Whats the best thing that i can do for someone excepting to die from cancer anyday???  they are at the stage when the body is in lots of pain all over and it is retaining lots of water. they are gaining fluid weight rapidly and is expecting to die anyday. and suggestion???

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thanx, lov wbv to u
ur info is greatly appreciated thanx lov wbv to u

What about the Bob Beck protocal from the "real aliens within" video? anyone know first-hand that his gadgets

do work?  They claim to cure any cancer, aids, hepatitus, you name it.... with their gadget avail from sota dot com (225) ... the silver pulsar for blood electrification.... that gadge also can make colloidal silver water... 


rite i watched his video!!! info greatly appreciated, lov wbv to u

Try Dr. Sebi, he claims to be able to cure cancer, and I've tried some of his products and they work. call his offices at 310-838-2490 and see what they offer. Also, Colloidal DNA boost helps the body to heal itself and you can get that here,http://www.harmonicinnerprizes.com/colloidal-technology.html#Colloi... . I also agree with the urine therapy and the MMS. :) Wholeness!
your info is greatly appreciated, lov wbv to u
I have read on many occasions. Two things that Cancer cannot thrive or survive in is an Alkaline environment as previously recommended and Oxygen. There is a natural laxative called OxyPowder that can be taken to clean out the Colon.  Hope it helps in some way.
thanx ur info is greatly apprecited, lov wbv to u

If your friend hasn't done a liver flush I'd start there.  It will start the immune system system to start functing..



OxyPowder or Colosan good too.


Fluoride out of diet / toothpaste


and get clean water



If these aren't being done then I'd seriously question the will of the person to survive...


The e-book I posted will also have some amazing info in... but there is no mention of the liver flush in that info.


Good luck



thanx your info is greatly appreicated lov wbv to u



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