Whitney Houston transcended yesterday at age 48


The Natality chart w/ her current progressions is in the forum.

This begs the next question though. The Grammy party is going on now. Jennifer Hudson has already been tapped to sing a dedication at the Grammy awards another potential mass ritual being cast on the public. Whitney Houston also has a movie coming out in August ( release date change possible, maybe even on her birthday, as shes a solar Leo).

Foul play?

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 The upliftment of the soul consciousness of the entity, who came in as whitney Huston or whatever her born name is truly, is so highly honoured in this conscious post, the effect the planned matrix is having on her energy is now counterbalanced by all of the awakened consciousness wholeness, contributing here at the resistance portal. The ancients used to play drums, to lead the souls through the gates of higher planes of consciousness… some indigenous cultures still practice this art.

 Drums, poetry, or just the high conscious words that un ravel.  truth, not viewed through the mundane, as in these resistance posts, has far reaching effects for the transmission of the energetic entity called whitney, who at least at one moment in her incarnation reminded her own DNA through her own  vocal octaves, that the Greatest love of all was inside of her. Her family has responsibilities they must come to terms with that play a great role in their tolerance of any sacrifice, of their daughter, her aunt Dionne’s story has not yet been fully enlightened and that too shall become a part of the archives…in the light of all eternity
Wholeness balanced vibration resistance family

Magnificence/magnifying/the science or essence

Aseer said Whitney Houston was a Virgo ascendant though I believe. That was something I thought was incorrect.

do you have any tidbits on the 9/11 connection?

appreciate all of your insight....go to this link:


allow the video to play of whitney being interviewed by oprah - then notice what video comes on directly after that.



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