I want to find some sort of retreat to join with other spiritual beings to make the most out of the shift. I'm just having some trouble finding the right thing. What will you guys be doing during the shift? Do you have some info, links, tips or anything that could be of help?

Thank you

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I will be at home focusing 100% of my will and intent on creating a world that iv'e dreamed of since I was a child. A world full of beauty and bliss. :)

 I am doing my calculations from astrotheology see you on the other side..

"you" are the destination. Let your dreams guide you. 

Your hearts in the right place but are you in your heart? Maybe you don't need to say anything or be the one to save them. Your frequency is the main thing, what you emit. From there the opportunities to drop a few points here and there will be known like feeling for a pulse. For now be selfishly selfless, or selflessly selfish depending on where you're at.

I recently signed up to go to a retreat with some teachers I have worked with once before.  For me it felt right to be in a group and to go somewhere where I would be able to connect with nature without interrruption.  Currently i live in a major American city and while part of me thought maybe it would be nice to do some work here and "pull for the team" in an urban environment, ultimately I felt like what I needed was to be in a more connected supported atmosphere with others.  Have you made any decisions about what to do since you posted this?

This msg seems extremely fitting in this thread.


If anyone knows more, pls share!

Thanks for posting that. It's a great reminder.



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