Subtle but Very Interesting. A discussion to compare and contrast the expressions and concepts of "Wholeness" with that of "Oneness". What does each really mean? How are they similar / different? What is the proper use of each?

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I think Il give you my opinion, and thats just a perseption,


Or to be one, this relates to the connection with the all, to fully understand your place in the all you must realise you are one with it, like a flower that lifts its head to the light in the morning its natural and a small but intricate part of the all,

each part of man even that which is deamed unnatural is natural because each of us are part of nature and we came from the all and that is, and to realise this we are oneness together, myself yourself the earth and multiverses, were all weaving threw this oneness


Wholeness, to be complete, implying that someone is an incomplete self, this is were man was, and some of us are working on correcting. a perfect example of in incomplete self is someone who is insecure, this illusion is created by abuse usualy someone taking esteem from another, the result a energy vampire who needs constant confermation for there achivements and recognition, though wholeness in my opinion is a complete psyche, who has complete understanding of there oneness and is basking in his/her completeness, godly in confidance, truly unshakable,and in this no need for the sin's of the corrupt for in completeness there is no need to belittle or take from another, though if proven wrong knows hes perseption and has the choice to mould his place by knowing, he is growth and progression and a growning flower to show its colours when there an eye to percive it. and the whole psyche will be standing tall and strong, healthy and bright.



Perfect, James. This reflects my opinions quite well. very synchronistic. much appreciated. especially for responding first. it is amazing the amount of poetic insight that can unravel from contemplating the right pair of words. Wholeness and Balance Vibration :D

This is an issue that I came into while writing the new book. Wholeness being thought to be considered as a 0 or whole while Oneness being considered as a 1. The error I discovered is Wholeness is actually a 0 and a 1 combined here is why. 0 is not supposed to be written anyway as it is considered "no-thing" and has no numerical value. The Whole State is that of the androgens Being or the one who has both sides intact. So in effect Wholeness envelopes Oneness but Oneness cannot encompass Wholeness since it is still a singular masculine first principle. 

Here is another jewel. It is obvious by this excerpt below that the current configuration of the average person is that of a D or half of a circle hence the tern "D" man, Daemon. Such people have a very difficult time "rolling" or cycling energy. I trust this will clear things up for you. 

thank you Neil for these additional insights. amazingly synchronous. My favorite part is:

"The language of “zero & one” or “on & off” or “Yin & Yang”  is also the building blocks of triangles circles and geometric figures which we find in “sacred geometry” and as the geometry is the basis for the formation of  “Visica Picis” , “Seed of Life” , “Flower of Life” , “Fruit of Life”."  

also the language of "IN & OUT" is included as in the "IN breath & OUT breath" or "Push & Pull" as in "Push Breath OUT & Pull Breath IN"

The "Yin & Yang" symbol shows how these opposite breaths are connected and have to cycle.

To be outside of the symbol is the inconceivable ISness beyond it all

The ISness that is "The Most High" that is also "The Most Lonely"

hence this eternal infernal fractal distraction action.

however the quantum leap has began.

the butterfly must still apply effort to push itself out of it's cocoon of quantum transformation and once free still must crawl for cover while it's delicate new wings dry. In spite of it's glorious transformation it must still survive predators while it gathers the courage to fly for the first time.

I would liken humanities overall state to that of the butterfly's cocoon just beginning to split open not even half way cracked yet enough light shining through to energize some of the new butterflies exposed cells into a higher vibration in an effort to awaken the whole being. we at the resistance are like these first few cells getting hit with the light first. as the strong in spirit, it is our duty to help the weak for we are whole.

I've been wanting to make this connection for sometime now. your help is much appreciated.

I see wholeness as the W-hole, which is a doubleV, not a doubleU. If we bring in Marko Rodin's Coil

and Nassim Haramein's Dual Torus model,

we connect flatland to a 3D shape. I also get 3 from a doubleU, moreso than from a doubleV. We just have to rotate the letters 90 degrees CCW. I like Sevan's V=5 comment as the vortex ser(circle)pent(5) is the 5 Platonic Solid sequence synched to the brain's 5 magnetic fields.


In gematria W is the 23rd letter or in the 9-7-9 sequence the 7th. I see dodecahedron  in the 5/7 numbers as they total 12 faces. Sorry I'm outta time as the librarian is asking me to leave... Better give it a rest anyways. Great topic guys, turn a zero sideways and we get a one! I still gotta connect ternary logic(3)!

Priceless Gems! I absolutely resonate with that Sevan and have had the same insights while contemplating this. The first time my mind whispered to me that the essence and alphanumeric representation of zero ( 0 ) was really a whole one or "wholeness", boundless, all encompassing "n-o-thing" because it is eVerything  and that the essence and alphanumeric representation of one ( 1 ) really "D"monstrated a split in two, literally a straight line "D"V5fphiding, the once whole 0 "zero" into two separate hemispheres, this realization was mere hours before I heard you bring this up later in the day while listening to a universal current broadcast. this --> (1) even looks like the two hemispheres of man's divided brain from the top down. Interesting that "1" or One is spelled starting with an "O" and ending in an "E" while "0" or Zero starts with a Z and ends in an "O". I now ponder why. some form of anagram for each other? a switch to keep wholeness veiled? Also, why is "one" an "o" word pronounced with a "wa" sound? And of course you have zero sometimes written as a circle with a line through it showing that wholeness contains oneness. "0" containing "1". the real kicker is how "wholeness" reveals insights into the significances of terms like "Holy" and "Holiness". P.S. what are some other words for "rainbow" from the ancient languages?

ya can just marvel at the wonder of whats happening now, some great knowledge, Lifting the vail of night



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