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Mission Statement

Welcome to the Resistance my name is Sevan and it is Our continuing mission to bring the final phases of true enlightenment to those who feel they are ready to ascend beyond in this lifetime. Our efforts are focused around the highest esoteric knowledge and application or alchemy of the body. As the power must be placed in the hands of the people, We resist all gods and have the Creator as Our focal point. Our ultimate goal is to allow true reality, which is actuality, to reach the minds of the youth who have been sent to Our world to handle what We are to face in the future as a Species.

Who are We?

We are you at your level of graduation. We have walked many paths to ascension and are able to help you on whatever level you are currently engaged in. We are the beacon in the dark lighting your way to your next supernatural experience. We have assisted many in collecting their energy to break the illusion, thus We operate outside of the Illusion and many will find that their discovering Our existence at this point is far from coincidence, which there is no such thing.

Where does this all come from?

In life We have discovered deeper portals of truth and life beyond this frequency which We will call 3D. As man has showed externally that he is more fascinated with the discoveries of Outerspace, We began Our discoveries in “Inner”space which is where high knowledge can be found and one simply needs a correctly calibrated body to begin travel, rather than billions of dollars worth of metal and plastic. So much of what you see here has been extracted from outside of time, meaning it will not only show relevance in this world but in the next, as much of the information presented is the language of hyperspace.

What should I do next?

As this is a virtual community filled with individuals from various walks of life extending across the far reaches of the globe the first thing is to fill out your profile correctly. Esoteric knowledge level, current abilities, and experiences are all valuable in assisting Us in determining what you may have interfaced with already and what direction will generate the greatest benefit on your ever quest.

There has been a method developed here that works as a default and will need very little fine tuning. As We do not exist in time it is of most value that you get started as soon as possible. A simultaneous approach We feel will bring you into “the know” much more swiftly.

This includes educating yourself with the book the Code to the Matrix available for free download at various points on the site including the first page and under the forum tab. This information will bring you present to what is happening in this world from ancient times to this very moment. It will also give you a Cipher which gives you the ability to “decode” your life for its true meaning and the depth of your existence individual and collective.

As We work with mind and body there are a few things that can be done to the body to produce rapid results in levels of comprehension and physical experience of a spiritual nature, this is:

• A half tablespoon of baking soda in the morning to Alkalize the body and rid it of accumulated acidic toxins.
• Avoiding products laden with Fluoride, mainly toothpaste, in which you can substitute baking soda. Food Grade hydrogen peroxide 35% is also useful for strengthening gums etc. (please follow dilution instructions when using this substance.)
• MMS – Miracle Mineral Substance is hands down the “cure all” for the various ailments a person faces physically and mentally. This substance can be used to purify tap water, eradicate pathogens within the body, kill bacteria within the colon and intestinal line that effects consciousness, as it oxidizes the body. This is the equivalent to hours of deep breathing. You can find this substance located on the “Store” tab, very inexpensive, very effective.
• Chakra centers as mentioned in the book can also be cleaned with the application of various crystals placed on the chakra centers before sleep. There is no specific layout, one is encouraged to make a trip to a local crystal store and allow the particular crystals for you to lead you to them. As crystals are one of the purest living substances here in 3D, you will find great adventures in being acquainted with them.
• You will also find various frequencies uploaded in the Forum section entitled “Downloadable Tools”. These frequencies will help awaken chakras, balance Auric energy, tune your ears to other wavelengths, and open higher channels of communication. As everyone’s experience is unique there is nothing required except that you just play the tones during times of focus or relaxation and see what happens.
• For those who wish to find something for all immediate senses including visual, they can locate “full spectrum” lights or color lighting, preferably soft pastel colors, to change the configuration and mood of the body and mind.
• Lastly we recommend that you locate some “pure” essential oils. While sampling them We suggest you close your eyes and “smell” the experience. When you find the oil that brings you into memories that you don’t necessarily remember, you have found a trigger.

Keep in mind you do not have to do all of what is listed above to gain total experience. In each of these methods you will find benefits as they cater to sight, hearing, spell, and touch. There are other treats you will find the deeper you get into the site especially in the archives or older forum posts, video, photos, etc.

As you can see Our objective is to present everything that We know works for growing the spirit body to allow it to break free of the cube and its normality’s. One of Our primary objectives is to awake the Superhuman or H*** Luminous. This is not a mere idea and We have in fact awaken many of the stages of the advanced Being within individuals associated with the site, including myself. So thus We are speaking from actual experience and not from mere data.

We are here for you on your incredible journey that will be the most exciting time of your life as you will be awake. If you feel the urge to contribute to Our cause and continuation you can find the donation button on the bottom of the first page. All contributions are greatly appreciated as they allow Us to formulate more effective strategies in raising the total consciousness of the people.
Here are recent questions that I often address so I will start putting the questions and answers here so I can refer people to this post.
1.How do I properly mix/use MMS?
2.How do decalcify my pineal gland?
3.How do I obtain a physical copy of The Code To The Matrix?
4.How long should I go through the cleansing process with MMS, before I begin the use of monotomic gold?
5.How can a cleanse my body completely?
1. MMS should be mixed 5 drops in a gallon of water and allowed to site for 24 hours. This water should be your regular drinking supply as it will not contain fluoride or bacteria after the treatment.

2. Gotu Kola will assist you the most in decalcifying the pineal gland. Also herbs such as Alfalfa, Oregano, Parsley, Cilantro, etc. Include lots of these herbs in food.

3. The Code to the Matrix has not been printed in mass. So you will have to refer to the post "The Code to the Matrix" Printable Edition and have it printer as the black background has been changed to white to preserve ink.

4. Monatomics will accelerate the process and should be taken as soon as possible.
For much more detailed information in regards to Supplements click "here"
5. One of the greatest questions, be sure to take a good review of the Complete Internal Cleansing Kit by clicking "here"
Wholeness and Balance Vibration!
James Evans Bomar III
Founder of the Planetary Resistance

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Bro. Sevan THANK YOU! for this info. I came in contact with you through youtube searching for baking soda cures and found more than what i was looking for at the time. This is exactly what I needed!
Just the other day I was speaking to someone about wanting to manifest the knowledge thats in my head, I am excited about life and alive!! Thank you for the site!
Thanks for the information is very interesting and helpful.
Thank you. Priceless information.
Nice instruction set. I've been doing all of the above for over a year and promote these habits to everyone who will listen. I've amassed quite a link library of support for these choices in my quest to have people understand their value.
Thought I'd ask the group: I'm dealing with a dna-level disorder that affects my lungs. I've been researching how to 'repair' dna. I use EFT frequently, and have tried various protocols for balancing chakras, but so far it hasn't improved the breathing issue. And fyi, I've been highly focused on clearing out baggage from this life clear back to past lives for at least 20 years, also with only minor help with this issue. Evidently some karma wrapped up with it, but that of itself shouldn't mean it can't be cleared. Sooooo....any helpful information on this front would be most appreciated.
Im glad to be here, thanks seven.
Thank you for being here. I have been wondering around in the dark for a minute. More like I have been wandering around Lost. I was sprayed in the face with pepper spray and beaten by a police officer 2, almost 3 years ago during a "Back to School" Block Party for the children in my neighborhood. My case has been continued from one judge to another as I was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct, when in fact I did neither. When I turned down the deal from the DA, I was told that I would never get a jury trial. That I they were going to drop the resisting arrest and take me before a Judge on disorderly conduct and possession of a small amount of marijuana and give me 90 days in jail. They assigned me to a Judge who was due to retire. A week before I was supposed to appear before him, his lungs collapsed and he was hospitalized. He will not be returning to the bench. I have been on pre-trial supervision for the entire time. They have tried every trick in the book and still no trial. I have been before every judge and the case has been continued for one reason or another on the part of the prosecution, until now. There is a new prosecutor on the case who has decided to return the resisting arrest charge and take me before a jury. On Tuesday I go before the Dragon and its warriors. The energy that got me to this site, got me where I was meant to be, when I needed to be here. What's in the Dark always goes to DLighte (so I've been told). I am DLighte, DLighte shines in me. I was lost for a minute under the weight of all the negative forces that were surrounding me. I am not lost any more. The fact that I am here in this space in time partaking of the positive energy and arming myself with the knowledge that is being generated from this site has me charged. My spirit has been awaken in such a way that I look forward the to resisting the "Matrix" and its so-called "halls of justice."
I don't think DLighte is planning on giving up, not to mention if the Most High wanted to put you away it would have already been done. This has obviously been one of the greatest moments of growth in your life, so it is true what seems like a misfortunate situation is a gift, everything is in perspective. I can only also say Mr. Glass that the Most High is not a male, this is key in discovery of the Totality. PM me if you want to know more.
So true Sevan. This has been one of the greatest moments of growth in my life. I can feel it. Its like you say, everything that has happened up to this point is in preparation for what we are about to do. I have been negligent. I have been taking things for granted, slacking so to speak. Thinking I had it all together only to find out that for REAL, I am going to need more than my instincts this time. I have to get myself prepared. I need to get some MMS and to the "Downloadable Tools" in the Forum section ASAP!
Thank you Greg. I am trying to let the lawyer do their part. I am just focusing on keeping my thoughts pure. I swing back and forth. But I know ultimately I need to get balanced and stay balanced. Again thanks for the positive energy. I need it.
Thank you so much for all the information ! i've been looking for answers for a long time , looking for something but didn't know for what exactly and think i've just found an important part of it... thank you :-))



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