I was conversing with a partner today and we both remarked about how many dreams are just flat out removed from us when we wake up. Even at times We are more than sure we will remember the dream as we may have been lightly roused from sleep to use the restroom or something. But in most cases by the morning. Gone. This is a post asking members what do they think happens.

Me personally I believe when we dream we are using a different body, like the ethereal body. So thus when the ethereal body comes back into the physical body the physical body sometimes lacks the ability to store all the data in a location that is cohesive to the physical memory and advanced enough to contain all dream data. A major technique that is use to  promote dream recall is writing anything you can remember about a dream in something like a dream journal. Even if can only remember lets say a certain car and its color, one must write it down. This allows you to develop a stronger ability to recall dreams.

A second idea that is just a notion is that they are purposely removed. When passing back through the "electromagnetic net" certain data is siphoned from the mind like a credit card in front of a magnet. Mainly the links in the dream, making the entire dream itself distorted and very difficult to put back together and remember. Thus most have small parts to the dream they may remember but putting it altogether is sometimes a task. Not to mention what may have been lost and beyond recovery. 

The only way I would even consider the above statement is for one reason. If a person had full control of their dreams, which it is most sure they can, people would spend more time in the dream world because of its higher limits then this "waking" world. People may not be so free with their time and provoked to externalize. If you could make yourself dream every night that you were fully activated it would not be long before the activation would start to seep into this dimension. 

Dreams at times are so random one dream to the next feature an entirely different theme. At times they rise the motivation and outlook to great levels or they can even be the catalyst to Our worst fears by bringing them into visual perception. This is just a thought I had while waking and I wanted to share and get input. Wholeness Resistance.


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I think we forget our dreams because of the transition from the Ethereal body going back into the physical body. The brain may have trouble translating the information received from the spirit. Possibly the physical body is perceiving this as a traumatic event. Like you have mentioned, the spirit is causing the body to sleep so that it can leave it and travel.
At least 3-4 years ago, before I was aware of what it meant to travel in this way, I would wake up with the feeling of being paralyzed in my bed, not being able to speak or move but being fully aware of my surroundings. I often have the feeling when I wake up that I have gone somewhere. I feel disoriented, anxious or have a specific thought on my mind to do. Once, I woke up during the night and got out of the bed and walked across the room, I felt like my feet were dragging the ground, almost like being barely off the ground, but by the time I thought about it I was more fully awake. Rarely, I actually feel sore in my physical body, mostly my hands and wrists when I wake up, I'm not sure if this is related to the transition back into the physical body or not.
I dream alot, every night. When I did Reiki initiations 12 years or more ago, my teacher told me that she dreamt alot too. She said sometimes she just had to sleep, even in the middle of the day, because she was needed for work somewhere else ( on the globe or in other dimensions) I believe that a dream like state is possible because the ' mind' is not engaged in the process of assimilation and logic. I'm sure we forget may dreams because they are not yet compatible with our systems of reality. If I could live in a dream like state always, I most likley would :) I am almost positive that our dreams are somehow substantial. Whilst I always approach everything from a scientific angle, the fact that we dream is in itself relative to the need and manifestation of a freedom of spirit unknow( or unrecognised) by humanity.
Dig It. Right on Quinn good answer and nice pic.
That is exactly what I do Quinn! I lay there, before moving, and try to recall everything I dreamt..from the most recent back to when the dream started. I sometimes have 2 -4 dreams per night, and some are continuations of dreams unfinished previously, that pick up right where I left off...sometimes months ago...and I realize it's a continuation while in the dream. It has been happening since I was a child...

And the amethyst definitely helps...one time I had the amethyst in my hand, on my pillow next to my Third Eye ( I'm a side-sleeper)...and I had to use physical effort to remove my hand with amethyst from my Third Eye....it was like they were fused together by some force and removing it was the only way I could "wake up"...although I already felt awake. Guess I wasn't fully back into my body yet..
This is a great Synch, because I have kept a dream journal for the last few months. I had recorded, with the exception of last night, 2 dreams in the last 60 days or more. This is with the intention of dreaming every night when i got to sleep, i write in the journal the date of the next day, and physically write "tonight I will remember my dreams" and I set my intention and go to sleep. At first I was disappointed because I was not remembering dreams. It is fitting that you made this post today, as last night, I had the most incredible dream of my life, and I woke up this morning with FULL recall, and since in school we have been studying dream interpretation, I was able to make perfect sense of this dream and its meaning.

My dream last night contained every person I ever knew, or knew of, and was about the last day on earth.
I could write 5 pages about it, so I'll skip that.

Dreams are not the brain "unloading random bits of info" nor are they nonsensical, and they are absolutely necessary for survival. Dreams are messages from your subconscious mind. Liken them to a letter from your best friend. While composed of little bits of the previous day or two, small little details called schemas, are filled in "blanks" that the mind uses current memories to fill in, if there is no content in memory for the mind to place, it will use imagination to fill in the blanks, or simply, you wont remember that detail of the dream.

The structure of the whole mind is very necessary to understand. You live in your conscius mind, where your ego resides and claims mastery over all of the memories and ideas that you have in the conscious mind every day. This is where reasoning and logic take place. Dreams come from the subconscious mind, which is where your soul resides while in in this dimension. A dream is a message from the soul to the conscious mind.

You may say "well then, why do dreams not really make sense? or why are they so weird? The answer is language. You soul does not speak a language of words, but images. This is called the Universal Language of Mind. This is why images are so widely used by programmers and can have such a profound impact on our spiritual energy. The conscious mind sees an image, such as the "Eye of Ra", and writes it off as "just another image" but this image impacts the subconscious mind a great deal. Prayers, meditations, mantras, thoughtforms, all images. The Language of the soul is in images. Therefore, certain things in dreams can be translated by applying this cypher. The soul is telling you something, about what it needs to do, maybe about your purpose, or about things you've done recently.
For example, all dreams are about the dreamer. This is not to say all dreams are not more than dreams, like precognition, which is very real. but dreams, in their classic definition are about the dreamer, so you do not dream about the guy you met or your brother, or the boss, you dream about you, and the aspects of yourself that you associate with these people. If you dream about your neighbor, ask yourself how you see your neighbor, your dream was about these aspects of your self.

Certain things in dreams are part of this universal language:

Cars, Boats, Vehicles - represent the body of the dreamer
Houses represent the mind, upper floors being superconscious or subconsious, lower or ground floors being conscious mind.
Water represents conscious life experience
food represents knowledge
fine food (wine. aged foods) represent wisdom
death represents change
Mountains represent obstacles

There are many of these symbolisms that the soul uses to tell you something in your dreams.

Now, as for where they go, or why we do not remember them. Well, most people dont even believe that they dream unless they remember it. Also, there is a mental brainwave state called the revery state, that we are in when we first wake up, it is like having one foot in the subconscious and one foot in the conscious mind. This state allows us to recall the dreams, but if we wake up too much, we can forget easily, and draw our entire attention into conscious mind. Also I believe that the cubic shape of our rooms, the electrical interference of house wiring, your digital clock, EMF's from all of the radio and microwaves bouncing round your part of the world and through everything, all of this stuff makes for interference.
Also, your chemical makeup, toxicity levels, resistance to electrical impulse, cell hydration, electrolyte levels, all affect the total you. You exist as an etherial energy body as well as a physical body and an astral body all at the same time, and there are countless systems and subsystems of these.

I'm convinced that my dream of self revelation last night, definitely the most profound of my life, was due to my beginning in energy work yesterday using the N.E.W. Energy Ways system of energizing the energy body, I believe this definitely had something to do with my ability to recall an astonishing dream, when I remember dreams from perhaps 1% of my nights.

Also I firmly believe this is why you chose to make this new post, so sit back, think about this, and enjoy the law of attraction :)

wow braden that is exactly what i read many years ago when i was just sitting down and i was have pictures flashing before my eyes and didn't understand what the dinkings was going on, it was like i was wide awake in a dream and was afraid to even close my eye for a sec say that i don't see people i know flashing before my eyes and it haven't stop, only now i am beginning to understand them. i have so many dreams journals, now i don't bother to write them down i just seem to remember the ones i need to. i had a dream and four years after an incident i just sat down and picked up my dream journal and start reading it and i read the dream of the same incident i had just experience, i dreamed the dreamed four years ago, forget about it four years later what i dream happened and that just blowed me into really waking up to pay attention to my dreams and the messages it presents. it is just so hard to decipher because of the image language. i believe in my dreams even though those around me don't even when they see related situation. i can see where they have that problem, ha, when i wake up and tell them i just saw michael jackson just standing there holding his head as if he was lost, this was a little while after his death, or the rapper emimen don't remember the spelling of his name but he is the rap singer i dream years ago i saw don't remember quite but it had something to do with his dad he said something about his dad i have it written down somewhere but to get my point across i was just saying i don't get into the hollywood scene, i absolutely don't like television yet these dreams comes to me and when i tell my family they look at me and go yea, yea, and am like if i can't find them to give them the message what is the purpose of giving me the dream, how does it relate to me. :)
Hi, you seem to have a pretty good ability to understand dreams. I have had several profound dreams that glimpse into future events. Last night I dreamed that I was in a massive city, a city I that I do not remember from this reality. I seemed that I was able to navigate it through kind of an internal GPS. I soon found myself in a small white house in the midst of the city. I went into the house and found that my wife and kids where there. I went into one of the bedrooms, soon after, I was hit with an energy that I can only describe as an electromagnetic pulse, in fact that is what I told my wife in the dream. It also felt as if the ground was moving like and earthquake was going on. Thats when I called my wife into the room. She stumbled in and we both fell to the ground. When the shaking stopped, I looked out the window and found that there was hardly any damage to the buildings. Thats when I woke up. What's weird is that I live on the very edge of the city, right against the mountains.
BEAUTIFUL VISUALS U GUYS! Anybody else just have one week out of the month where their dreams are very vivid and you remember 90% of them like me?



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