The direct answer to that question is we must make our move now as it is prime time as the cycles are complete and things have run their course. It is not very difficult to come to such a conclusion, the minds are more ripe than ever for real knowledge, application, and solutions. It is because of that however that the world of Esoteria is more clouded then even with people who have received little more instruction than the latest Zeitgeist film and a brief skim through some O.T.O propaganda all washed down with a little David Icke and they are now screaming Reptilians and Archons to anyone that will listen. They are now moving about creating sites, posting videos, and writing blogs. this is a good thing, but they will need some better direction. Below I will gradually explain how a planetary shift for the better will be accomplished.

Let us now consider the ascent of a large part of the population and what it would take to bring that about. The fact is consciousness is spreading like wild fire across the globe and it has indeed become a fad in the western culture. If one could only imagine now all of the misconceptions and disinformation moved out of the way and in turn that useless propaganda being replaced by expansive "Resistance Style" info then they are imagining the catalyst. There would then be another wave of a higher biorhythm that would replace the all to worn out stories of the Illuminati and those accursed old grimoires from demons long since repented and rehabilitated into your local plumber. One should make haste as we now see a way that we can allow our greatest aspirations to be realized.



It is clear that "Ascension" can be right here and when we accomplish that task first then we will earn admission into other existences that have already accomplished such things, then we will be on their level as we will have our own accomplishments as a Planet going from divided Demi-Gods to Universal Wholeness. Earth is still a great place to morph into an ascended environment and offers much potential as many are yet to discover any of what is really here one wavelength up. Since consciousness has been so low that means there is actually a better reality looming as a choice right here and right now ready to be realized. This would be basically like Earth with fully activated unblocked people tapped into nature and the Universal Energy enjoying their physical and non physical existence in tandem. Statements like "lets go climb Mount Everest and then Astral Project from there would be a general part of the conversation.

When considering the population situation once more I now see in advanced socialites with large families there is really no space problem as magnificent structures can be build into the sky all the way into Space, plenty of room up there. The physical habitations would serve as places to shelter and train people until they learn all they need to know about non-physical existence. It is no doubt to me this is being done now however the system could use some improvement big time as all the good ideas are seldom accompanied with the resources to bring them about thus this particular planet Earth is still on Version 1.0 with a million different failed Beta releases.




The fact is the world will get very bored soon if it does not have you activated. The media has resorted to running the age old myths and stories such as Thor that fit their idealism of the limited planes they have access to. In addition they are playing their last card making everyone think about the possible visit to Earth by Alien lifeforms but we already know it is a fact that Alien life and various Entities have always been with us. So it is just another stall tactic unless someone really wises up off all the subliminal they keep sending, activates in a large group, and brings the Alien realization to some of them. Once the humans find out they have dormant powers that make them advanced Beings then certainly a new trend will begin and then we will have a good chance of removing the controllers without destabilizing the delicate system abruptly.

To innerstand that more clearly people have to realize that eliminating all money, government, and military is not the immediate answer to this complex problem unless death to a great deal of people is the solution. Then that makes one no different than the Saturnalian Cults who are so dense bright ideas seldom cross their mind.  Eliminating the controllers without a proper plan will be only giving up one ruler for the next one that has the might and right to take over the position. A real strategy will remove the need for the position altogether preventing a situation that plunges the populace who still need plenty of guidance into the disarray that would accompany removing the total support structure.

The United States land mass at this very moment is not even set up properly to take care of its citizens need of food and nourishment even if a barter system was put in place. Let us not forget most people have been trained to sell services such as computer programmers or financial consultants. Most don't know the first thing about the fabrication of goods like a metal smith or potter so in effect on one end a person would be growing food but the other end would have nothing to trade for it. These are all things few have considered as they press toward ideas of eliminating the bureaucracy right away. The old saying comes to mind, better a defunct system of control than no control at all for a people who are not prepared for such responsibility.

So let us talk about that. We can clearly see that the controllers will always be controlling and governing until the total System shows that it needs no control. This often happens on an individual level which is why not everyone's situation in regards to hindrances are the same. Some have gained full control and mastery over their mental, spiritual, and physical body. Those that are claiming that such things are not possible are just on a long list of people who have never accomplished such things for one reason or another, mainly tons of distraction as Mind Building, Body Building, and Spirit Building all take precise focus, one has to be extremely determined at all times.



So the correct way is for humanity to begin making the clear spiritual transformation into being perceptive and considerate of the other realms. We don't have to meet the space aliens to begin doing that. Many of the animals and insects that we are failing to protect are actually on another realm and because we look over them and even eat them our journey has yet to begin in the right direction. People are so ready to see what's next never realizing that they are actually not going because they keep looking over the obvious. Dimensions has to do with size, weight, shape, etc, when a creature has one different then your schematic it corresponds to another realm. You can see a good explanation of the Constellations in order to understand the story of how they got here with you.
The Etymology and Story of the Constellations  


It is much easier to accomplish something deemed impossible when you have seen others do it, in fact the same competitive nature that has always been present in our Species would actually be used to drive people into Ascension. You can hear it already, people whispering to themselves He/She has Ascended so I know that I can. The chain reaction begins.

Now the Resistance is not full of fans it is resplendent with family and that should always be kept in mind. This family is a collective of some of the most advanced Beings on the Planet who have in turned studied some of the other advanced men and women who have came to the planet in order to gather knowledge and clues as to why we are here. The Resistance has discovered multiple reasons.

I will have to explain reincarnation and what it consists of fully here really briefly so people get. I have interviewed and talked to many people about this and thus a real conclusion can be assembled. Some of my friends that have taken Ayuhuasca have come back with startling revelations about our true stance here on this Planet. I will lend you some of the information they gave me which I know from several stances to be correct.
                                                              AYAHUASCA IN PREPARATION

The first thing to innerstand is there are several ways to get out of the body, but in the case of Ayahuasca the body is detoxified first by the plants. This takes one through stages of crying, throwing up, and defecating until a great deal of impurities are out of the body. Note that the soul becomes trapped in the toxic body and is basically smothered until it becomes weak and defunct as its fire is extinguished. So in this case it is the flesh, the beast, that consumes the Spirit ultimately if it is not kept in check.

The second thing is Ayahuasca is definitely not a drug in the way that you want to do it again and again as if addicted, it is more of a medicine for a spiritually ill Being. One does not finish and say let us have another right away.

So we will get right into it. What my friend said was after the purging all of a sudden she flew. There was nothing like it, you felt so free, you no longer had the body as a restriction so you felt the true emancipation. It is then the deepest questions are answered in the order of importance for the individual. Her first question was obviously why the higher Beings do not do anything about Earth's crazy situation, this was determined by what she saw next.
In ascent to the first heaven* what she noticed right off was just how numerous the Beings were there. They moved as if they were about on their duties, totally conscious of the Earth and what was going on there. This erases the first incorrect notion that many of the Beings in the other Planes have no knowledge of our existence. As things continued she observed that although they knew about Earth, which she could feel, they saw it as no problem whatsoever because each Beings was like a way point of light that allowed an entire network to continue to transmit across the Universe. She noticed that each person was in their group or click village/tribe holding their own space. Further you could map the kind of energy they were carrying by the color and when you saw a large mass of dark energy you equally saw a lark mass of bright energy from other beings on the exact opposite pole of the Universe.


Let us briefly explain some abilities of the unhindered Spirit. When she said she could "sense" how everyone felt this is a very common occurrence when in the ethereal plane consciously. This is why it is impossible to lie to the Beings there or for them to lie to you because the level of communication comes from a field that everyone has access to, thus, your thoughts are exposed and can be read as you are having them by the energy signature you are sending. In addition when you aware of the grand plan of the Universe there is always balance it just them becomes a matter of if you can actually see the whole Universe and all that is occurring at one time, which most people simply cannot.
This is also a good time to point out to people that when you are normally operating on 2 or 3 Chakras and then all of a sudden you have access to 5 or 6 Chakras things can be all of a sudden overwhelming. DMT proves this as the data stream is so fast and encrypted with glyphs it becomes very difficult to absorb the data if you are just a regular Joe. Often times a person will tell me when I am talking to them, "whoa stop I'm overloaded this is way too much for me". If it is just data being shared this is due to a overload on their neurons, however, if light programming is going on i.e. energy transfer through Chi or other Subtle forces into a generally unused Chakra field there is definitely going to be some type of temporary shutdown or malfunction within the person.



This is why I keep bringing up the training process necessary for all sentient life forms if they are to ever be trusted with powers. In this case we see the powers have nothing to do with blasting demons with electricity from the palms but more to do with having access into planes that don't even have demons as they are to dense and not compatible.
She had been able to handle this somewhat because she had been already putting a great deal of time into energy building concepts while putting ascension techniques into action, especially cleanses. Here is another exceptional thing she mentioned. At a certain point she began to travel through her past lives but it was not to just show her those lives but to show her the continuous mistake she kept making. In her case she is very passive and neutral, a very soft non forceful person.


She was showed that in every life her immediate reality was always surrounded by people that she respected and felt admiration for because of their strength. However, when it came time to make very key decisions that often affect large amounts of people she never stood up against the negative ideas of her peers and often times showed an outward stance of agreeing but a inner feeling of conviction. I personally thought this was incredible as she explained how she was showed life after life this same mistake being made even up until this very life where she still found herself in a very high position but permitting improper things to happen even though she was now conscious enough to know it was wrong and would effect many people in a negative way.
I will lend some more advice on what I have discovered while watching complex glyphs of the Earth's program through my astral light as I glide between sleep and wakefulness. As I said I am never full and I am never empty so I always seek and I always share in abundance. Now each time a Being is transported to another planet for another chance at the great quest of life all of their baggage arrives with them, it is a matter of if you know how it all works in order to  recognize all the baggage from the past lives which leaves residue on the present  just like 10 years ago something happened to you that we can find residue of this very moment. This "residue" which is very much like "residual" income is something that follows you life after life because you "earned" it and are being "paid" for it whether good or bad so do keep this in mind when you are working on your astral wealth portfolio.
                                                                    RUBIK'S FOR THE BLIND

Now lets check the baggage. First I will need you to imagine the reality is like a Rubik's Cube. Every time this Rubik's Cube is turned after your physical life is over you them come in to another reality that is still in the same Cube but the Cube is in a different position. This different position allows it to be much more difficult for you to realize that you are still in the same Cube. Let us keep in mind this is still a construct developed by very advanced Beings we are so fond of calling our Ancestors.


So whether you arrive in Ancient Persia, Renaissance France, or the Middle Ages you are still in Earth's Time Band that has already played itself completely out with all probabilities over and over again. So in a nutshell people basically jump through time segments when they are reborn they don't always appear in the future. If they have not maxed out the construct they just left for its lessons they return to it again under disguise. In the event that you happen to complete your Path on one of these adventures your body them activates giving you the ability to connect the missing links. This gives you the ability to travel into other levels of consciousness while simultaneously being here doing your duties for humanity which will surely be heaped upon you. You are actually doing this when you go to sleep and dream but how much you can control your dream shows you how much you have learned to control your own reality.
Oh yeah, the baggage. So when the Cube turns this is an example of how the bags or failed tests will arrive from the past life disguised enough for you not to recognize them clearly which would alert you to immediately do the correct thing this time based on past experience but rather you are in a prelude to that state in which you are given a "new" chance by the Higher Beings to see if you will naturally choose to do it again. Of course the Universe seems to have no prolonged interest in doing all your work and decision making for you if you are to be considered a Sentient Being so these test are most necessary. That's why the real joke is on all these people thinking their weak little magic and ideas are actually going to amount to something outside of the program which they are trapped in like a larvae worm under web still sleep in cocoon phase dreaming of being a butterfly.
The sheer knowledge of how to "uncloak" your lessons is very advanced and generally only comes to a reality right around the time it is to reboot, sending all of its inhabitants into their proper positions amongst the Universe as they become Celestial bodies large and small causing some type of influence on life everywhere. You get the boot. The Universe is teeming with life doubt it not.
Here is a hypothetical example to innerstand baggage in disguise. Lets just say last life I had a girlfriend named Mercedes and she became my big test. Mercedes influence may have been so strong that my entire level of consciousness was put on hold by my dedication to her, she held so much sway. In the end I finally accepted she was really not interested in me only my money and fame, she was so material.  To further disappointment I not only lost her but I had also lost a great deal of precious time needed to focus and work on my Ascension. Pitty. :-)
After the Cube turns the next life begins and I'm once again off to a great start but this time Mercedes shows up again, however, she is not a woman this time but a car. The object has changed but the name/vibration remains in place ready to replay the lesson. Know that you wear your name and all of the construct can be broken down into names and numbers. Mercedes the car can then present the same tests as Mercedes the woman. Lets say for instance I really don't have the money to have it but I overspend to get it. Bad idea. It becomes so material just like the old Mercedes attitude. Once more I'm led into arenas that I need not be in due to others attraction to Mercedes and in the end I crash the car and lose it but that is not all I have lost, I have lost so much time. Same name, same lesson, but different construct so you cannot recognize it until you have made the decision.
Well I have had enough of the sad stories of failed tests and more than enough of the training lessons and I'm sure many of the people here feel the same way. I will only say your anxiousness is because We are at the next step in our leap in consciousness just as sure as the strong electro magnetic tingling coming from my palms.
Now a brief word on the Grid
I mentioned above the the cocoon phase. In nature you will find an answer to many things, however, do keep in mind that the Ancients were wise enough not to get caught up in the grinding wheels of the destruction cycles of time. It was very clear to them that nature brings forth life and death in balance just as a beautiful flower lives and then withers up and dies. It then transmutes often into something lower like soil. The soil has a great deal of value but can only then live vicariously through nourishing the plant as the soil has less complex properties. If one cannot see that we have become advanced enough to learn how to jump cycles and leap through phases of consciousness then look again right away.


The net over this Planet is like the web over the cocoon you see here. It is to my innerstanding that the net is torn away by the newly formed butterfly, until then the net serves as protection from outside predators, it may be in fact that simple. Also keep in mind, it appears many of the Ancients did not just leave it up to happenstance to determine where they would go next, they piloted their Ships beyond Godhead.



The Universal Council  

"Only you can bring us together" 

There is a common problem that faces all those who have gone forth with their mission to enlighten humanity. The main problem is they have extreme difficulty in connecting with others that are also working towards this goal. These problems range from lack of finances for travel, current spiritual and/or physical condition, slight differences in viewpoint etc. But none of this is helping the Seekers who often think, "What would happen if they all came together and began to discuss solutions"?


Thinking about this I had a grand epiphany. With the advent of Web 2.0 a website can be developed that features all your spiritual guides virtually through live video as if one a panel. This would eliminate a great deal of the problems most of these people have with why they refuse to participate in a physical meeting with others like them.


When a Universal Council Meeting is called a group of the most pertinent questions compiled by the people will be presented  to all the members of the panel. They will then have an opportunity to answer with what they feel according to their divine inspiration would be the correct way to handle the situation or respond to the question. If a council member is available it will show his/her status as "live", if they are not then the question will be "pending". 


A Site like this would have limitless value to all those who really need answers about the Universal situation and are still curious who is working with who and what each of these people truly believe. It will also be very clear to see who is simply reciting and who is truly guided.

The Ascent Project

The Ascent will be our second Book and first full feature Film. Many have been asking for a detailed A-Z of what is going on and what they should do about it, the Ascent will answer all these questions as it covers everything that one need to know about the language, technology, money, the media, and religion. The film will be like Zeitgeist times 10 in comparison to how many people it will effect in regards to activating their consciousness. This ranges from esoteric knowledge to activation techniques along with the information on how to use the most effective items we have discovered to bring about Ascension.


The Whole Truth Documents

This pamphlet will be compiled with great care and will be designed to set the captives free. There are many people still caught up in the false religions of the world especially the Abrahamic Traditions. We will create very short but effective pamphlets that will be distributed in mass to people still engaged in these religions. These pamphlets will be printed and supplied by the Resistance to volunteer members who will blanket the streets throughout the world frequenting Churches, Mosques, and Temples.


At this very moment my knowledge is complete in regards to the Unholy Trinity Tree and what remains is  that we clarify that mystery through the scripture with undeniable proofs. This document will not be one that can be refuted thus placing the final decision in the person's hand, either turn from the foolishness and hatred or fully join the diaboli.  Revelations 3:16 So then because thou art lukewarm and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.


The Chrism

For the last two years there has been some truly powerful knowledge conveyed through speech here at the Resistance. It is now time that we fully master an audio CD of the most stimulating, informative, and encouraging sessions we have had. In addition I have tons of audio from various conversations held between myself and others that have never been released. This will serve as the perfect audio companion to accompany one during workouts, motivation building, and daily centering.



The Tamil Experiment


Since we have uncovered that the Hebrew letters compiled on top of itself makes a hexagram it has led us to wonder what master symbols appear in other languages when they are compiled. The reason this becomes so important is it will lead to the ultimate discovery of the symbols used to program consciousness.


To accomplish this the language must be put into 3D and then moved around a graphic simulator until a pattern is recognized. Since this is a very time consuming project that takes a great deal of expertise we decided rather than starting with a somewhat current language like English we would start with one of the oldest languages known to man which is Tamil. Tamil is actually older than Sanskrit.


This also presents a grand opportunity to begin Reverse Learning a language. Generally when a person learns a language it is at the instruction of another who is already familiar with the language. In this case we will use a different method, since the characters of the language will be in 3D we will develop a program that will allow the language to teach itself to you. This means that a person will not give you the meaning of the letter but rather the letter will express to you its meaning through the senses allowing you to have an unfiltered knowledge of it.


As you can see the creativity and potential here at the Resistance is unparallelled and unlimited, it only takes the continuous support from all its members who make up this large spiritual, mental, and physical body. The Resistance has already left a major positive impact on this world and has individually changed the lives of many. We ask for your continuous support  once more so we can continue to gain levels together while clearing the Path for others having a little trouble finding their direction. We are the Portal so it must remain open


Wholeness and Balanced Vibration to Everyone



*Heavens are categorized by the Spheres so thus the first heaven is the first Sphere of airspace you are in before the Gate. When one crosses a gate the substance that makes up that reality is entirely different from the previous thus indicating the cross over.


Post Script: There is nothing to fear, when your ability is needed most it will activate anyway. A great deal of our powerful abilities are activated through the adrenals this is why many of the advanced training exercises on mind over matter simulations are designed to peak the adrenals.



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Halo !

Regarding financial support for the Resistance2010 family I have the following website to suggest.

I am not guaranteeing anything but should you care to join for $300 you can still get into the Silver Program

which will be closing soon. I know they are HQ'd in Atlanta the eastern hub of the NWO and if you go

Googling them you will find reams of negative feedback, however, if they are legit the $$$ worries will

not be there anymore. Anyways, I am a member and will donate to the cause should the payout occur.




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