For the past few days many have asked me the same question so I will log it here so there is a record. I find many want a Name of the Most High and to know what is Its characteristics and how it can be called, what to chant, etc. So I will make it clear here who the Most High is.

The Most High is the Universal Creator beyond all names, genders, numbers, shapes, and any concepts that can be hatched from a third dimensional mentality. A focal point of energy that has no filters and is limitless.

On chanting. All one needs to do to experience the power of vibration is hum. There are different types that you can experiment with. Inhale air, exhale humming, lips pressed together and send the vibration into the forehead or to other parts of the body. Try earplugs also while doing this to get familiar with your personal frequency. There are ways to do this with the throat also. Let Us keep in mind as We are growing here at the Resistance, that information and techniques are added daily, so some things are not here yet and We are working, feverishly, to make everything available to you. Thank you for your patience in this matter. 7

The Most High can be reached only internally and communicates through the mind and senses of the individual. All things of an external nature claiming to be the Most High is a lie a mere distortion of the diseased mind.

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The most high is within everything...

It will communicate to you using its creations...mainly animals, and of course within YOU :)
As the question of who is the Most High is still being presented I will leave another response.

People do not know the name of the Most High because the Most High does not have a name. Dr. Blair explained it in further detail and clarity and as he is an elder it may have more impact coming from him. I do know a lot about the Gods and their various activities throughout history and that took years to sort out completely. In conclusion I learned that when you are going back into times that you were not, the story could be anything with no way of verifying it.

Their is another presence here on the dimension that seeks to make itself Lord over everything and has succeeded in a major part through cunning. Many of Us believe close to the same thing with a few differences. I know personally that the serpent has usurped all religions and those that you see that demand worship, praise, and sacrifice are the culprits. Wherever you see that going on whether it is the Bible or the Book of the passing by day.

The biggest question to ask is why do people really want to have gods or ancestors? They will find that it is because they want a level of protection and something of a higher power to interface with. But these gods are external and the Most High is internal and that is the main difference. So if years are spend looking through ancient works attempting to find the Most High, one should not be surprised if it took them all the way until the point they went inside and started working on their own energy that they shall discover what they have been waiting for, you.
As I'm interfacing with a member of the site it is of value to share what is being discussed as it is all relative and will answer directly the questions many have.

About Tammuz and Horus and Saviors.

Personally I see the play in the Egyptian Empire because it was really just remnants of what was going on in Atlantian and Lemurian culture. Lower Egypt had a different flavor than upper Egypt also and Lower Egypt tends to be where you find the African version of the pantheism. Horus is more of an European product as these are still names related closely to Norse and Celtic saviors, likewise Tammuz being related to the Sumerian side of things and that relationship with Ishtar or Venus does not appeal to me because I'm aware of the Venusian agenda.

So lets just say its not that I do not believe there were people who came to spread the knowledge of higher things. I'm also confident that message was very close to what is being presented here, but when the pantheism begins, i.e. you must go through me to see the Father, well that's were I have to check out, from experience not by concept. When one becomes a man/woman they will walk the path with their own light enlightened from within.

Now as far as saying the Illuminist and Mason stole everything, such is not the case man is constantly confused with this notion. This also leads to serving gods that don't appear to be powerful enough to keep someone from stealing there name and symbols, not a good move. I cannot take an inverted pentagram and make someone truly believe it is positive, the symbol is more powerful than the wielder or story teller and it will effect them as such. So one should not imagine the names, reputations, and symbols of these gods have all be taken over, such is not the case, it is still these same Beings and they are ancient always using the same strategy on the weak mind who seeks aid in a time of trouble.

Now we have each other, We must increase the magnitude of that because it is tangible. What I see more than anything is that no matter how much these people worship their gods most still do not talk to them vividly. What a waste of energy with no payoff.
Really good information!
i write this so other new members can see this on top of the site... very important for them to read this...
It is not evil, and there really is only gray I believe we are on this existence to learn lessons that are needed to help us move out of this existence or illusion, whatever they may be so it is difficult for one to agree with the concept of evil. However when speaking of the inverted five pointed star we are talking about a Luciferian,(never noticed this before but looks like you can pull Aryan out of Luciferian??) symbol used to extract energy from individuals and to commune with these serpents in hiding they are used by the elite bloodlines. I am not sure that that is all of it. I know there is a video explaining the pentagram in more detail as well. But that is what I kinda believe on the topic anyone else care to chime in.

This is the cover of the new Muse album, The title be the Resistence...

A bit interesting

Sending out good vibes to the family

Later resistance
Good info....When meditating I have learned to clear the mind, no thought at all running thru this is a clear path to the All in All. Most people miss this because they are constantly chattering and thinking thots. Especially if you do not let the EGO go and constantly speak of "I" and never think in terms of the "WE" you will never reach the All in All. It is important to remeber we are all connected and the only way to every reach beyond this human realm is to think in terms of "WE" "US"........Then the doors and flood gates will cascade open to "US ALL"
The old line about the five pointed star considers that four Prime Material Elements are everything that exists physically; fire (hot and dry), air (hot and moist), earth (cold and dry), water (cold and moist), in that order of magnitude weighed by density and natural opposition (fire opposes water, earth opposes air). Now consider that any of these elements can kill us when there is too much of them in isolation; burned in fire, drowned in water, suffocated under earth, and asphyxiated by pure oxygen. The fifth element is spirit - the other four could be considered to be third dimensional, while only the energetic nature of spirit through vibration and active movement or motivation is understood and could be considered beyond three dimensional; and the spirit is also the thing which, within any living organism holds the other four in perfect balance to sustain the vessel of the integral spirit that first gave energy to pre-order the lifeform. But while the world operates under shades of grey, magical traditions try to split themselves into the white and the black (as far as some are concerned). So, the pentagram is made of a circle with bisections every 72 degrees, and then a continuous line forming the shape by running from every point to every second bisection until it reaches the starting point agen.
Consider the Trinity; consider that fire and water oppose, but air is the mediator, because water is composed of air and hydrogen, while air is the essential spirit that fuels the life of fire; as well as the three states of life: Birth, Death, and Spirit (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost). Now, if the pentagram has one point uppermost; it is considered to be 'Good' because then three points will appear to be raised, indicating that the Trinity is exalted and therefore supposed to be motivating the purpose of using the Star, whereas an inverted Pentagram, with two points facing up and three facing down is supposed to symbolise the Trinity denied, and represents the horns of the Goat of Mendes (the Devil), and only self-interest is supposed to be motivating the use of this Pentagram. Pointing up is meant to be good or neutral - it goes back to Hebrew and Babylonian tradition; Quabbalah and Masonic traditions, pointing down is supposed to be evil.
As with everything, all actions need a context and understandable point of perspective and comparison before they could properly be judged; and both context and perspective are things which slip and weave like a serpent through individuals. Sometimes tricky to grasp.



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