Just a quick survey, what direction do you sleep. Keep in mind the Sun rises to the East if you are curious to the direction without a compass.

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Hey G switch to the SE and see what happens.
my head facing south east? will try tonight
facing west.
I sleep North-South
I sleep head to North, feet South
My bed is aligned North and South. My head North and feet South.
Feet facing East. Racing towards the morning sun, I wonder if aligning with the Earth's rotation has any effects on the body/mind..
I sleep with my feet toward the west and my head toward the east. I also always sleep on the right side of the bed.
I sleep with my head to the south-east, the bed is on a diagonal in a corner away from the wall. I've tried moving the bed and I don't sleep at all and just move it back at like four in the morning.
my mother always told me to put my bed with my head to the north, since i was a little kid. but now my head is to the south. shes very stuck to the believe. somethign about the north i am not sure. i will give the angel (angle) a shot... funny thing is i move way to much.. i start on one side and end up complately different side.. my dreams been realy vivid since i was a kid. i seen my self in a nother time explaining my self evolution... i decoded my dream and told me alot about the future, the past and present. i am not sure if the angles are playing a big part in my galaxtic trips... i also see alot of dead people at times. or friends like present friends. alot of girls i see them before i meet them in my dreams..



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