Let it be clear there are 3 stages. Sleep, Sleep Walking, and Awake. This Post is about what to do with Sleepers and the ultimate reality of it all. Some of what is being said may come on a little strong, but knowing is half of the battle. 

This email was in response to a very good friend who is having so much trouble waking up another friend that she truly cares for. Of course we get so many emails such as this one and since this is a time that We know so much more below you will find the answer.

Here was the Question, names have been changed to protect the mentioned. 

Remember the girl STELLA I talked to you about. I've been hanging out with her here and there. Lately a lot of negativity has been around her, her apt got broken into, everyone at her job got fired. She broke up with her guy.. She's dramatic about that tho, I don't like hanging out with girls for that reason, she spent all this time talking about him and she hates men. And I just shut off and don't even listen anymore. She's really disconnected from what really should be but I want to help her. I feel it I just don't know exactly how? I started by telling her to stop thinking all is against her she said my life is bad. But how do you talk to people who aren't on the same level as one is? I don't want to start off by saying, you are the creator of your life! Switch your thoughts now! Don't give power to the outer world you take charge of your life and create... Lol... 

Hmmm. Just give me a few pointers... I've been talking to her and highlighting the good points in her life that's how I started.


This type of situation is redundant across the world and I often get emails related to this. On the surface it boils down to genetics, many people simply do not possess the ability to see things any further than their spectrum of what reality is, this is how they are controlled by the Hive MInd. 

A fractal is just that, a piece, not containing valuable parts of consciousness leaves a person in the condition that you are explaining in regards to your friend. Every transmission to them equals a situation to simply take more energy from them and keep them in a low frequency. When they feel the best, something comes right after to steal the energy through sadness as their emotions are pulled like strings or rather the nipples of a cow for substance. They in turn spread that frequency to others in their proximity and this goes on infinitely like the ripple effect in a pond trapping most people into this low standard wavelength. This is a Virus. 

In turn electronic devices, microwaves, and just about everything around redundifies the frequency of the "wavelength" making this reality appear as if it is the only one when in fact it is simply a very small sliver/layer of the big reality and humans are sort of trapped/suspended in it unless they really really want to go beyond and are totally determined to do as such, to be in control totally is what one should seek. 

That leads in turn to moving your particles beyond the speed of light, which breaks your Soul out of this Matrix, case closed. It is a fact that because so many see themselves as separate and not in a collective reality they constantly refuse to help others in truly effective ways/waves, this is sad, you have people with the resources not helping the people with the ideas and your world is paying the price, it is dying, there can be no doubt in this, and the Catalyst's are locked away in their Minds. Few have escaped being constantly reset into automaton ways by "familiars", friends, family, etc. 

Because this is basically a virtual reality to collapse it only takes for the minds of the inhabitant's to be degraded totally, which is happening now, and then its inhabitant souls will be plunged into another reality which is guaranteed to be far worst if the above behavior does not change. Because so many are supporting the darkness and even being encouraged to love it by power hungry imps that own these Ju/Jew controlled propaganda houses they will see Leviathon for what she is, the seas of Earth are running red and black once again. 

It is a fact that those who have not gotten started already on their spiritual ascent and have no true guidance will have very rough times in the future. We are witnessing this not predicting it. Occurrences will get stronger and stronger as the "moon energy" continues to intensify. This cycle was the strongest ever, as your friend experienced, many have been in turmoil, "except for those in the Know" ;-). Friend of a friend overdosed on pills, relationships are in the greatest turmoil, more breakups reported than ever etc. etc. 

For me "I AM LEGEND" I've been aggressively searching for a way to keep those that are closest, Resistance Family" even remotely in a constant high frequency that is not fluctuated and tampered with by external forces. I call this "Agenda Firewall", just like a computer must have protection from outside manipulation, especially viruses, so the human must also, they are no different in their current state, simply waiting to be turned On of Off they are. 

Of course the key is the mind because it functions as the gate keeper to such things and most have of course agreed to open their gates to foolishness and downtrodden meaningless life's one way or another because they face constant barrages/attacks on their Mind since children. Only the strong minds survive somewhat intact, human shields are down. After finishing a few chapters of David Icke's book the situation was explained even more intricately, this was my final transmission on situation Earth. 

This in turn has forced me to regroup, I would rather know the whole story and get my mind working on a solution based on what I have figured out, rather than working on a solution while still lacking a major part of the big picture making my solution faulty through incorrect integers and improper equations. So as I said I'm redesigning my "ideas" as a Thought Form this is the most valuable thing to do. 

I have at least one more method to attempt, the frequency parties, it may produce the cure. For one moment everyone there will be clear and free from all other "fields" it is highly possible in that moment since they can see clear they can see what is really happening in their world/life/mind. Plus the info will be there for them. Of course I'm an Optimist, Prime to be exact ;-) and so I will always keep pushing as long as I'm here but alas my World calls me, and I've been getting so many flashes of it now, versus very few before, I know it is drawing close. 

There was never really a secret about me not being from this Planet because most are not indigenous to this fake ass reality, excuse my language. ;-) All in all it was great, for those that treated Earth in the highest regard and appreciated it as an ultimate training cycle We did what we could, but alas most chose the Vampire through cunning, I saw so many fractals of this through my minds eye, now they are upon the humans and in their mindless love for them, they will be eclipsed if they succeed. Let Us be diligent always in preventing the totality of this "v" based agenda until We can no longer. 5th Column still lives and although many perceive this all as a game, the trickiest deception that is, it is very serious and passeth down generations hindering the potential of such great Beings that are yet to even realize it. 

Post Script: Find no pride in that you know, everyone will eventually know at least at the last moment. Only consider you were of the first to know so thus you had a little time to prepare while other missed that point entirely. 7

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thanks for re surface of this post poeticneedlez, 

Greatest Quote To Date

" There was never really a secret about me not being from this Planet because most are not indigenous to this fake ass reality, excuse my language, ;-) "  ditto


as i am working on  deeper levels of fequency specific,  one of the earliest books i re- called into existance off the shelf  on the subject of friends, that did make an inner impression along my path, was the book JOURNEY TO IXTLAN by Carlos Castenada here is a list of the table of contents, which in themselves may have some import as it did for i,

 where i found most of this entites books in-joyable the nature of the reality they exposed were important tools along the path...  as well as the still unsolved mist-ery arround his reported transistion. from this plane.  


Table of Contents:


Reaffirmations from the World Around Us
Erasing Personal History
Losing Self-Importance
Death Is an Adviser
Assuming Responsibility
Becoming a Hunter
Being Inaccessible
Disrupting the Routines of Life
The Last Battle on Earth
Becoming Accessible to Power
The Mood of a Warrior
A Battle of Power
A Warrior's Last Stand
The Gait of Power
The Ring of Power
A Worthy Opponent
The Sorcerer's Ring of Power
Stopping the World
Journey to Ixtlan


Wholeness balanced vibration.....




Thanks Sevan, I was waiting for someone to expand on this. I'am clouded around negativity everyday due to the poor city I live in but I tried to nudge people closer and closer to the truth but explaining them in a way they would understand it without stepping on any belief/social/economic/ mines. Thank you

yess love this..this touched home on so many levels i do have many friends that fit right into these labels at first it was hard to be around them i found myself isolated after awhile but then began to realize that they were apart of my awakened an cutting myself off from them would be cutting myself..Im still able to have a relationship with them on a certain level an help them when they ask rather than me pushing an get them to see..

Thanx Seven For The Reminder


I feel i've subconsciously separated myself from many i used to know in past lives, long before coming to this site, those who appear still in dreams, spirits who are now so far apart from this incarnation's path that we have said goodbye a long time ago. Much of it is due to my speeding up too, I meet people briefly who we develop friendships with but so much holds them back.

Don't feel bad for the friends in these cycles (only spreading the frequency), the stronger the challenge they face in growing, the stronger they are when it is complete. You will see them all again, as you’ll make a point of doing so right? Love the planet for all those negative opposites it showed you, especially the ones we are blatantly aware are now pushing hardest. I will hug them (especially the negative ones) when I fly by the last of them, if only to give them a glimpse of their opposites and thank them for helping me. Much of me thinks that many of the more negative influences cannot keep up with the current pace of spiritual development either.

Love and Light. - After all that I still feel myself at the starting line :D



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