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This lends support to what I mentioned about evocations from Cabala and the merging of other life forms going awry causing Jerusalem Syndrome, Babylonian Syndrome, and Kundalini Syndrome.

The Shamanic View of Mental Illness

In the shamanic view, mental illness signals “the birth of a healer,” explains Malidoma Patrice Somé.  Thus, mental disorders are spiritual emergencies, spiritual crises, and need to be regarded as such to aid the healer in being born.

What those in the West view as mental illness, the Dagara people regard as “good news from the other world.”  The person going through the crisis has been chosen as a medium for a message to the community that needs to be communicated from the spirit realm.  “Mental disorder, behavioral disorder of all kinds, signal the fact that two obviously incompatible energies have merged into the same field,” says Dr. Somé.  These disturbances result when the person does not get assistance in dealing with the presence of the energy from the spirit realm.

One of the things Dr. Somé encountered when he first came to the United States in 1980 for graduate study was how this country deals with mental illness.  When a fellow student was sent to a mental institute due to “nervous depression,” Dr. Somé went to visit him.

“I was so shocked.  That was the first time I was brought face to face with what is done here to people exhibiting the same symptoms I’ve seen in my village.”  What struck Dr. Somé was that the attention given to such symptoms was based on pathology, on the idea that the condition is something that needs to stop.  This was in complete opposition to the way his culture views such a situation.  As he looked around the stark ward at the patients, some in straitjackets, some zoned out on medications, others screaming, he observed to himself, “So this is how the healers who are attempting to be born are treated in this culture.  What a loss!  What a loss that a person who is finally being aligned with a power from the other world is just being wasted.”

Another way to say this, which may make more sense to the Western mind, is that we in the West are not trained in how to deal or even taught to acknowledge the existence of psychic phenomena, the spiritual world.  In fact, psychic abilities are denigrated.  When energies from the spiritual world emerge in a Western psyche, that individual is completely unequipped to integrate them or even recognize what is happening.  The result can be terrifying.  Without the proper context for and assistance in dealing with the breakthrough from another level of reality, for all practical purposes, the person is insane.  Heavy dosing with anti-psychotic drugs compounds the problem and prevents the integration that could lead to soul development and growth in the individual who has received these energies.

On the mental ward, Dr Somé saw a lot of “beings” hanging around the patients, “entities” that are invisible to most people but that shamans and psychics are able to see.  “They were causing the crisis in these people,” he says.  It appeared to him that these beings were trying to get the medications and their effects out of the bodies of the people the beings were trying to merge with, and were increasing the patients’ pain in the process.  “The beings were acting almost like some kind of excavator in the energy field of people.  They were really fierce about that.  The people they were doing that to were just screaming and yelling,” he said.  He couldn’t stay in that environment and had to leave.

In the Dagara tradition, the community helps the person reconcile the energies of both worlds–”the world of the spirit that he or she is merged with, and the village and community.”  That person is able then to serve as a bridge between the worlds and help the living with information and healing they need.  Thus, the spiritual crisis ends with the birth of another healer.  “The other world’s relationship with our world is one of sponsorship,” Dr. Somé explains.  “More often than not, the knowledge and skills that arise from this kind of merger are a knowledge or a skill that is provided directly from the other world.”

The beings who were increasing the pain of the inmates on the mental hospital ward were actually attempting to merge with the inmates in order to get messages through to this world.  The people they had chosen to merge with were getting no assistance in learning how to be a bridge between the worlds and the beings’ attempts to merge were thwarted.  The result was the sustaining of the initial disorder of energy and the aborting of the birth of a healer.

“The Western culture has consistently ignored the birth of the healer,” states Dr. Somé.  “Consequently, there will be a tendency from the other world to keep trying as many people as possible in an attempt to get somebody’s attention.  They have to try harder.”  The spirits are drawn to people whose senses have not been anesthetized.  “The sensitivity is pretty much read as an invitation to come in,” he notes.

Those who develop so-called mental disorders are those who are sensitive, which is viewed in Western culture as oversensitivity.  Indigenous cultures don’t see it that way and, as a result, sensitive people don’t experience themselves as overly sensitive.  In the West, “it is the overload of the culture they’re in that is just wrecking them,” observes Dr. Somé.  The frenetic pace, the bombardment of the senses, and the violent energy that characterize Western culture can overwhelm sensitive people.

Schizophrenia and Foreign Energy

With schizophrenia, there is a special “receptivity to a flow of images and information, which cannot be controlled,” stated Dr. Somé.  “When this kind of rush occurs at a time that is not personally chosen, and particularly when it comes with images that are scary and contradictory, the person goes into a frenzy.”

What is required in this situation is first to separate the person’s energy from the extraneous foreign energies, by using shamanic practice (what is known as a “sweep”) to clear the latter out of the individual’s aura.  With the clearing of their energy field, the person no longer picks up a flood of information and so no longer has a reason to be scared and disturbed, explains Dr. Somé.

Then it is possible to help the person align with the energy of the spirit being attempting to come through from the other world and give birth to the healer.  The blockage of that emergence is what creates problems.  “The energy of the healer is a high-voltage energy,” he observes.  “When it is blocked, it just burns up the person.  It’s like a short-circuit.  Fuses are blowing.  This is why it can be really scary, and I understand why this culture prefers to confine these people.  Here they are yelling and screaming, and they’re put into a straitjacket.  That’s a sad image.”  Again, the shamanic approach is to work on aligning the energies so there is no blockage, “fuses” aren’t blowing, and the person can become the healer they are meant to be.

It needs to be noted at this point, however, that not all of the spirit beings that enter a person’s energetic field are there for the purposes of promoting healing.  There are negative energies as well, which are undesirable presences in the aura.  In those cases, the shamanic approach is to remove them from the aura, rather than work to align the discordant energies

Alex:  Crazy in the USA, Healer in Africa

To test his belief that the shamanic view of mental illness holds true in the Western world as well as in indigenous cultures, Dr. Somé took a mental patient back to Africa with him, to his village.  “I was prompted by my own curiosity to find out whether there’s truth in the universality that mental illness could be connected with an alignment with a being from another world,” says Dr. Somé.

Alex was an 18-year-old American who had suffered a psychotic break when he was 14.  He had hallucinations, was suicidal, and went through cycles of dangerously severe depression.  He was in a mental hospital and had been given a lot of drugs, but nothing was helping.  “The parents had done everything–unsuccessfully,” says Dr. Somé.  “They didn’t know what else to do.”

With their permission, Dr. Somé took their son to Africa.  “After eight months there, Alex had become quite normal, Dr. Somé reports.  He was even able to participate with healers in the business of healing; sitting with them all day long and helping them, assisting them in what they were doing with their clients . . . . He spent about four years in my village.”  Alex stayed by choice, not because he needed more healing.  He felt, “much safer in the village than in America.”

To bring his energy and that of the being from the spiritual realm into alignment, Alex went through a shamanic ritual designed for that purpose, although it was slightly different from the one used with the Dagara people.  “He wasn’t born in the village, so something else applied.  But the result was similar, even though the ritual was not literally the same,” explains Dr. Somé.  The fact that aligning the energy worked to heal Alex demonstrated to Dr. Somé that the connection between other beings and mental illness is indeed universal.

After the ritual, Alex began to share the messages that the spirit being had for this world.  Unfortunately, the people he was talking to didn’t speak English (Dr. Somé was away at that point).  The whole experience led, however, to Alex’s going to college to study psychology.  He returned to the United States after four years because “he discovered that all the things that he needed to do had been done, and he could then move on with his life.”

The last that Dr. Somé heard was that Alex was in graduate school in psychology at Harvard.  No one had thought he would ever be able to complete undergraduate studies, much less get an advanced degree.

Dr. Somé sums up what Alex’s mental illness was all about:  “He was reaching out.  It was an emergency call.  His job and his purpose was to be a healer.  He said no one was paying attention to that.”

After seeing how well the shamanic approach worked for Alex, Dr. Somé concluded that spirit beings are just as much an issue in the West as in his community in Africa.  “Yet the question still remains, the answer to this problem must be found here, instead of having to go all the way overseas to seek the answer.  There has to be a way in which a little bit of attention beyond the pathology of this whole experience leads to the possibility of coming up with the proper ritual to help people.

Longing for Spiritual Connection

A common thread that Dr. Somé has noticed in “mental” disorders in the West is “a very ancient ancestral energy that has been placed in stasis, that finally is coming out in the person.”  His job then is to trace it back, to go back in time to discover what that spirit is.  In most cases, the spirit is connected to nature, especially with mountains or big rivers, he says.

In the case of mountains, as an example to explain the phenomenon, “it’s a spirit of the mountain that is walking side by side with the person and, as a result, creating a time-space distortion that is affecting the person caught in it.”  What is needed is a merger or alignment of the two energies, “so the person and the mountain spirit become one.”  Again, the shaman conducts a specific ritual to bring about this alignment.

Dr. Somé believes that he encounters this situation so often in the United States because “most of the fabric of this country is made up of the energy of the machine, and the result of that is the disconnection and the severing of the past.  You can run from the past, but you can’t hide from it.”  The ancestral spirit of the natural world comes visiting.  “It’s not so much what the spirit wants as it is what the person wants,” he says.  “The spirit sees in us a call for something grand, something that will make life meaningful, and so the spirit is responding to that.”

That call, which we don’t even know we are making, reflects “a strong longing for a profound connection, a connection that transcends materialism and possession of things and moves into a tangible cosmic dimension.  Most of this longing is unconscious, but for spirits, conscious or unconscious doesn’t make any difference.”  They respond to either.

As part of the ritual to merge the mountain and human energy, those who are receiving the “mountain energy” are sent to a mountain area of their choice, where they pick up a stone that calls to them.  They bring that stone back for the rest of the ritual and then keep it as a companion; some even carry it around with them.  “The presence of the stone does a lot in tuning the perceptive ability of the person,” notes Dr. Somé.  “They receive all kinds of information that they can make use of, so it’s like they get some tangible guidance from the other world as to how to live their life.”

When it is the “river energy,” those being called go to the river and, after speaking to the river spirit, find a water stone to bring back for the same kind of ritual as with the mountain spirit.

“People think something extraordinary must be done in an extraordinary situation like this,” he says.  That’s not usually the case.  Sometimes it is as simple as carrying a stone.

A Sacred Ritual Approach to Mental Illness

One of the gifts a shaman can bring to the Western world is to help people rediscover ritual, which is so sadly lacking.  “The abandonment of ritual can be devastating.  From the spiritual view, ritual is inevitable and necessary if one is to live,” Dr. Somé writes in Ritual:  Power, Healing, and Community. “To say that ritual is needed in the industrialized world is an understatement.  We have seen in my own people that it is probably impossible to live a sane life without it.”

Dr. Somé did not feel that the rituals from his traditional village could simply be transferred to the West, so over his years of shamanic work here, he has designed rituals that meet the very different needs of this culture.  Although the rituals change according to the individual or the group involved, he finds that there is a need for certain rituals in general.

One of these involves helping people discover that their distress is coming from the fact that they are “called by beings from the other world to cooperate with them in doing healing work.”  Ritual allows them to move out of the distress and accept that calling.

Another ritual need relates to initiation.  In indigenous cultures all over the world, young people are initiated into adulthood when they reach a certain age.  The lack of such initiation in the West is part of the crisis that people are in here, says Dr. Somé.  He urges communities to bring together “the creative juices of people who have had this kind of experience, in an attempt to come up with some kind of an alternative ritual that would at least begin to put a dent in this kind of crisis.”

Another ritual that repeatedly speaks to the needs of those coming to him for help entails making a bonfire, and then putting into the bonfire “items that are symbolic of issues carried inside the individuals . . . It might be the issues of anger and frustration against an ancestor who has left a legacy of murder and enslavement or anything, things that the descendant has to live with,” he explains.  “If these are approached as things that are blocking the human imagination, the person’s life purpose, and even the person’s view of life as something that can improve, then it makes sense to begin thinking in terms of how to turn that blockage into a roadway that can lead to something more creative and more fulfilling.”

The example of issues with an ancestors touches on rituals designed by Dr. Somé that address a serious dysfunction in Western society and in the process “trigger enlightenment” in participants.  These are ancestral rituals, and the dysfunction they are aimed at is the mass turning-of-the-back on ancestors.  Some of the spirits trying to come through, as described earlier, may be “ancestors who want to merge with a descendant in an attempt to heal what they weren’t able to do while in their physical body.”

“Unless the relationship between the living and the dead is in balance, chaos ensues,” he says.  “The Dagara believe that, if such an imbalance exists, it is the duty of the living to heal their ancestors.  If these ancestors are not healed, their sick energy will haunt the souls and psyches of those who are responsible for helping them.”  The rituals focus on healing the relationship with our ancestors, both specific issues of an individual ancestor and the larger cultural issues contained in our past.  Dr. Somé has seen extraordinary healing occur at these rituals.

Taking a sacred ritual approach to mental illness rather than regarding the person as a pathological case gives the person affected–and indeed the community at large–the opportunity to begin looking at it from that vantage point too, which leads to “a whole plethora of opportunities and ritual initiative that can be very, very beneficial to everyone present,” states. Dr. Somé.

The Shamanic View of Mental Illness

by Stephanie Marohn (featuring Malidoma Patrice Somé)

(Excerpted from The Natural Medicine Guide to Schizophrenia,

pages 178-189, or The Natural Medicine Guide to Bi-polar Disorder)

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Thankyou for all the postings. Sharing..  and now I share..

I have worked in the field of wards where all are sectioned.  I have seen people in the zombie state, medicated to who knows where.. and those with stitches holding their flesh together where they have self harmed so fiercely. Much I could share of the things in these places, but, I am choosing to share of my way....My healing ways, and the effects it has.

I believe we are vibrational beings. all of us.  We are energy. Everything in the universe is energy.

I have and do, run groups, where I encourage the individual to create. Creativity is in our nature. Some people are afraid to go outside, wanting to be cuccooned...protected.  I give them a reason to go outside, that they want to participate in, that they interract with nature. 

In interracting with nature, we are soothed. calmed. nurtured. healed.

One man said to me.."thankyou, I had no reason to go into a park, or walk outside, or do something like that.. now you have given me a reason, that I can do it..."  he had a focus. a point of attention that he was interracting with, within nature.

I asked people, to go look for their 'gifts'!  their 'found objects', that nature was giving them.  That they may find a piece of bark, with an animal image in it, or a stone, pebble, that also drew their attention. Leaves....whose veins made them look like trees, of orange, red, blues, greens, etc....of veins like ours, running through our body.....just the same.....connecting..

When we have a pebble, stone, crystal, feather, something that is of this beautiful Earth, and we hold it, have it in our pocket, on a necklace, in a pouch, etc, we are carrying an activating energy.

Add to this....other factors.

When I hold a group, there may be many there who are labelled 'high risk', to self, or others, but, I am of a vibratory level that it will not affect. Much like the Dr that Sevan referred to, I do not believe that western ways are adequate and in many ways are a hindrance to the welfare of the being.  By the time a person has come to be in my presence, they are very much in 'the system'. The self love has gone. the fear is mighty. Destructive patterns and programmings have rooted.  So, I spend time in the room, before they come in, and prepare......

I am not always allowed to burn incence...(fire hazard) so, I believe strongly in the help of nature, so, I will then wear the oil upon my person.  I, become the conduit of the field of energy. I magnetise. I generate. I am in control.

So.. my preparation in the room begins.....before anyone is there.  I sing, hum.....align, atune......until......anything at all entering the room, enters into sanctuary. safe. whole. no threat. love. compassion. healing. acceptance. forgiveness. agape love.  I will have already encouraged the bringing of things from nature, flowers, earth, leaves, bark, stones, feathers, anything at all....they are drawn to.

I will have aroma, light, nature, tone. vibration. energy. 

some....just a lizard basks in the sunshine.....they look peaceful, tranquil. calm. I smile, reassure them,

letting them know, they are welcomed, accepted, safe. Important and valuable that their presence is valuable. They are very important.

This....awakens see it in the eyes. To see someone make a mark on some paper, an act of creativity....and feel awed, as I display it upon the wall....for they felt so little worth, they saw nothing they did,, becomes restored.

One day, I started a new pilot scheme in the hospital.. we were given a small fund, to buy soil, plant pots, seeds... I sat with one patient for the whole afternoon, until, she completed the act of putting soil in a pot with some seeds in it and watering it.  She was like the zombie... but, I got through to her.  The plant, she conected with, they all did, it gave them something to see that they nurtured.....they were responsible for......and it was good.

My message : You can empower yourself, heal yourself, help yourself, take back the control, over yourself.. and find the joy in life again, that you can, through nature, creative expression, be it humming, singing, dance, drumming, instruments, music, writing, story telling, making things with your hands... arts, etc...become more of whom you really want to be. Allowing the inner you to surface, giving yourself freedoms that have been taken or given away.

We are capable of re programming our programmings.  of taking steps, on the path to change, transformation.  There is for each one of us, individual ways....for we each have unique experience.....backgrounds.

The effects of trauma, and repeated trauma...does decompartmentalise. no doubt about it. It is what it is. However, as one who is there to help... remember that you are of a vibratory frequency, that you can enhance.  In maintaing your frequency, your vibration, the vibratory field  is of a core resonance.  this resonance with long rooted. deep, beyond even the comprehension of conception to many, yet, there is no need for the inaccuracy of words, and their incompleteness, for it is frequency, dimension, vibration.  and as such, it vibrates in those fields it is. 

Such a conduit / generator of energy/vibration, is a torus.  it changes that which comes into contact. It can repel, or attract, or fuse.

An elderly gentleman yesterday said to me......sent me an email after meeting me, said : I would like to just sit in silence and feed off of your energy, .....

To some, alarm bells would be ringing, 'vampiric', some would say..... but......why am I here?  why are you here?  if not to make a difference....:  We are like life the starving....... giving of a vibration that is rare and precious, like the mineral salts that our body craves......and it is depleating it s resources unless we balance the cell salts, ( check out Realm Dynamics site).

We should, be able to maintain our core balance of energy, enough that it is more than enough for us....that those in need can feed, in a way that is restorative to the point that they can self generate. Give them the tools and they will do it. Teach by being the example. By being a Living witness.  One whom is living the Way.  The Way Shower. The Path Builder, clearer...shaman, whatever you want to call it.....


it starts with you.  yourself.  Recall:  Before any enter the room, I do my 'shamanic work' generating...aligning.....filling me up, drinking til I overflow.....not a molecule could miss the energy generated.....all...without exception, are affected.  So, the good Dr, in many ways, resonates.....we each have something we can bring to the much more I can say....but this is enough for now.  wholeness!

this is incredible. thanks for your presence and all that you do.

This article helped me a great deal with my mother's earlier diagnosis of paranoid/schizophrenia. We as a family always thought that this was our reality with our mother. Since my recent awakening I have been able to understand that this is an incorrect assumption. I also feel that it is a way to disallow those who are experiencing the other realms to be silenced through medications and reprogramming. My mother, now 78, came into her abilities at age 50. She used the pain of her current reality to create on canvas, paper, and clay the reality she knew was possible.  I was completely amazed at some of the work she created. Early on it seemed like a novelty or hobby but she took it quite serious. I wasn't able to really appreciate it all until my awakening when I was thrust into a similar world through a self-induced DMT experience.  Then I knew. My mother has always been a healer for herself, but never would she have to fight for her very existence until certain programmed family members decided that she needed to be evaluated for her sanity.  We as a family became extremely divided on this issue.  It was this article that gave me my most recent strength to fight county hospital doctors and remove her from a situation where she was being medicated and almost silenced forever. Luckily, one of my siblings joined forces with me and we are successfully pursuing guardianship in order that she might be able to reach her healing potential. . Don't let anyone tell you that your parents are hopeless, insane , and sick if you know different. These doctors and institutions are not thinking in your loved ones best interest. Challenge them with what you learn here, in your meditations, and always seek truth. Mom is strong and soon will be safely in the guardianship of those family members that love her and await more of her healing gifts. 

Coral, thank you for your strength and resolve and insights with your mother and the situation in wholeness.  Creativity - is my field of work, and there is increased energy in creativity. 
Your mother will benefit greatly from having at her convenience all the things that she is enabled to create with around if she wants to create a tactile piece with airdry clay, let her, or a mozaic, or paint, draw, charcoal, what ever is her feeling.. it may even be something natural, like she wants to create hanging baskets with beautiful plants growing....enabling her, giving her the materials she needs, or helping her to order off of the internet, will be fantastic for her.  Also, very rewarding for those caring for her... Many places in communities across the world, are having exhibitions of what people create, a kind of telling of their 'story', these can be in cafe's, libraries, galleries, parks, many places.  If there is not a gathering near you, you can also head one up, create one, and generally, there is funding available for such things, as it is a help and needed support in the community.  It is 'inclusion'.  not exclusion. 

Colours and flows and patterns...with in a creative piece....tell a can get lost in a world of one's own making instead of the painful reality that has been the environment of the creator. We are all creators.  However, the power gets taken from us. The medications, make one very sleepy, lathargic, no energy...zombie.. forgetful, time just goes by....meaningless....people are like the cattle just herded and injected, dosed up and rounded up. Institutional life, is no loving home.

As a carer, you have Power of Atourney.  You also have support as a carer, in the UK there is the Princess Royal Trust, to aid carers, to advocate, give advice, support.  I do not know in USA what carers aid there is.  Making your mama feel secure, loved and wanted, that she is valuable, that her life has meaning, she is important...special, so very special...letting her hear those words....maybe even playing some youtube videos of louise hay, or Abraham Hicks, more louise hay really I think, will be of benefit....quietly playing in the background as she does her painting, re installing the positive enrgy.

Giving her beauty to look at, be energised plants. Nothing does it quite like nature!  Windows open hearing the birds!....feeling the breeze on your skin and the rays of the sun... even the rain drops...refresh.

I recall one time... a dear lady, we had met weekly for many months, and then I was told she had emergency heart surgery, and she thought that was it for her.  She had successful surgery, but recovery was to take a year, I knew her devastation and walked one time in the rain.....I felt so alive, each drop upon my skin....running its rivers to the ground...I got home and wrote.. wrote about the rain, the life that is so precious...each day is so very matter what we face...we are precious...  and in this moment, we are life. we are life experiencing itself.  producing itself.  I gave her the writings...and she cried....she felt emotion....release...encouragement, hope to carry on, her whole life had been put on hold, changed, in an instantt......all that was, changed.

when we feel and experience life change in radical, we need the reassurance, the love and support around us.  Someone to point out the beauty, the joy, the life force us to experience and connect again.

In institutions, and under medications, we can and do need this sooo much.  Thank you for your dear mama, and all the support you are giving her....notice, how you, yourself, are coming into your own healing abilities, your own strengths, and wisdoms... notice your energies, and how you are enabled with your own higher abilities. Feed and nurture you too!

Amazing, I have seen this in people and had no idea what I was seeing until I read this...
As a recent mental ward escapee, (I did it legally, hah) I feel I must reply to this post. I have been going through my own awakening over the last few years. It has been rough. It finally came to a head when I sought help, and instead of giving me weekly therapy like I asked, a cop misrepresented my words to a hospital and legally bound me to being committed. While in the ward I saw the throat of the beast from withoing its jaws. It was eating people. There is an agressive campaign in the West to cause suicide and homicide. While there I was adamant about not being suicidal, about wanting to get back to work and life, but refused pills. I and other people who took this stance were kept committed by any means necessary. But those who were clearly suicidal and accepted drugs were let out on a lark. Combine that with the statistics of most suicides and homicides being done on prescription drugs, and what is revealed is a wide net cast to genetically engineer the West to be rid of psychics via a system of modern Darwinian Eugenics. So I activated, and saw my imprisionment as an opportunity to shine my light, healing both patients and nurses (whos fear and frustration enitites also feed on) around me, whilst sidestepping and aggrivating the true vampires. They tried to power play me, but soon patients and nurses started taking my lead. Nurses started 'pawning' unconrollable patients off on me, though not explicitly. Then I threatened to bring the local community down on their head, and destroy their little drug cartel from the inside out.

I read Malidoma Somes book Ritual in college and it flipped my paradigm upside down. One day I said in class while we read the book, "A rock vibrates. I vibrate. We are both emitting information. We are having communication issues." I graduated in product design, hoping to create sustainable products. But all we did was heat, beat and treat the most toxic materials we could find to create what is just a 3d image. It was still Earth, but twisted by chaos thinking. I saw quickly after graduating that corporations had no intention of being sustainable, it was only a marketing ploy. When customers really dont know the meaning of true sustainablility, it is easy to greenwash a product without changing anything real. Somes book kept ringing in my head, but I had to go to work and make cash. Over the years I developed bipolar coping mechanism. I had to steel my nerves every day I had to go to work and assume more karma for the sake of monopoly money fiat notes aka dollar bills. Sometimes I couldnt stomach the karma, and my 'work performance' suffered. I felt lost and devolved into compulsive addictions. My life tumbled into ill behavior until I ended up in the ward.

And then I saw how I could heal people just by being there, listening to their so called psychosis, ratifying their condition, accepting them as they were. I think most psychic sensitives would get through their psychosis quickly if it were not for the fear and projections of those around them. People who previously gave supposedly unconditional love then replaced it with judgement, ridicule and recrimination. I know this experience first hand. I have much healing yet to do, but when I can remember to be there for myself the way I found it wasy to be there with the other mental patients.

Thanks Sevan for posting this article, it has helped solidify my resolve that I am not perma broken, and inspired me to look more deeply into shamanic healing.

Infinite becoming wholeness in balance.

Wow. It is so nice to see information about this. I have been wanting to get more information out there about what goes on in these places. As I had spent most of my life in and out of institutions since about 13 , I am 44 now. I finally realized that it was not helping me. I took myself off all medication and got out of the "mental health system". Started studying different beliefs and herbal remedies/plants. I have been able to feel better but still struggle a little. I have been searching for more answers so I can help myself and others. I wish there was more out there on getting alternative help.

I have gone through a similar group of situations in the past year, the more messages I received and responded to the more I found myself at odds with my family. After leaving my home and not leaving a note my family called the authorities and had me sent to a hospital. The hospital force medicated and extended the time I was admitted until I completed their program and then I was released. The whole ordeal was extremely distressing and changed my family dynamic completely. I have since discontinued the medication and any counseling started on Etherium Black a natural supplement for balance.
The part that makes me smile now is I know I didnt have a problem, especially because without the medication I am myself with the same abilities. I still receive and respond to messages. I am researching on how to improve myself as much as possible. I definitely am in the process of distancing myself from those that hospitalized me. I am glad to be back and feel deeply for those who are still going through that ordeal. Remember with knowledge action and going within no problem is too large.



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