OBAMA, THE USURPER OF AMERICA.  Obama is not a legitimate president,  once the people realize this and throw him in prison for high treason, all the laws he passed into being become null and void!  This could be the greatest thing to ever happen in America's history.  it is not a question of being black, it is a question of High Treason!  There are so many decent and moral African/Americans that have the legal right to be voted into office!  Obama is not one of them!  Remove him from Office before he starts world war three. 


Here is all the proof that you need to see that Obama is a phoney/fraud and he must be arrested for his crime of High Treason to the American People and the World.  Both Bush's must also be arrested for High Treason!  Nobody should get away with High Treason in any Nation!


Panetta Publicly Admits U.S. Military/Obama Takes Orders from The U.N. 1/3




Not Natural Born -- TRUTH MATTERS


Obama Kenyan Birth Certificate




NEW SOLID PROOF OBAMA BORN IN KENYA! Citizen Alert #1 - May/2010 !



Court Orders Obama To Resign In 90 Days22



Photoshop Experts: Is Obama's (PDF) Birth Certificate a Joke?



Barack H Obama Born in Kenya The REAL Birth Certificate !



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Obama is a mind-controlled puppet used by the Illuminati - he is not fully responsible for his actions.

don't you think the clinton's would have found this before the 2008 election? even if it was true, he's better than the two pathological liars romney and ryan. get a life.  .


OH MY! Let us not begin opposition on something that is entirely wrong to begin with. Let us not forget that this is a mere game used to distract the people either choice serves the so-called controllers, the goal is to get you to choose so that you have made a choice in their favor. Choose yourself, you need no filters, especially these guys!

So true. sometimes it just gets so hard. i hate blatent racism and liars. try not to get caught up in it.  thanks for the reminder Sevan.

forget the revolution, we need an evolution of consciouness



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