If you wish not to read through the reasoning you can skip to the section marked "THE MISSIONS" and get immediately briefed.

On several occasions in emails I have received request from Resistance members as to what else they can do to be active in the movement if they can not contribute from a financial level. We have promised to allow the ability for everyone to get involved on various levels to share in this great moment in awakening. The time has finally come for delegation and assignment of missions. 

We are in a content war. This means that many factions are drawing people into their organizations by the shear act of people know of nowhere else to go and have come across these sites due to internet marketing. Thus they get stuck listening to some self proclaimed Guru that is only denying them of thinking for themselves by encouraging them that they don't have to. That is of course as long as they believe in whatever Deity is being used by these false "illuminators".

The fact is to ignore what is happening today in this world is ignorant and their is only the activist and the non-active. So with that in mind We have created a structure of assignments that We are sure at least one will be doable by most members.

Here is the focal point of the stratagem. Let us keep in mind that We are on a dimension full of "amnesiac Gods". What this means is we have a world full of people most of whom are yet to discover that they have just as much power as the particular god they may be worshipping. There are the gods and then there is the Most High. They are yet to find out what all the strange sycronicities are. They are yet to find the meaning of thier dreams and wierd occurances. Basically they are yet to be pulled out of the Matrix.

Now it is a fact from pure examination that many of the most powerful of Us are still in deep sleep. Why? It appears there is a great level of foreknowledge on this dimension about who is who or should I say, who will be who. This is due to the elites extensive data on the stars and were in which they manifest on Earth. So the goal is generally to send them several "agents" all their lives so they stay emerged in whatever lifestyle they have created for themselves never suspecting the play.

These "agents", most of whom are sleepers themselves, are under the control of Matrix programming. Matrix programming is simply the false idea of what life is that constantly emits from such sources as syndicated television, radio, movies etc. Generally the more powerful the person, the more agents around convincing them in a subtle way to use all their power, abilities and resources to continue to build the fallacy. Many of these individuals we speak of have become very successful in life, however, from life's basic standards.

This is no different than a mouse that is gathering many things for its nest. Humans are embedded with a program of accumulation and consumption in which they are encourage to gather many things that they don't need all into their houses/nests. Ever took a look at all the stuff around you that you no longer use for whatever reason? Earth is a temporary setup, We know this because everyone has to leave their physical body at some point. This means that in focusing on building large nests here many have done no internal building of the soul and need to receive information of such things before it is simply to late.

Everyone has a part, some are writers, some are developers of platforms, some have mastered monetary resources, some are musicians, some are lyricist, some are artist, etc. So it is time to ask yourself what are you, what contribution can you make to the emancipation of the species?

I see it that once the right people know, and they first apply the awakening to themselves, they will be "remembered" thus activating them to their cause and purpose in all of this. We have created a portal that people can learn to enhance themselves. After this they are ready to take part in giving that to many others not only around them but also at great distances.



Youtube, Myspace Video, Yahoo Video, Daily Motion, Disclose.tv

Youtube and the videos has been one of Our greatest methods of reaching people by far. However youtube is based on demographics. Thus if I upload a video here in CR then it will mainly be available to people in the Americas. Thus if someone is searching for such content in Sweden, they will be directed to related content uploaded in their region unless they are very specific with the inquiry and it must containing the exact words of the video intended to watch. 

The Resistance itself is very multinational, We have members everywhere. So what We are asking those that can dedicate some of their time to the cause is that you open a youtube account or corresponding video upload sites and choose some movies below that you can download and upload back to these sites with different titles keywords etc.

You can get creative with the titling of the videos as long as it remains relative. You will find keywords and titles below that you can use. Your creativity is welcome. 

The Resistance Part I, II

This is the video that I speak in personally, its main content consist of the introduction to myself and the Resistance as a site.

Kings of Conspiracy - How It All Began

This video shows the continuos connection with the Illuminati symbolism in movies and the diabolical fate of the Twin Towers on 9/11 being indicated in several movies and shows before it happened.

Kings of Conspiracy - Decoder Part I

This video shows the basics on sycromysticism. It highlights the deeper meaning in what is being conveyed by the media. 

Kings of Conspiracy - Serpent Worship I, II

This video is all about secret societies and their relationship to the dark lords whether they be serpent, horned, or of any other stature. It also points out certain individuals engaged in such tasks while masquerading around as the opposite.

A Sirius Spell I,II

These are by far the oldest videos produced as can be seen by the need to update certain perspectives, mainly wording. However, there is much to gain from the information that is brought forth in regards to grammatics, spells, and how it intwines.

Adeptus Magus

This video appeals to the seeker that is like so many of us at the Resistance. Told we would be flying by the year 2000, told We would have an efficient energy conservative society, told we were protectors of the innocent, basically told all lies from our governing factions. This shines light on that We can still live that reality and beyond, together.


This document includes titles and related keywords that can be used. Most sites require that a comma be added between keywords however some require without so I have made both.


Some find the computer frustrating when it comes to certain things that require a little technical know how. For those individuals We do have another task at hand. The greatest active minds are on campus studying basically how to get compartmentalized. College curriculum is virtually devoid of the truth in regards to the inner workings of the world. 

There is no greater knowledge that can help one guide themselves through life than being in the know. They will waste no time in introducing a new energy drink to a campus of students because that is how you bring recognition to something new, you go to the new fertile minds. 

This is Our opportunity to reach them now. The flyer below can be downloaded and posted on bulletin boards on campus to catch the wandering eye of the student who knows there is more out there but knows not where to begin to find it.

Resistance Campus Flyer


The Code to the Matrix book itself of course I could say is a great volume for making people aware of things they knew nothing about. The ratings however reflect the same thing. Even if the reader absolutely does not believe in it whatsoever most find it entertaining from a shear fictional level. Then once they have ingested the knowledge they begin to find what was being said to be true all around them. This sparks them to investigate more.

Below you will find a direct link to download the book and a few sites that you can join and re-upload the book. This will serve the same purpose as with youtube. These regional sites listed will now allow The Code to be more accessible to those that are searching in your radius for content related to awakening. 

We are also looking for individuals who can translate the Code to the Matrix into their native language. Do email if you are capable of doing this. Latin America is in much need of the Cipher. 

Direct Link to the Book

Sites to Upload Book


This mission is reserved for those of Us who are born to rescue. There are at this very moment people being held all but hostage in many of these sites that you can see for your self are very misleading and have no intention on bringing enlightenment to their members. Many of these members simply need a tap on the shoulder and a redirection.

This is one of the most dangerous missions as you must also avoid being trapped into the false laxidasical mind of the new age mentality which will certainly lead to going back to sleep. Thus I'm only asking the most firm in mind and mission to take on this task to lead these people out whole from were they are getting drained, to a place where they can replenish themselves from the well of quality knowledge that springs forth from the Resistance.

Below you will find the sites in question. One must go in, become a member and begin using intuition of how to reach some of the people there. This is most effective by linking material such as Our movies, the book etc. I will say again do not take this mission if you know yourself to be vulnerable to new age ideas. Think not with ego and know thyself. You will be in fact going behind enemy lines and there is always a possibility of propaganda conversion for those who are only lightly convinced of the cause itself.

The new age galactic reality game gone too far.

This site is very informative and has a great deal of data which is why so many people have joined the forums but are not really active. In addition the developer of the site sees the whole thing as comedy and represents the information as such. 

This site is very hard to navigate thus people are having a hard time finding topics related to what they need. One visit to this site and posting a link to this one brought in 5 new members that were very thankful. You will need to have patience when navigating this forum it is very difficult.

Great angel Michel sending healing and wellness over the grid bringing white light and change the fractal of Dna activation and Zeta acceleration from galactic Cheron blah blah blah. Again new age hostage haven.

David is a personal favorite of mine, however, David does not man the site thus there are many seekers on the forums that are in need of direction and purpose. You will find many fertile minds in Davids Forum. Posting Resistance related content in the proper places will let people know We are here for them.


There are many websites out there that are just information based. These websites are updated from time to time with great information produced by their moderators. We have a great interest in all new information, pictures, information links, etc. This mission requires that one scour over the sites listed and bring back the highest levels of information to the Resistance. 

This task has to be taken by individuals who are familiar with all the content that is already here. This will avoid duplicate content and content non-related to the perspective of the Resistance. Meaning that Mantras for some Hindu Deity is useless to Us, however, a complete dossier on the Deity is of great value.

The Stygian Port are great Allies of the Resistance, you will find at the bottom of their page links to just about every site that knows something. Some of the sites are a waste of time however others are a great source of current information.


It is of value for Us to know what other factions, especially those tagged as being intrinsically involved in the assimilation process like Alienshift, are doing. The entire world of magic functions on dates, numbers, events, etc. Knowing when these factions make a move means knowing what is going on in the cosmic fractal. 

This mission requires keeping an ear to the group by using facebook to keep the Resistance updated on the events that are taking place with these factions. Again this is recon and takes a certain kind of mind state. 

Facebook: Alienshift

Project Camelot

If one is in question to why this faction is under investigation they can refer to Our dossier here. www.matrixunderground.com

These missions will be updated and enhanced from time to time so be sure to check the latest "update" date.

Sending wholeness and balanced vibration to everyone and of course the Most High is with us. Let us be effective and active at making people aware. Pull them out of the Matrix and be sure to stay on task. There is a lot of info here so take it all in but remain focused on the mission. :-)

If you wish to take one of these mission if you can indicate so that would assist in letting others know which missions are active and which are yet to receive attention.

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this mission deserve attention power to the up liftment of humanity, may all yet to awake find way home to the SOUL.
am In
My hometown of Oklahoma City was once the focal point of deception for a short time. What occurred here was a great deception and a crime against truth let it be known that truth is the name of the Most High.

Oklahoma City will now be the target of this truth, let its stagnant population behold a portal to knowledge and purpose, a key to true salvation and realization of divine power. We will offer the key to all who seek by posting these fliers that they may light the way of the weary searcher, and cause remembrance of the endless will of the seeker in those who have become crystallized in fear and apathy.

Thank you Sevan for your efforts produce salient results and we echo your vibration of balance, wholeness, unconditional love, and awareness. the catalyzing force in the laws of the world is action, action is the invisible currency of our world, and it is far more powerful than any faith. Thought is cause, but thought combined with purpose and action is the most powerful force known to mankind.
Mission Complete! Got the Resistance flyers literally everywhere in my school.
However, I don't think the 8 1/2 x 11 size sheet is big enough to catch people's attention, I may have to print it in a bigger format if theres an option to. If that can happen, maybe I can start posting these up at a college (If I visit another one). People in my school comes from all over NY, so I figured this can spread like wildfire from one individual to another.

By the way, don't you think individuals should read the book first before looking at the content on the site? Just so confusion don't occur and it would give them a better perspective on what they're looking at before joining.

I will try to get a photo on where I posted the flyers if needed.
Videos successfully uploaded to Facebook and YouTube accounts.

It is of value for Us to know what other factions, especially those tagged as being intrinsically involved in the assimilation process like Alienshift, are doing. The entire world of magic functions on dates, numbers, events, etc. Knowing when these factions make a move means knowing what is going on in the cosmic fractal.

This mission requires keeping an ear to the group by using facebook to keep the Resistance updated on the events that are taking place with these factions. Again this is recon and takes a certain kind of mind state.

Facebook: Alienshift

Project Camelot

If one is in question to why this faction is under investigation they can refer to Our dossier here. www.matrixunderground.com

Im not sure what you are saying here. Did you want someone to keep up updated on Project Camelot or are they in question? If so I have a lot of information I could share about them.

Thanks Micah
Will contribute as much as I can.

This is a bump for this post, let's get working ! :)

and also, link this in together: http://www.resistance2010.com/profiles/blogs/the-resistance-alliance



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