Who's Who on the Planet Earth? Can we really identify these beings here?

I wanted to ask everyone on the resistance this question?  

How can we identify those on this planet that aren't from this planet.  With the age of technology  it seems hard to figure out who's who from the average joe to the elite? Is there some kind of way to do this?  Please share your thoughts. 

Thanks AG

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Hi Dave,
The answer your question, the reason why i chose this name is due to the fact yes it's different from an average tag name but i know who these beings are and i'm quite fascinated with them. I'm curious to know from others on the resistance, can we truly identify those who come from different star systems etc and what to look out for for example "physical characteristics, behavior, if they shape shift what triggers the shape shifting is it sound, a certain emotion, food, thought etc? It's 2012 we can't be punks anymore! We got to know now the truth so it could set us free. What say you?
Sorry for the double posting. Tried to delete one of them but not successful...:(
This reply is for Mike....

Greetings Val,

Could you post up some links to websites where i can go to read more about what youre discussing?  I'm curious as to which kind of beings are here.  

The real invading aliens you can not see in the physical sense. They exist as inner-dimensional beings. They are real and intelligent. They can influence those that are in harmony with their vibration - which is higher then ours but lower then a true positive light being.

I suspect they can influence those that are in lower vibration and completely control those that are in harmony with their resonance (illuminati, dark mystery school). This Battle we are "fighting" occurs on a very subtle level of reality.

Its an illussion to think its a battle of US and THEM. Being that life is a reflection of ourselves this is a battle of WILLS  - Universal Self vs Artificial Self

"To change the world you must change yourself" - beyond true and this is why..

At higher levels of reality your very presence can liberate the emotional and mental shackles placed on another.

Universal Law of Resonance - If an object vibrates at a certain rate of vibration,
everything in its vicinity that has the same vibration as a dormant possibility will start vibrating at that frequency.

Meaning by raising your vibration by universal law those around MUST raise there own vibration. This is what is occurring on a subtle subconscious level but in the conscious level those just observe you as someone that is being REAL - TRUE - they see you as a living example and wish to emulate your good qualities.

I base my conclusions off of first hand experience and the general spiritual principles of how negativity work. First off for us negativity is not bad. Only perceived as bad. Its an emotional indicator that you are not in alignment with your higher self and your in a state where light energy is not properly circulating through your body - blocked chakra. Indicating you must deal with an emotion.

These energy beings are negative. They do not have a supply of energy coming from source love so by nature they must become parasitic or vampiric in order to exist. This world is set up to energetically feed these beings. They get high on fear and hate.

Those that become awakening and are deemed a threat to the system are targeted for psychic attack if you are sensed. You will sense when you are being sense as your attention will automatically be drawn to those with high energy bio fields. People - are drones - until they realize something is not right around them they will remain slaves to the hive mind mentality and will fight to preserve false reality. They do not realize what they are doing. They think they are doing what they want - which is a lie.

These beings are entities that exist on the subtle levels of reality - in your mind - meaning they are very telepathic. They can whisper in your mind and you can and do confuse this voice as your own inner voice. If you have a specific possibly self destructive thought or emotion that you would not normally act on - they can magnify that vibration at an intense rate. Raising the desire to perform that action. In the end the choice to take action is yours.

When it comes to aliens..I mentioned this in another reply.


Superman is an alien that looks human and lives on this planet disguised as a human. True idenity is alien, disguise is human. Sums things up.

You are not your physical body, you are your soul - your soul is alien aka foreign as its not from this dense planet - plane of existence.

Your soul is comprised of your emotions, thoughts and action. Other words you are EXPERIENCE. You are the moment, you are now.. Experience can not be put into words. If you put experience into words you then limit the experience to the words you give it. The universe is infinite, to put a name to it you make finite.

I really would not be surprised if some UFO sightings is government propaganda. To take your attention away from yourSELF. Your attention is power. Anything that draws your attention takes power away from you. To be spiritually awakening is about empowerment - to take power back - to put your attention/power/awareness/consciousness back on the only thing that has ever mattered - yourSOUL -> Thoughts, Feeelings, Action.

Still your thoughts every single chance you can get.

My very top concept I hold in my mind is "I know, that I dont know" which leaves me able to doubt everything so my understanding evolves which is why i ask you to explain.

I understand that one thing can have two meaning. Inner-Dimensional being can translate to Inner-Demon. Which can still be intelligent and can also be a manifestation of the self.

4 Me Eye get this Innersense or summ'n. It's hard 2 describe and explain in words. 2 be direct witt it....U Juss Know. Usually it's a feel'n of un-ease in "summ" of their presence, others are a bit more Illusive bout themselves, at most it is as plain as day. Use tha 1st Eye and really look @ wutt U may suspect 2 be one, usually there is summ'n in their physicality th@ makes U think...Hmmmmm...?

If you wish for a more elaborate explanation of what I was saying go to - http://montalk.net/matrix/67/the-art-of-hyper-dimensional-war.

All energy is ultimately recognizable, one metaphysical teacher once said if you looked under the skin of humans on the

planet you would see a bar seen from starwars:)-It is possible to develop the seeing perception to recognize what kinds of

beings are on our planet and where they may have come from-Anu,reptilian heritage,Andromedans,Pliedians(easy to spot cos they have an extra ring in their aura),Sirians,Orion humans and otherwise-recently starkids from 24 different planets way out that we dont have names for.Incarnated angelics and lightbiengs-We,re in early days with this stuff(The Atlanaens new how to recognize and acclimatise starseeds.In the end it comes down to our higher self connection and etheric perception:)

it is so evident that the lackof truth on this planet is going to lead to all kinds of crazy stories as the one I just heard on your Truth tv. When you wipe out history this is the precise end which you get and I know it was planned for.

How come I can only see them in my peripheral vision? Experiential answers only please... I know what the books say...

Excellant explanation, Matt. My perspective coincides with what you offered. Your comments ring true, but I haven't really had any experiences to validate it. Thanks



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