what are the radiation dangers of cell phone and laptops if any?

i know the internet is regulated in america so searching it on google wont get me any solid answers

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I use quartz crystals around my office and on my body a pendant.  Here is a nice blog site that explains different options:

Pendants as Radiation Protection [link to this info below]
Around your neck, add to this a lapis lazuli pendant (of at least 25 grams or 125 carats) as a stabilizing force. Edgar Cayce frequently recommended lapis lazuli to be worn as a pendant. But you can also consider malachite or azurite. Let your intuition guide you as to which is more suitable for you.


Radiation from cellphones and laptops is a serious challenge which all ways has a solution just like any challenge. Being aware as you are is the first key. The biofield is effected around the body. It makes our bodies work harder instead of smarter in order to keep the field healthy and in the flow of life. If one already has weakness these frequencies make the field even weaker making recovery from illness difficult. Strategies are available in order to neutralize these fields such as Vastu. Vastu technology  includes pyramid structures placed in certain patterns in the home, burying hematite and other crystaline structures burying them in the earth around the home and near any cell phone towers in your town/city. These things repolarize the energetics thus neutralizing the effects on the biofield. Using only emf pendants and so forth only are a piece rather I see it best as does Dr. Forbes and Marshall to actually remediate the whole area of your home and/or town.



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