That snowball effect is about to be inevitable. It is of value that the quality of what We do here remains in tact no matter how many people join. We are personally asking those who have their methods straight to assist those who are about to fly also. Let Us not forget the archives are loaded with plenty of treats and downloadable delights. My page has lots of recordings and music if you just want to make a playlist. Let Us continue to change the world, even if it is one world at a time.

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Ok. i am starting to get worried about Brazil. this country is far from awakened and the lack of english is making the difference...i do what i can but is with no support other than tones and myself, wich can prove using my energy but that has a limit couse i am not in the showbiss, and i have to protect this from those religious maniacs around... thanks sevan and may the snowball come this way to help those here that don t know i love them... :)
I feel the same way Mauricio, Out here in Brooklyn people are very hard to awaken. Sometimes I just look at it like some people just can't be saved, they're too connected to this reality and doesn't have much of an open mind to even think about the information that's being presented to them. I always start out with the basics like MSG in the fast food, Fluoride in the toothpaste and water, Aspartame in the gum, the vaccinations, etc. At first they seemed interested because they would start asking questions, then ego would take over and they just don't wanna hear it no more because the truth hurts. Many individuals in school thinks I'm crazy, and I feel alone :( But like Sevan says Don't let the distractions bring you down.

They will always party even when the door on the Arch closes, even when the water rises to the ankles they will party, it is only when it gets to the waste do they start worrying about were that crazy person was that was building the Boat, that would be Bomar and the rest of the merry bunch. The Arch is the body, Innerspace is Ours.
Definitly!! I am also considering creating a Music album, including frequencies, and dedicating myself to awaking people s conciousness, through words, sound, and i hope i will help this way!
so glad i found this site .-)
I'm up there with you!! (=



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