What happens when we Ascend (text 3, day 5, from Almine´s Ascension Manual) A Toltec Aproach to setting one self free and activated.

What Happens When We Ascend?

When we ascend, it tears a hole in the frequency prison that surrounds the earth. This is the veil of darkness mentioned in the scriptures. Light, which cannot penetrate this electromagnetic prison directly, can be channeled through our hearts. Light channeled through a human heart is a more comfortable way for humans to experience change. If pure, white light isn’t diffused through a human heart, the vibration is too strong for unaware people to hold. Hence, chaos ensues as old patterns de-structure themselves.

However if we become a plug-in for the light to radiate through the heart, we gently change people. If one is balanced and open to change, he or she will feel peace and love in our presence. If the person is imprisoned by his beliefs, he will feel irritation. That is why many prophets have been killed in the past. Although the reaction of people today isn’t as antagonistic towards spiritual leaders, it nevertheless polarizes their responses and may create strong reactions.

Chakra Phase 1

Chakra Phase 2

Chakra Phase 3

Normally, a person has seven chakras that are conical in shape with a plug in the center. It looks like an hourglass when viewed from the side. The seals are formed by debris from previously unresolved issues connected with the chakras. As a person grows in consciousness, the plugs open and the cone becomes spherical, eventually spreading to form a unified chakra field.

This is the opening of the seven seals mentioned in Revelations; however, it is specifically referring to the seven seals of the Earth as they open for ascension.

The unified chakra field forms a low or almost non-existent electromagnetic field around the body, similar to being at a sacred site. Wherever we are becomes the most sacred place on the planet and our vibration heals those around us. This happens because the love we emit through our cells alters any distortions in the geometric fields around their bodies. They heal through grace. This is what we experience when we go to sacred sites. People go there because it also alters the way they look at the world. We have that same effect on people.

Beyond our physical body, we have lightbodies which are connected to the seven chakras. Before our seven chakras open, the mental body, which is connected to the ego, stands guard to block the information of the three higher spiritual bodies. The three spiritual bodies are the ones containing the blueprint for the full potential of our life. Clearing the debris from the chakras and forming a unified field gives us access to this blueprint. We then receive clear communication from all our bodies.

The five lightbodies that surround the physical body alternate between being masculine (linear) and feminine (flowing fields). They mimick the dimensions, with the outer-most one (the seventh body) and the physical body being neutral.

The Seven Bodies

1. Physical Body:

The physical body is the anchoring point for your Higher Self to explore the mystery of your being within physicality. It is highly susceptible to programming transmitted through touch for several minutes after birth. It holds the memories of this and other lives.

The Seven Bodies

2. Etheric or Astral Body:

The majority of karma, which is a constriction in the universal flow of energy formed by incorrect perception, is held in the astral body (only a small portion is in the physical body). It consists of bluish lines of light. It produces the acupuncture points and the major and minor chakras by the energy lines crossing each other. Where they cross seven times, there is an acupuncture point. Where they cross 13 times, there is a minor chakra point. Where they cross 20 times, there is a major chakra point. This body is linear and is located an inch out from the physical body.

3. Emotional Body:

It is the auric field. Past trauma is held in the first three bodies (the physical, astral and emotional bodies). Therefore, as we overcome our past and balance our sub-personalities, this body becomes clearer. It is a flowing field extending out about 14 inches from the physical body.

4. Mental Body:

As we balance the three minds, including the left and right brains, the mental body ceases to block access to the higher bodies. This body is linear and is located about 14 inches out from the physical body.

5. Spiritual Emotional Body:

When able to access this body, we begin living in eternal time, which aligns us with the intent of the Infinite. This body is a flowing field that extends about 19 inches out from the physical body

6. Spiritual Mental Body:

The information within this body contains the specifics regarding the blueprint for this lifetime. When access to this body is achieved, we start seeing from a cosmic perspective. We begin to see the innocence and value of each life as it mirrors to the Infinite either that which it is, or that which it is not. We see that there is no guilt so all judgment effortlessly dissolves. This body is linear and is located about 19 inches out from the physical body.

7. Spirit Body:

It is trillions of little fibers of light radiating out in all directions from the life force center. This is a ball of white light about the size of a grapefruit. In May 2007 it was moved from behind the belly button to the heart center in all humanity. Every living creature within the cosmos has a band of awareness among these light fibers within our spirit body. That is why we are the microcosm. This is the body shamans use to be able to shapeshift into animals or other forms; plus they use this body to access parallel realities. They move a point of illumination called the assemblage point. It is located an arm’s length behind the heart, and a little bit to the right. This body is a linear field radiating out from the center to an arm’s length from the physical body.

The assemblage point is on the outer rim of the seventh lightbody (spirit body) and is an illuminated spot that determines which reality we are in. If that point moves, this universe, which seems solid, disappears and another reality assembles. It is as though we have accessed different holographic experiences. A slight movement of the assemblage point puts us in an altered state, such as in meditation. With practice, we can go into a temporary meditative state, even if we are just going to the end of the garden to get the mail. It is a temporary disconnecting of the clamor of left-brain that allows pure information from higher realms to shed light on the situation and give us accurate information about the unknown.

Much of our energy comes from bodies five, six and seven. Consequently, if our innermost bodies have constrictions, we become tired easily because the flow of energy from the higher bodies is blocked. The emotional body is particularly important in allowing the flow of energy.

Beyond the Seven Bodies, we have five larger bodies, with the 12th body being the one as vast as the cosmos overlaying everything. As we move through the various stages of ascension, we fully activate all 12 lightbodies. At this point we function from 12 chakras instead of seven.

When all 12 bodies are accessed in this lifetime, we enlighten everything in all our lifetimes since they are all connected. Every past act and thought becomes perfected. This is an important factor because if we die we may leave ripples of discordance from sowing seeds that were less than loving. When we change the past, the present changes; and when the present changes, the past changes.

Grids Surrounding the Earth

A grid is a geometric array of light, and light is information. These grids surround the planet in geometric patterns. Each species has one and it is the ‘instinctual’ information for that plant or animal. There are two grids around the earth that tell us how to be human. One is the old, third-dimensional fear-based grid. The other is the grid of Higher Consciousness, which is a fourth-dimensional, group-minded grid. It is the one that ascension is moving toward.

We are connected with all humans on the planet through the grids. The grids are connected to our hearts. That is how our thoughts, feelingsand actions affect all of humanity.

One person’s life lived gloriously can affect the grid around the planet and it becomes accessible to all beings. The formation of the Higher Consciousness grid was necessary to give humans an option other than functioning solely from the fear-based grid that contains a lot of negativity due to the age of dark materialism the earth has been in for approximately 13,000 years. For the past 2,000 years everyone has had the option to live from the higher consciousness grid. Further more, all that have ascended have strengthened it.

That is why focusing within is the most important work we can do. When we understand that the decisions we make affect everyone, we realize it is important for us to be whole.

There is no Destination

We are on a path that has no point of arrival because there is no destination. There is only the journey. Our journey through eternity offers us experiences so we may remember who we are--and that is God. To remember who we are, we must push beyond our comfort zone and break the barriers that lock us into the familiar, leaving us with a sense of false security. If we remain in our comfort zone, we become stagnant.

The only thing worth striving for is clarity. We don’t search for meaning because we understand that the majority of the universe is unknowable. Clarity pertains to our next step only as we seek to gather insights from our experiences.

We gain the pearls of wisdom from our uncomfortable human experiences, until we are able to pull free from the fear that causes the discomfort. We continue this inner cleansing until we have removed layer after layer of fear. In doing this, we push our perception until it moves beyond mortal boundaries. This desire to push the perimeter of the known is what is called living a path with heart or living on the crest of the wave.

When there is no destination, it follows that there is also no preferable point along the journey. Therefore, one in separation consciousness is as important in the big picture as one who has realized he is all things. Both are equally perfect.

Humility is crucial as we walk the spiritual path. If we imagine the path as an unending ladder that spirals upward, any belief system only takes us up one rung. If we choose to remain in the role of master on a particular rung, then we become stuck. When we have mastered one rung, that is the signal for the universe to bump us up to the next rung, where we are a student again.

The realization that our purpose is “to be” and that Spirit will reveal to us when we need to act, is liberating. It frees us from striving for a specific outcome. We can relax with the confidence that we will be guided to act when appropriate and that we can truly focus on the moment, the place of all power.

The present moment is the position in the center of the figure eight of time where the loop of the past and the loop of the future meet. The Mayans called it the zuvuya. In relation to the physical body, the two loops meet in the life force center, which for most people is located behind the bellybutton. Since time travels in loops, where we have been we will be again, and where we are going, we have already been. The loops are spiraling upward so each time we travel the loop, it is a little higher in awareness.

The life force center is the power point within the physical body. During the ascension process it will rise to the heart center.

When we resist the moment, a thought forms. Thoughts place us either in the future or the past, which throws us off balance and into a weakened state. We cannot become a master as long as we resist life. To concern ourselves about yesterday, tomorrow or the next three steps on our path is a waste of energy. If we feel anxious or pressured, we are missing the fact that everything is perfect and we have forgotten that we all have what we need to fulfill our life’s blueprint.

Living in the moment initially brings with it some disconcerting side effects. The biggest one is loss of memory. We may have difficulty remembering yesterday. Even recalling what happened hours ago could be taxing. I may say, “Last week I went to the beach,” and my son will correct me, “but Mother, that was yesterday!” It may as well have been last week, for I have experienced a thousand present moments since yesterday.

Another factor contributing to the loss of memory is the fact that linear time is collapsing because it is connected with the earth’s electromagnetic fields, and those fields are deteriorating.





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Thanks for posting such beautiful information. Isn't Zuvuya connected to Zurvan? I know It kinda different but reminds me of him.

Thanks, looks like a few keys or re-mind-(h)-ers.

 tarot card of the cosmic fool also seems to come up after reading this, WBV.

how can we become "God" when there is only one creator that created us all as souls breathed into human bodies? if we were "gods" it would mean we would have the power to create and be able to breathe souls into bodies  and create things out of nothing?  but this leads back to the fact that if we have to evolve into "gods" what about the ONE GOD that created us ?

Dear shaz rez, In this video you can find a more clear and vast explanation to your question, there is way more than catch the eye, is by the same autor of this texts, please check it out:


("what is a God" by Almine), by the way there is a difference between "God" with a capitol "G" and a "god", and there is also much more to that word than the asception we traditionaly take for granted, here at The Resistance you can find a huge amount of information about it, look around :-) Wholeness.

Thank you :)



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