Wholeness to All! I recently had an experience that was disturbing. On two separate occasions I was walking behind someone who disappeared. I was close enough to see if they went into a house or got into a car. each time they passed a  vehicle that blocked my view and then they were gone! If they went into the vehicle i would have seen the door open. It happened in a matter of seconds. Then the other morning i get a frantic call from my grandchild who said that she passed an elderly woman on her way to school. the lady smiled at her. My grandchild turned around to look behind her and the woman was gone.  She said they were the only ones on the block.

Has anyone had any similar experiences?

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no, ive never encountered anything like that in my life. what do you think it means? thnx for sharing that anecdote.   keep us posted.

Thanks for the response  Bruxby. I  don't know.  R people walking in  and out of parallel realities. I live near a major Airport in my city. My home is not on the traffic flight for the planes. Friday i was walking towards hear it my home from the bus stop and i saw a plane extremely low very close to my immediate area. it was so low that i was expecting to hear it crash before it got to the airport. Then nothing!

i really feel that we are going through a big transition phase in terms of the energy around us. i don't honestly know how to explain it but i think we are in for more big changes before things start to settle down.:)

vibrated away... so fast you can't see, it's all physics! :o

never personally experienced this but i've heard about people walking through walls e.t.c

I haven't seen people but figures out of the corners of my eyes for like the past 3 weeks

Thank you guys for your responses. I feel like I am not alone. I do believe that there is so much going on around us that we cannot detect. Some of us get  a glimpse of it. It is not making me afraid and I know it is not my imagination. I believe that there is definitely more to come. I thank you all for your support!

Vibration. Consider that you may have been vibrating slightly faster or they slower in those instances or any variation of that.  I also feel some 'ghostly' experiences, especially ones that happen over and over, are somewhat similar to recordings that play continuously within the reality, like a hiccup. Seems commonly associated with extreme emotional events as though an energy left an imprint one may gain further insight from when inquiring into. Multidimensionality, parallels, etc etc will certainly add spice to life when one can perceive such.  I used to wonder if some apparitions were living their own lives and may have perceived us as the 'ghosts.' Time travel? Wondering if we learned to do such at some point and walking through a wall into someone's space, for example, may serve as a wake up jolt we give to ourselves :)

Jana I like that idea of apparitions living their own lives and perceiving us as apparitions. This brings to mind that i now have a newborn living with me that looks around and smiles at things that we cannot see. The baby seems happier in some rooms and sleeps better in one room than another. I was just thinking about past present future because we visited our parents graves today with  my cousins. Was their lives really in the past? Why that lifetime for them?  Why this lifetime for me?

Very good questions and I feel one chooses a particular 'timespace' in order to experience or accomplish specific things although with it can come densities to trudge through especially upon not having conscious memory of prior. I feel it is important that we acknowledge our children's natural abilities and become highly aware of anything set up to disengage them from those abilities. Similar to brain functions regressing due to lack of use, children may choose to close these abilities off at even slight perception that they are not the norm, that they are weird, not cool, etc. That is a frequency within synthetic matrices attempting to sway humans one way or another, and parental figures can fall into perpetrating that ignorantly for various reasons. Appears you have a special baby there :)

well, remember you are a vibrational being in this vibrational reality, u are dualistic or polarities, until you realize that your connecting to other pieces parts spirits or vibrations and you may be the only Soul that saw or experienced that. This is about levels of consciousness, as a multi dimensional being inner standing the hologram, just don't think you r solely operating through that physical shell (omnipotent, omnipresent) So other entities that have learned r remember there craft creative power can shift their thought lower their vibrations, balance their frequencies (cultivate) from the plane of thought to manifest in the physical realm

Thanks Jana and Willis. All of this is insight. I remember seeing a being walking along a busy NYC street and I know the people around it didn't know it was there. It scared the crap out of me. I  never wanted to see anything like that again. I do not walk in fear. I am never anticipating seeing something strange. That is why I know it is not all in my mind. It just happens.



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