What do you believe happens after we die?

Why do you believe what you believe?


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I'll check it out thanks. It looks like its just another anecdotal :)....but allright.

Astral travel

I've tried it and failed. I wish there would be an easier way of knowing what happens after we die.

Not speaking to any one topic, but many of the books or material you can find around are happening now. - For instance the planes theory, where people play out any desires until they are free of them and ready to reincarnate. This is of course happening on Earth.

Heaven and Hell - is of course Earth, both are here.

When we die, it is the same as going to sleep, you've died plenty of times already, getting used to that concept makes the thought of finishing the incarnation just another days sleep. My only hope is, full ascension and/or death will be more liberating from the controlling influences seeking to hold us back here.

I should add, you'll create the conditions, the environment, whatever is around you, and it'll only be limited by your beliefs and whatever is sucking energy (de-sire, under a sire). So remember when you die, you'll be controlling all of it, it'll make the transition much more enjoyable, and so is a good program/state of mind to run.

death/daath = knowledge
di = 2

not everyone dies (splits) some try (3) and connect to the spirit or whatever you want to call it. It is a smooth transition to whatever is next for you, just like blinking your eyes.

DMT and those experiences will bring you into death/daath/knowledge

we are immortal as energy, whether the energy we are is conscious of itself or not we have the opportunity to become alive in it while we are here, we just need to try (tri, 3) and many things will become available for us. As we choose to take the next step, it is made for us.

by the way, the whole light at the end of the tunnel thing is a bit misleading because you actually should be the light and carrying that into the dark....not the other way around. Don't be like the in-sect that is just stuck on the light and flies right into it.

One thing you want to avoid is be mesmerized by the light at the end of the tunnel.  It is a device aliens use to trap souls.  Not only that, they will present you with holograms of loved ones to lure you.  There are various areas where one can go, depending on belief systems and levels of awareness.  If you believe Jesus exists you will end up in that part of the galaxy where he resides.  Some who belief there is no life after that are at a complete loss as in many cases they don't know they are dead and still attempt to talk to incarnate beings.  To get out of the astral matrix, go to the Library at the upper 4th.  If you haven't learned your lessons or if you are not mature enough you won't be allowed to go there.



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