile" meaning We have more than likely met first in your sleep. My sleep names are, "Wazoo" :-), "What The!" (Since when I show up that's what most people say I have assumed this may be one of my names also), anyway thanks for making me have a smile today, they are so rare you learn to cherish the moment. Not that one should not smile, running across a cache of like this website is enough to keep one feeling real good, true knowledge is emancipation and power, seeing that truth has finally danced around long enough and then jumped right into your lap, couldn't be at a better time either, We rode this one all the way out.
Synchronicity (now I'm getting suspicious of every ''S" word in the english language, LOL) shows itself evident everywhere lately... even in the words you penned here in this reply. Just in the last month I've absorbed and digested an amazing combination of material what has every expanded the limits of my perception. Navigating this density has been a process of revealing lies and disinformation, yet fueled by faith in the ultimate benevolence of the Most High Creator, I continue to look for and follow the light. As time goes on, I am more cautious as I observe thoughtforms and beliefs I once held get dismantled one by one to where I can our entire existence is a game of realizing everything is upside down and inside out. What a trip! I hold fast to the idea that all this is for our ultimate benefit as evolving souls. What other purpose could there possibly be for the existence of this realm of polarity?... even one so thoroughly saturated with tricks, lies, and cunning manipulations? Well, its good to find you and this material to be sure. Let us keep in contact, yes?
Listen to Sevans words... do not become food for the moon. Be wary of RA.
Work on your ascension, strengthen your immortal self.
Armor yourself against your ego, and the ego of others.
Open your third eye, and see.



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