Just a quick survey, what direction do you sleep. Keep in mind the Sun rises to the East if you are curious to the direction without a compass.

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My head is on the south side of my bed and feet north
i sometimes sleep with my head to the east and west
SE, my bed is on an angle I'm a direction al sleeper, if I sleep in certain direction I'm guaranteed to go into a different world, sometimes not so pleasant. When I face North I go into a Buddhist or Tibetan world every time, it is very strange there nobody talks and there are very weird animals with many eyes that move very fast. I can go to that world anytime I face North. SE for me is more of what is going on with me personally, low interference, but always requires that the bed not be lined up with the wall in the room to achieve.
Cool, except the animal part I find that disturbing. But my head is pointing straight towards East, wonder what world is that :-) So are you suggesting that the bed shouldn't be connected to the wall?

In this case I'm not suggesting anything I'm a directional sleeper I'm not sure if everyone is. I have noticed many Western Homes are not properly Feng Shui and are often pointed to none productive angels I mean angles hehehe. I've also noticed the bedroom walls are always off but of course one will always line their bed to the wall. But again your talking to a scientist, sometimes mad :-) so coming into my room or even my house is like warping through a portal. lol. Crystals live everywhere, running wild, they seem to have a mind of their own, sometimes they leave with people and them come back.
I suppose I sleep East to west.
oh, you know what, I change positions often. I sleep across the bed, from the head to the tow, from the tow to the head, and from corner to corner, whatever feels right at that moment u know. ;)
I sleep head to the south feet to the north, and i noticed i have more pleasant loving dreams when i do. i dream about all the people i love and just wake up feeling great. Then i tried sleeping head north feet south and i had lust filled dreams and the people in these dreams i don't recognize or know. i wake up feeling empty.
Head to the east and feet to the west.
I sleep with my head to the East, my feet to the west.
I sleep on my left side.
I too need total darkness to sleep well and no sounds.....so I use ear plugs and and eye mask.
Feet to the East and my head to the south..
my head is facing east, feet west



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