What if it was humanity, as the creator, that was birthed when the power language was read out instead, and that is the situation we have now?

This is the question I had when I woke up this morning.

Were humans the ones that were birthed, when the manifestation language was spoken to manifest the creator? It was a shadow, an incomplete representation that came forth. So we get our shadows here, reflections and need to integrate ourselves, to build ourselves back up.

So you have a few billion mini universes running around, and constantly being born, not knowing what is going on, the creator constantly creating itself as it was instructed to at its creation.

Humans are all things, they are everything, what is it that makes them everything? Is it the recognition of that, or the experience of that? Using the above line, their reptilian counterparts - are they everything as well? Reptilian is the only one i've seen personally, though I am aware there are others, or is that entire story a bit off the point?

I had to ask as constantly the victim mentality is put out, so in these stories a large scary being is represented, but what if it was humanity, as the creator, that was birthed when the power language was read out instead, and that is the situation we have now?

Humanity is a large scary being compared to say a fish or wolf or dog, look at what they've done both evil (ignorant) and great (expansive). 

Thanks for reading :), gratitude for any insights into the above.

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I love you

I would like to think thought as the ultimate manifestor lf the reality as it is more efficient and interconnected to the field of energy around us than words which are subject to deceit.
In addition the ultimate translator of emotions than words can ever create

We are always in a thought and always in an emotional state of some type, once bounces or runs the other continuously. Identifying them is the key, especially the subtle ones we live in day to day.

Hey Mark, u getting it, u were not thinking while u were asleep and just as u awoke u felt something, something strange, like: 

The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. - Edgar J Hoover

What if humanity is the lie, what if we do not really exist.....

There is a power so organized, so subtle, so complete, and so pervasive, that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it." - Woodrow Wilson

"Humans are all things, they are everything, what is it that makes them everything? Is it the recognition of that, or the experience of that?"

What if something has taken Wisdom/All There Is and trapped it within a cell, a atom or a human body and is controlling and directing activities through language, color, tone and archetype ????  

you wouldn't even know would you ???? 

your very thoughts u cannot trust.....

By no coincidence the Mid-Atlantic Ridge splits the earth nicely in half and seems to be heaving in harmony with our dysfunctional collective consciousness that also is divided by two distinct consciousness, operating on different wave lengths because they utilize their minds differently.

It really is that simple.
Amen or Aum-en?

Now if you want even more information, read on.
I do have an exercise for you to participate in later in the post.

The mystic Itzhak Bentov ‘saw’ interference patterns in the white light and the black light
…essentially the two boundaries between which all other colors of light appear.
These interference patterns were caused by intersecting waves, his vision predates WSM.
He died in 1979.
I suggested the folks here read his books.
Do not ignore the simple folk, the mystical cobblers, Sheppards, carpenters, the thinkers and tinkerers.

In the white light Bentov saw the geometric forms or emanations of the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. (Moses see the same light?)
In the black light he saw the geometric forms or emanations of the 50 letters of the Sanskrit alphabet.

Black and White

The Judaeo Christians who are suckled and weaned on JC myth always see a ‘white light’ in their Near Death Experiences, this we know…I will suggest it is because their brains are weaned on a patriarchal espoused theology based on a language that is based on the pronunciation of primarilyconsonants…the Hebrew alphabet.

Sound >> Vibration

In the Tibetan Book of the Dead (remember Buddhism talks about detachment from EVERYTHING), the diffuse white is seen as a distraction and you are to AVOID it.

You are to proceed toward the BLUE light Bill.
Bill how old are you?

And by no coincidence…actually by DESIGN, we find that the Sanskrit alphabet is known as a ‘root’ language and it’s structure is based onvowels.

AUM >> Sound >> Vibration

Here is a challenge Bill.
Go up to the wailing wall and get someone of Semitic origin to chant OM, very loud and very deeply so it resonates all through the court.

And the color BLUE is consistent with the color all the Messiahs usually arrive cloaked in…Jesus, Odin, Krishna, Vishnu, Mary, Kachina the Blue Star, Judaic Biblical Blue …
Pay attention to the symbolism … these ancient people put ‘transcendent’ experiences into stone…
Unless of course someone would suggest we IGNORE everything that came before us…all of the tradition and meaning put into this work. The ancient people did not have a 500 channel universe. They put their mind, body and soul into their ‘handiwork, into their handicrafts’.

The right hemisphere of your brain, considered the feminine principle, controls your left hand.
And the left hemisphere controls the right hand, considered the more male, more aggressive.
So in effect we have an X factor, a crossover effect, 2 axis intersecting, left controls right and right controls left.

Bill, imagine if I took a sword and sliced you vertically down the middle, N to S, this is along the axis of gravity I am told.
The two halves of Bill would be mirror images, that are non super-imposable, this defines asymmetrical chiral images.
One twin of Bill would be good and one would be bad.
This actually happens in chemistry.
Thalidomide and AZT are two drugs where they used the ‘evil twin’…and later discovered the ‘messiah’ within the drug, they found the ‘good’ beneficial half and put him to work, not before the evil twin did his damage.
Chiral is a word that we need to investigate further.

James made a suggestion on another thread and here is an exercise I came up with.
Your hands are also chiral.
Again I present to you two halves that are mirror images and that are non super-imposable equals asymmetrical chiral images.
And as you will see your hands are one of the best examples of this unique asymmetrical curiousity.

A Simple Exercise
Put your hands out in front of you Bill.
Sit in the lotus position. (specifically sitting in a tetrahedron, most basic crystalline form…and carbon 12 electron cloud is a tetrahedron…this is the point of maintaining this ‘form’, it is also the form of the Oracle of Delphi)
Here is where you choose, which side you, are on Bill.
Are you with us or against us?

-Close your eyes and place one hand in front of you, pointing away from you, palm facing up and the other hand pointing upward palm facing away from you…(the familiar Buddha / Ganesh pose)
-Now imagine the two swirling halves of your mind are divided because I sliced you down the middle remember? And the force of the downward division or slice by my sword would cause half of your brain dissected, to swirl clockwise and the other half to swirl counterclockwise. (thanks James for the finger demo)
-Now I want you to imagine those movements as two swirling swastikas, two swirling vortexes, swirling in opposite directions meaning they each represent a different ‘charge’. These two swirling energies are however divided until you bring your hands together in prayer.

So if we bring our hands in together in prayer… the two ‘energies’, represented by the 2 swirling swastikas cancel each other out…balance…ah…peace and quiet…the swirling chaos of our lives at rest…….

Hands together in prayer thus brings balance.
I do not feel I am the first to feel this.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh but a very, very profound Truth is however revealed!
Truth will always resurrect itself Bill.
2 points.

1 The 3D geometric form of the swastika also being chiral explains so, so much…it explains why symbolically the 2 swastikas placed over each other would represent the same as prayer and then …

It certainly explains why the most common cross the Christians wore prior to the Council of Niceae was the Swastika.

And then as THEY say the rest is HIStory.
What else does it explain?
Explains why they attached this symbol to a heinous crime and then slapped a gag order on western consciousness, sorry can’t talk about it.
But I woke up or something woke me up and said LOOK!!!
Past > Present > Future
I think I should say no more Bill, so you can sleep on those 2 truths.
I have no idea what you believe in…
Check your closets, under your bed…
Don’t be scared it is just a lotta Boooshit.
Not to say there are not very bad men hiding behind the Bushes.



Ps. In case you couldn’t sleep. (I could not, so I wrote a little more, sometimes I scare myself)

And by no coincidence these two halves of your brain rotating in opposite directions is the same fundamental mechanism that the Mayans used to calculate TIME. And they were the best timekeepers we have had.
One half of their LONG COUNT calendar was the Lunar Cycle and the other half was the Solar Cycle. These two cycles were positioned like wheels or gears, moving in opposite directions and it was this design that gave the Mayans their accuracy.

The Mayan Long Count comes to an end Dec. 21, 2012….which translates to
Their calendar suggests that the two hemispheres of our mind will again become one.
We are leaving TIME and moving into VIBRATION.

Planck saw it, well maybe I should correct myself.
Planck felt it.
Max walked the Planck, he too was a bridge builder, but his bridge building ended with his era and it proved to be a bridge not quite far enough.
And even though Max could not see it…he felt it. Though Max never quite made it to the other side when he was on this side, he was connected to both sides.

We ignore the work of inspired ancestors who were without a doubt ‘higher’ than us, the fallen man.
Or was their inspiration only the inspiration of delusional shaman high on botanicals?
Who cares.
They accomplished so much we have not figured out.
We have ignored their wisdom at our peril.
As foretold we are the ones who will ultimately pay the price for ignoring the obvious and being led astray by pride, followed by its shadow ego, out of the Garden of Eden.

Color > Frequency > Vibration

Vibration = Planck = Ankh … this is no coincidence

The ankh is a symbol of a circle that sits on the tau cross, as opposed to the cross being contained within the circle…think about it…the symbol for matter / the earth is a cross within a circle…




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