To respond to the request of many of what We suggest to read I now introduce (drum role) Weekly Reader. Basically I will post at least one book weekly that I highly recommend or currently reading. 

Currently I'm being instructed to change gears and start working on the inner body and mind more.  In order to do that fully there must be a firm innerstanding of the hyperdimensional situation here on Earth and the process of ascension within the Species itself. Its origins and the various existances that it encounters is something many have ignored as the Illuminati take the forefront of most esoteric conversations these days.

You will find Dr. Baldwin's work enhancing to your innerstanding of the situation some face when laden with foreign energies. In addition one should keep in mind all religions leave some level of residue and attachment, especially those steeped in ritual, thus it is very important for those who have been involved in such things to grasp what is being said here. The mind is the most powerful tool, probing the inner working of your own mind is the best place to discover.

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Having been entrenched in various forms of Christianity for all of my life until about 5 years ago. I still quite regularly discover underlying language and behaviors that are so engrained in my thinking it surprises me. I have recently taken to speaking directly to the entity being serviced with the words, "I will entreat no entity but the Most High/Creator", this has been a constant meditation in the last few weeks. Thank you very much for this much needed resource, this will be another step closer to the unraveling the tightly wound grip this practice has on the mind and thinking.
Audio Added! Enjoy ;-)
It is very good to see this post after all these years. Many things have taken place in the last 4 years, there unfortunately has remained one constant, my family is still very involved in the practice despite attempts to explain the stronghold the religion represents. Religions of all kinds seek to vamp energy from their converts. One must realize that they have the answers with proper guidance through information, going within and action. All challenges that have presented themselves to me since, although more difficult at times have been rectified with the invaluable information I have received through the Resistance. Members please get as much as you can from this resource it can be a life saver.
Thank you Sevan and the entire Resistance family. Wholeness



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