I have a few questions to ask those of you who work out/in.

Weight Training in particular.  As one who takes pride in my physical vessel I enjoy getting into the local gym and channeling energy.  I also like the "vibe" that gyms produce such as positivity etc.

Being a male I train in that energy primarily but also use elements of the feminine of course.

With heavy weight training, what supplements can we use?  I know food is important here but I'm talking about a scientific level where working out/in affects us.  Where certain minerals/vitamins etc deplete due to the physical exertion.

I use a blend I make up of Organic Hemp Protein and Organic Cacao Powder for the Post workout and daily intake.

What do others use?  I know Sevan works out with his crew.  Sevan do you have a weight training specified diet?

I am by no means an Arnold Schwarzenegger type athlete!!  I am just a physical being that understands the importance of not having a leaky boat so to speak.

Any input on this is much appreciated!



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You should check out Elliott Hulse.  I think you'll find some great stuff from him, he is very MBS with an edge.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ooezYxAf6f4&feature=c4-overview...

That's what I'm talking about Zen Alchemist!!!!

Elliott is great!! I spent most of yesterday watching his channel and I really dig it.

Thank you for pointing me in that direction my friend!!


You should be able2 get all your nutrients by eating healthy and checking the ratios of carbs, fats, and protein. A lot of the supplements out there are completely unhealthy. I like that hemp powder you/re on, natural. Creatine is a fine supplement you can buy that is an effective muscle booster and is found in foods. Creatine, along with actually going2 the gym, eating proper calorie and nutrient ratios, and the other stuff you/re taking will work wonders.



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