This was a request for information that came from an organization in Australia to Us. As one should always have a goal and a firm Innerstanding of that goal. I give you my dossier on H*** Luminous also know as the Light Being.

Behold We saw the ladder coming up and down

What is H*** Luminous (HL)*?

H*** Luminous itself is not an idea of the future and has its roots in a much earlier time when men, knowing the body contained not only a soul but several astral vehicles, began to have ideas of a greater manifestation in our evolutionary process.

Seeing that the next phase of life was in fact ethereal whether it be a higher light being or a low density ghost, the strongest minds were put to work on mapping out the process of crossing to the next level of existence, while still remaining active in this current one. This was referred to as keeping a foot in both worlds, and can even be seen in ancient Egyptian art. H*** Luminous is the act of having a fully operational light body.

What is actually happening to Us as We convert into H*** Luminous? on the spiritual, physical, and any other levels?

It is of value to take heed of the statement above in regards to the ladder. Not all will make the transformation to H*** Luminous as it is the Great Attainment or the Great work alluded to in many alchemical works.

We will address two instances to bring clarity to this question.

When a human departs from this world if they have found themselves base and not engaged in things of spiritual nature, the spirit itself has not grown and in fact may have deteriorated which happens when living a materialistic externalized life. The internal Being has not received enough substance.

In this case, upon passing, the soul itself enters a realm of phantoms or lower vibration Beings which many call ghosts or shadows. In this condition the person has entered 2D or even 1D which correspond to their level of senses making them unaware of their past existence.

In this state they wander about and at times torment anything that comes into the view of their superfluous physicality. There are areas on Earth that are closer to this dimension We speak of and many remark those areas as being haunted and plagued by apparitions. This is descending the ladder.

In the case that one has come into higher learning and awareness that death is but a door to another realm and it is the awareness of the spirit that will allow it to choose a door or manifest a gate. When they begin to ingest the food of the spirit, which is knowledge, pure essence such as crystals, and fuels that include metals in their monatomic state, the soul actually grows. It them becomes much more powerful than the body as it gains the strength which makes it able to subdue the flesh.

To bring more clarity to this statement the body is a cage. A carbon based structure known as 666. This is 6 – Electrons , 6 -Protons, and 6 Neutrons, the name is the number of a man and he is the beast. When the spirit is strong enough to subdue the beast one becomes master over their primary reality, being able to bend and break the quantum rules of that reality. This is the birth of H*** Luminous and doubt it not many have achieved it, especially those who display accelerated thought.What is available at this point is access to higher planes and the assistance of anything lower by right of power.

What new tools are opening to Us in the process of such a conversion?

It should be clear that the transformation to H*** Luminous has nothing to do with good and evil. H*** Luminous has been achieved by individuals in both dispositions as the same laws and rules apply to both parties when it comes to calibration for such a feat. But the energy itself is passive and can be used in various degrees.

The laws of Karma and Dharma still apply but one would need to closely consider what that actually means as Karma and Dharma is seldom understood by the Western mind. It is at times confused with the simple notion that if you do good you will receive good in return and edgewise. This is a shallow explanation of Karma and Dharma and is not totally true or factual. We will reserve another time to explain this is more detail, as it is a life’s work to innerstanding* it fully.

On that note a life is but a moment for H*** Luminous as the first thing that is presented is the non-existence of time or the ability to be “outside of time”. This is better understood as such.
In the time it takes one to blink, an activate HL can come into your environment, move several things around and be out of your local before your eye re-opens. As the vibration of light is that of light speed, dense fleshly life forms move as though they are rocks. Even a rock itself is moving however its vibration allows you to believe it is not moving due to its density.Having access to this wavelength allows one to perceive thoughts as a signal so thus an HL can read minds by reading the signal that is in transmission from the person’s node or cortex.

One with no imagination at all can still add to what is possible for such a life form. Time Travel, Remote Viewing, Spontaneous Regeneration, Hyper Communication, and instant manifestation of thought forms into 3D, just to name a few.

How does ones values change?

As you can see the powers that be in this world have prevented the common citizen from ever realizing this can be brought about within their vessel. This has been done for multiple reasons, the obvious being that it is extremely difficult to control an HL as they have become extremely powerful.

Another reason is their ability to perceive beyond the Veil, Illusion, or Matrix that has been carefully woven into society creating an effect of sleep walking citizens or drones. The presence of hyper-dimensional Beings becomes apparent as they are all about even now controlling and guiding man to the beginnings and endings of their choosing.

Positive H*** Luminous will stand for none of this, while negative H*** Luminous will propagate its further infestation. This has happened in many esoteric circles of those who possess the knowledge of the activation of the body. Doubt it not that many did not consider what to do with the power before they received it and their greed for energy, which exist in all humans to some degree and must be addressed before power is added to it, brings them in league with the oppressive force of illuminated life forms.

What social trends indicate this transition?

There will always be a “normal” world or mass, called simply the masses, who will never perceive that there are greater things while they are at this particular level of thought. Earth is a vineyard indeed and as some grapes are fermented and ready to be fine wine, many are still just juice and need further cultivation.

Thus the time is always present to make the transformation to become a multi-dimensional Being. This 3D society has activated humans present within it. These individuals have normally chosen to manifest as rulers of this dimension, in addition to those who delve into the spiritual aspect of things.

But as this is still third dimension and the power remains unbalanced and unperfected as the Earth, which is on a wobble, makes its personal ascension. This act is imminent. The shear fact that esoteric knowledge and the desire of its acquisition is now becoming prevalent should be all the indication one needs that something of a graduation is on the horizon.

The world of the HL is entirely proactive. The foundation appears as they take the next step versus the foundation already being build for them. This is easier to innerstand as your dream world, where you make up its construct and live within a pure generation of what your mind can create with the data that it has been gathered over the various experiences of the transformation.
One can then be an Observer or Creator. All galaxies which are infinite in number are formed as such and although the common human being is still yet to learn such things the more one becomes aware, the more they release themselves from the dependencies and crutches of the commoner and step into their next level of manifestation, be well.

I know this is much longer then your desire and even this is a loose explanation of what HL really is and the experience during the transformation. We do hope you can extract something from what is above and present you publication. We are here for any further elaborations and as We are a new society embarking on an ancient feat, any support that can be rendered is much appreciated and do know that making this information available to anyone is great support in itself. 7

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*Abbreviation of H*** Luminous

*One should consider the difference between Understanding, Innerstanding, and Overstanding to increase the flexibility of an otherwise bland language such as English.

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thanks sevan much needed information
I agree it is valuable information, Thank you Sevan. This is really helping me innerstand where i need to go. Because having a lot of information is like having lots of doors and sometimes you're not always sure which one to open first.. But then u have one piece of info that just opens them all at once and its great!!! Thanxs Again!
Very creative!!!!
I am assuming H***-Luminous is synonymous with some one who has gone through light body activation as they call it...
Like Neo in the Matrix. The whole thing was about a person activating their light body.
i think it is a great summarization of what i have always wanted to acheive but never had the resources to achieve, i've always wanted to be like my ancestors the celts which you no doubt are aware only passed wisdom from father to son and mother to daughter, to my saddness their beliefs were usurped by christianity. i am the only unbaptised in my family, i have always tried to find my truth but have found it to be ever changing as am i, which leads me to the "know thys'elve" dilemna. i feel nothing is stationary and i can but only know myself from moment to moment. i am a good person but it is not enough for me. i'm always searching , i'm glad i found you sevan (btw i always wanted to name my first son sevan)
Thank you, 7. The "ladder" explains another recurring dream that I had throughout my teenage years into my twenties. The setting was like a multi-level parking structure and I was on a ladder, always climbing. When I would reach the next level I would be terrified of going back down the ladder and would awaken absolutely drenched in sweat. They were grueling dreams. Then one night I made it out of the structure and was in a huge outdoor arena, which now that I'm writing about it was more like a pyramid...Anyway, I climbed those steps, again terrified that I would - err - "fall". And a person in white reached out and took my hand. And I never had the dream again.
great stuff, thanx



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