Recently I wondered what this massive tattoo is that Rihanna has. I discovered it was the Egyptian goddess isis. So, basically she must know something about or relating to isis to wanna get it! But why isis? why not any other deity. And why Rihanna of all people, seems like the likely person for some reason.

She also tweeted something about isis being the - complete woman, model for future generations, by the way.

Model for future generations? Why whats happening? Why we gonna wanna need isis in the future?

Shes also got a Pisces tattoo and an Egyptian falcon on her ankle.

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Theres a great post by Sevan talking about tatoos and what role they play

However my own understanding is that Isis was an idol of forgiveness and somewhat of a fertility goddess. So there must be a level of importances or status that women want from her and want to be. The Pisces tattoo has to do with her birthday which is a mystic being with high intuition capacibilities. Im not too sure about the Egyptian falcon but eagle are known as symbol of ascension and depending if it has the eye of Ra it could mean something more.

something else about Rihanna that erked me was that BET specially made reference to "Rihanna kicking off her 777th tour. 7 concerts in 7 days.

Do you have a link where this tattoo can be seen ?



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