Loving thy neighbor as thyself. Needs to be the foundation of everything. When it comes to science spirituality philosophy psychology and everything that has anything to do with this new shift and rising out of the Kali Yuga, or the dark age. We have a responsibility to be more loving and accepting to our brothers and sisters who are still in ego consciousness. They may not be accepting and understanding to us but thats a given, everyone, i dont care who you are is not born with Being free from ego conscious it is what's wrong with the entire world. So karma yoga is not just an aspect of the lifting of our vibration it is THE FOUNDATION. It is the only real requirement, weather you want to meditate or not, weather you want to learn everything or not, weather you believe in god or even care about god, none of that is dire to awakening, when one sees the deepest levels of compassion then they see The oneness of everything. And the thing that opens you up truly to the higher spheres.

There is never any reason to feel hurt unless there's something Un solved inside you to be hurt. When you are free no one can hurt you. This is not easy it is something that takes years of practice and integration. When you really love yourself then you have no anger to hang onto from someone else. No one can even make you angry it's always a decision to be angry or not. If you have some reaction then there's still some stuff you haven't let go of.

There's a reason compassion is the foundation of Buddhism. Because in essence it is what it all boils down to.

compassion is the only way to disolve karma. the main karma that is problem-attic is samskaras, they are past life tendencies, like habits that are accumulated over past lives. For example, someone may have an unnatural fear of abandonment or be quick to respond with anger. This could be because they carried them from past incarnations into the present one. this is also taught in patanjali's sutras what all yoga meditation is founded on from the ancient Himalayas

The way to integrate and accept this inner insecurity (or what is ultimately fear) is THE WITNESSED STATE I'm gunna post another discussion thread about it

thanks for reading,

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arma Yoga and selfless service: while many, if not most of our actions are driven by desire, there is another form of action which is not driven in this way. That is Karma Yoga, the Yoga of action. In this type of action there is total selflessness, no coloring whatsoever, whether attraction or aversion. It is purely for the benefit of others. More often than not, for most of us, most of the time, this is an ideal for which we strive, though seldom purely attained. Mostly our motives are mixed, with part being driven by either attractions or aversions, and another part being truly selfless. When the actions are purely selfless we are free from the desire based emotional responses. In other words, we are not merely responding emotionally to whether our desires are, or are not fulfilled. It is very useful to witness our mixed responses so that we can gradually serve ever more from the selfless stance, allowing the attractions and aversions to fade, weaken, or attenuate, and thus, lose their control over our actions, speech and thought. http://www.swamij.com/emotions.htm

Isn't that Bhakti Yoga? Or is Bhakti Yoga just love of Creator (Created... what's the difference?)? I always thought Bhakti Yoga was all about spreading the LOVE!

How much love you have or compassion you are able to spread about is in direct proportion to your consciousness. I think that is why Siddha Yoga promotes itself as the most beneficial. Siddha Yoga is the science of the mantra. But shoot, I don't know. I'm just here to promote a little discussion. After 30 years seeking I'm still taking baby steps and trying to figure out what's what.



Yes and no Craig, even in my highest frequency states, my heart chakra still paled. I was starting to manifest things on the moon cycles, related unsurprisingly to things that would benefit others but manifestations all the same.

While the level of consciousness can impact how much you are -willing- to share. The thing of it is my heart was never switched on, not even in the higher states. So I couldn't place consciousness as being the primary factor as how much love or compassion I could spread, it was purely down to how much energy I could move through my body in my case, as that center only fired up once or twice no matter what I did. This is a mechanical way of looking at it I realise, but that is how my mind works and my experience of life thus far.

For example, the simplest of life can be the most compassionate.



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