I am currently in the Amazon jungle of Peru and have been experiencing the magical energy of this place, it's people as well as animals and plants over several week now. Found this article written by Steve Byers, author of a great book "Singing to the plants" - I can really agree about the following:

"Communities become strong and relationships grow deeper on the basis of the songs and stories we sing and tell each other, and by our willingness to be transparentm and vulnerable and accountable to each other"


"The spirits are all here, with us, right now.
This world is as magical - as filled with ogres and allies, signs and mysteries - as the miraculous world of the vision fast."

I hope you will find the article as useful as I have. Below is my personal site and FB page where I talk more about the indigenous communities and events happening in the Amazon.



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I believe that good spirits want to help create peace and understaning and the negative spirits want nothing but to hurt or play with us and mess with us.

Since i commune with spirits ranging on all channels all at once a clear language is found that promotes ideas and useful ways to create peace. i have a tendency to kill off negative energies however so for now i can only say that negative spirits see us as toys they can play with but i've researched ways to counter them.



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