As promised....

This is by no way meant to be a dissertation on the subjects being presented. In fact I have written far more lengthy volumes about these topics, however, I'm in the process of choosing the best format to unveil such information dealing with things of this nature. In addition the correct time to do that, and of course what will happen to me once I do it and how I should correctly prepare for that.

In an effort to let those that want to know where I'm at with the knowledge these days, hopefully this "teaser" allows you to gander further. In addition We will be doing a session this weekend on Sunday, and as always any question one has about all of this can be answered. It may take however for someone to ask that question. So here we go.


As I sighted before it appears the problem on this dimension came in the form of an invasion. We are in fact living in the time after the invasion/war in which it appears the human race lost after a horrendous war that fractured the Planet and threw off the leyline system that also connects to our physical bodies. 

The dumbing down of society and the deactivation of the Chakras/Abilities has come as part of the agreement made between the conqueror and conquered. Think of the sanctions put on France by Hitler when they defeated France. Although the people were allowed to continue to occupy France they did so at heavy penalties and demands by the Nazi Party. 

For Earth these "arrangements" are called the Covenant. This Covenant is often referred to as being made by salt because there was a time that all of our oceans were fresh water. After some type of meteor impact, code named "Wormwood" the water became salinated, making it feasible for certain beings to live and remain undetected, Dagon, fishers of men.  

The so-called elite are responsible for making sure that all parts of the covenant are honored (see Terra Papers for more clearance). This covenant consists of things like the reptilians, and other factions allied to their cause, being allowed to abduct or induct humans. This also depends upon their own family arrangements that are enhanced through bloodline, ritual, and show of alignment by joining certain societies. 

The covenant also consists of the knowledge about activation being hidden from the masses less they activate and turn the tides. Only those that are "Chosen", meaning in the covenant, are supposed to know about such things in their entirety. The strategy that is of greatest use is to keep the people ignorant and unbelieving that such things have really taken place. To combat this we must put more people in the Know. As you have seen in my previous post, "A CALL FOR INNERSTANDING", there is now an agenda to keep the Resistance from placing more people in the Know. This has come first in the attempt to deface my character. 

The picture above is one of the oldest of Astarte/Venus/Inanna, known by a tight inner circle of Adepts as the Holy Goose. This is in turn twisted by the Christians and called the Holy Ghost. Astarte has always been known to ride on the Goose because that bird is a strong symbol of her. Many of the gods have their bird correspondent such as Jupiter/Zeus/Isu/Jesus and the Eagle. This is the power behind Christianity doubt it not. So guys like youtube's forerunner777 are the greatest deception. In fact anyone holding on to the Christian program, amongst many other religious programs, is furthering our descent as a Species. Innerstand that Venus "the V" has come in various shapes and sizes as part of a continuous deception that few even recognize due to spiritual and mental control. 


So we already discovered that the programming begins when one is a child, actually, the programming begins when one is a baby. The melodies behind many of the mother goose nursery rhymes contain the tones for programing. "AND DOWN WILL COME BABY CRADLE AND ALL". These rhymes are sung at a paticular octave, which is why one remembers the sound and the melody of the song and it is always sung that way.

The children of the western world or western cultures are targeted because they have already been chosen to direct the consciousness of the mainstream. The Sun sets in the west and thus the western consciousness effects the world. This can be turned around and used in Our favor rather than our misfortune. 

For those who have not read the dossier of the Red Queen this may all not make any sense, so do refer to those posts when you have time, they are titled "FOUND THE RED QUEEN".


The human mind suffers from layers of mind control that effects a person spiritually while actually controlling their vision, mentally and physically. Externally there is a R Complex located within the brain. Internally there is a foreign splice in the DNA channel. In order to undue much of this programming it will take a person who innerstands it fully. Daily I work on decoding the programming while escaping being trapped in it. Everyday I must go deep into the rabbit hole and then find my way out. Think.


To do the same thing everyday is Mundane. The Earth and various Planets are considered eggs waiting to hatch by the gods who generally move in straight lines and not the cyclic motion of repeating as those who grow up in such systems are often accustomed to. In many legends it notes that two serpents are in fact in competition over this Egg.


Serpents come from eggs and eat eggs, they will even eat each other naturally and yet many choose to keep playing the serpents lame game of drain. Then they blame others for stuff they are doing. "Sevan is a vampire", whoa, timeout. The term vampric  means anything that is taking energy while not cycling it and putting it back. People should be very clear on this, we all cycle energy in this Universe, however, those who do not return the energy and contribute to the energy are the Vamps. So if anything I'm being vampired all the time. Before people even learn how to cycle energy We generally have to teach them. While they are learning the are steadily drinking energy, no? This is like the baby drinking the moms milk, if she does not keep eating her body will still produce the milk for the baby with everything she has left, this will leave the mother drained if she fails to eat. Why do you think when we get on the radio or shows We are called, "Hosts", because We have agreed to be fed upon in hopes that what people are recieving will become wholesome for them and they will in turn regenerate enough energy to feed the people that are already sucking them in their personal lives. This becoming perpetual until the point where everyone has enough energy. But of course this is just an idea, pure energy accessible for the body is what man should be trying to invent, not free energy for cars and such things. A few of Us have learned how to pull pure energy from Planes that don't have energy issues, name issues, god issues, etc. This is the Realm of the Most High, still beyond comprehension to most, a focal point of pure energy, if people but knew what We are attempting to teach them, if I die or disappear meet me there. With the humans here they either learn or they will get looped, there is no doubt in this, its that simple. Where has all these people in the spotlight, esoteric or worldly, really left Us though? People are still looking at me wondering whether or not they should help me. While they wait the dark forces increase their numbers and then send them at me. Indeed the Superhuman can knock them on their arse :-) but getting no sleep takes its toll on the physical body. When this happens one becomes primarily a Thought Body. A very formidable Being, but non-physical. The physical body begins to lose weight/wait, starts to want to leave (EL EVA). To stay around to save humans on their physical realm, their physical level, means to increase physically. To do that in the best level of purity you have to go on a "physical mission", not in the house on a "virtual mission". I'm dying to live.  


The body, NOT THE SOUL, but the body of the human appears to consistently be a combination of many animals that were already present on this Planet. In many people the combinations are different than what you see here on the Mayan chart. This in part is the reason people look and act different when only tuning into their material form.


It is still for the masses an unknown power within Stones, many of which are eggs waiting to hatch. The term "I have a rock with more personality than you" is a double pun. If it is a "royal egg" it is worshipped before it hatches, this is called ruling from the egg. Depending on what laid the egg determines the incubation period. This one in particular, Ben-Ben, the Queen of England Elizabeth "Lizard Born" sits on top of now. 

Revelations 12: 4

And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the Earth:and the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to deliver, to devour her child as soon as it was born.

Their basic agenda is to wipe and re-write all knowledge. Much of this knowledge has never been written and only remains in the minds of elders of whom many do not even know its there. This knowledge contains star maps and position, designs, etc. that when embedded into a "seeing eye" allow one to jump into various hyper-dimensional realities that they already exist in. In most of these realities the person is not human in the sense that we know it, they may be more of a bird or tree in the sense that we know them.  This is why part of the solution is to bring some of the oldest people together with people who are able to pick up infomation off of Auras and then restore that information to the new generations repairing the Akashic which is being broken by the act of wiping memories. If one forgets what they were they will not know what they are to become. 


I could go on with this all day, and I will, but I will finish here for now. As I said above I have been actually working on a complete work explaining all of this in a way that people can innerstand, from the beginning, showing all the details and illustrations. 

The fact is this. The forbidden knowledge was in the symbol of an Apple because when you cut an apple in half the holes for the 5 seeds make a Pentagram. The Bible itself is a book of riddles, fit for those who can decipher such things while leading those that cannot astray. Such is the way with this level of knowledge it protects itself because it is alive within itself. 

So what seems to have happened, amongst the various other things I have been explaining, is the Pentagram and its knowledge was forbidden to baby like man and woman because it opened up a gate that they had no clue of what was on the otherside and how it had evolved. What came forth from the gate was intrepid and cruel to man and woman. In the begining they were told to stay away from it. They of course disobeyed that command. 

This is like when your parents tell you not to do something attemting to help you, and you see it as they are trying to keep you from having fun. Once the deed is done, it must run its course. A small ripple in a pond will pass over everything before it dissipates. So here on Earth you find the same thing. Many playing around with Sigils and things of that nature out of curiosity, have brought about untold energies into this realm causing much of the situations you see now, you cannot even fathom how it will continuously unfold if one remains on this course. Innerstanding this means one can work on a real solution. Failing to innerstand it only means another trip back here again after the death and regeneration cycles that always exist on Planets that spin in circles with wobbles. 

The high knowledge must be approached with caution, but most importantly without material ideas of gain and power over ones brother/sister etc. Man and woman are caught in a time loop, before them are their continuos mistakes that we keep coming back to correct. In this segment of time the choice is before us again, keep repeating, or correct our mistakes. There can be no greater mistake than confusing friends for enemies. 

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Once again, some very wise words coming from you.
I've read with great interest The Code of the Matrix and I look forward to read this as well.
Thank you for your teaching and greetings to you all.
now ,that makes sense to me.
it sounds true,if you know what i am trying to say.
thank you.
ah, more knowledge for me to digest. Thanks
Thanks again! I'm just finishing David ickes, "the lion sleeps no more" you are definitely a lion among men. Just remember folks that this is all Seven does, this work. I know the economy sucks, and things are tough, but lets all give to this site the support it so greatly deserves. If we all do a little, the resistance keeps on truckin! :)
Wow! I see who and what you are. Sorry you are what you are. I feel a deep pain and sorrow for you.
General Farmer (On pharma = meds) has been removed for obvious reasons and I have deleted all related posts.
What's weird is that I was using the "words" bad seed, and plant when referring to Mr. Farmer without consciously seeing the connection. Thanks Sevan
Ishtar the Owl god:

Ishtar is the Assyrian and Babylonian counterpart to the Sumerian Inanna and to the cognate northwest Semitic goddess Astarte. Ishtar is a goddess of fertility, love, and war. In the Babylonian pantheon, she "was the divine personification of the planet Venus". Ishtar was above all associated with sexuality: her cult involved sacred prostitution; her holy city Erech was called the "town of the sacred courtesans"; and she herself was the "courtesan of the gods". Ishtar had many lovers. Ishtar was also known as Semiramis. She was depicted in many forms including that of an owl. Ishtar needed appeasement with child and human sacrifice.

Moloch, Molech, Molekh, or Molek went by many names including, but not limited to, Ba'al, Moloch, Apis Bull, Golden Calf, Chemosh, as well as many other names, and was widely worshipped in the Middle East and wherever Punic culture extended (including, but not limited to, the Ammonites, Edomites and the Moabites). Baal Moloch was conceived under the form of a calf or an ox or depicted as a man with the head of a bull. No ancient records or artifacts show Molec depicted as an owl. Due to the mock human sacrifices performed at the Bohemian Gove, many falsely assume that the owl at the Grove is Molec, when in fact the Owl is Ishtar.

Ishtar the owl god
In the ancient world, Ishtar was depicted in many forms including an owl. The Bohemian Club and Bohemian Grove have used the owl of Ishtar as their logo. Members of the Bohemian Grove conduct a mock human sacrifice in front of a 40 foot statue of Ishtar depicted as an owl. Freemason Pierre Charles L'Enfant laid out the streets surrounding the U.S. Capitol in the shape of the Owl of Ishtar. The National Press Club uses both the Owl of Ishtar and the Luciferian Lamp of knowledge in their logo. The U.S. Forest Service used Woodsy the Owl to promote their environmental agenda. Losabia uses the owl as a corporate logo. Athena Consulting also uses the owl as a part of its logo. Also notice the sun symbolism of the point and circle. Buildings like the AT&T Building in Nashville Tennessee, the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, and the Frost Bank Tower in Austin, Texas were all constructed to resemble an owl.

Ishtar the Owl god:
Hey Sevan, I appreciate the write up as it adresses the urgency for the matters at hand. I came across some info where Robert Downey Jr's character Kirk Lazarus says that are dreams are being intercepted and therefore it is making it harder for people to move on. What do you make of it? the part I'm referring to starts around 6:32 here's the link.

Hi Sevan good info i came across this Before,
As far my research in Eastern and Freemasons,it is Reptilian who is kept in illusion of control on us, Humanity Soul is purest universal knowledge in grand scheme of Galaxy and universal creation and drama.
Some or Other way we will reach the place what we call home we will know only wen we get there.
Actually We have won the War on Evolution of our Soul aka New Experience,But let them to win the battle eons ago but not a big deal for us because we were spiritually advanced then them at that time we were just waiting to go home,When Reptilian struck us we let them to win the battle Because we knew something new challenging and new spiritual experience awaiting for us.
Remember True Human Spiritual Quality is Being Compassion Towards Other living and soul Beings,
helping Other's Beings to be spiritual is our first identity no matter if it is Reptilian ,Dragon, Illuminati or any evil that exists we have the Power to change them show the truth. Remember
Just My Experiences ..... :)
ΑΙΘΕΡΑΣ, ether is the dodecahedron, whose side is the 5-dron coded as the 5 pointed star, the language of the universe is pure mathematics coupled with conscious intent for creation.
The war of genes actually is all over cosmos and our local solar system as a part of Sirius solar system is vital.

The Universal Man has its caudal in that area of the most dense concentration of the galaxy.
The ladder of Jacob, the names of the human physiology, the sacred bone, the immortality of the physical matter and the alphabet are some of the keys. The whole bible is about our inner physiology.

Put 4 times the letter H one upon the other and you have the ladder of DNA.
H is Hydrogen and ΒΗΤΑ, ΖΗΤΑ, ΗΤΑ, ΘΗΤΑ these are the 4 nitrogen compounds, the angel in the dream of Jacob is the mRNA, the coded information from DNA to RNA.
HTA, the letter H, is the key, the angels carry up and down commands, because angel means messenger.
Syllogize and innerstand all.



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