Do we turn to ash and let the world continue?  Do we become a figment of reality?  Does another world await us as the previous one shuts down?


I'm aware that many may not know for sure but I am positive one has even experienced death and is to reply from their current dimension.

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Excellent information; I will definitely look into the Akashik Record.  Unfortunately it would suck to reincarnate in this universe again.  I have hopes to reincarnate in another no matter how different.  The journey would be worth it. 


Some say the "spiral" or "tunnel" one sees in a near-death experience is a transition to another universe.

A new begining;)
i have read in matrix 5 that when you are done incarnating all your incarnations go to your higher self .Maybe thats what it is to go forword into a higher world with all your experience.and the ability to be past duality.I understand that you could still manifest in a body.We are lower representations of ourselves and can be higher representations of self. I guess another thing is when someone does they can be caught up in rings according to monroe books 1,2 and 3 when constructs of various beliefs exist,i hope that never happens to me(again)SAY NO 2 SATURN. wholene$
Another interesting reply.  I thank you for your insight and will definitely take a look into your sources.

I recommend listening to this talk that sevan did a few weeks ago


Temple Grandin did a nice job of connecting death and change to a "door'.

Da'at is an interesting term to look into.



Hi everyone,

thank you for the discussion post Phenom, I too was thinking about this last night and it seemed pretty clear to me too that being recycle was possible as I sometimes feel and envision another lifetime I was once a part of. Thank you all for the resource. peace and wholeness



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