Are we complete within ourselves?

Do you think you need a twin flame to become whole?

I must admit that I found this to be so mystical and dreamy - like those 'and they live happily ever after stories' I read when I was but a girl.  You get this sense that some knight in shining armor would one day come and rescue you from this big bad world, and shower you with love.

As I got older, I sensed this void within.. that a part of me was missing - a part that can only be found in a man.  I subconsciously looked for him throughout my life.  But no one matched up to my heart's recommendations. I wondered to myself - does every woman share in the same thoughts? Or was I the only one looking and waiting for that perfect man.  They seemed so happy and content; but I knew that what I was seeking ran much deeper than what I saw women accepting as the norm.  My heart would not settle.

At some point in my life, I came across some information regarding 'soul connections' which really peeked my curiosity.  I felt like I was onto something. You know that feeling; when you think you have stumbled upon some big secret that no one knows but you? lol.  One book led to another and another.  And then... there it was;  tucked away in the midst of flowing pages: a chapter on 'twin flames.'

I thought to myself... wow... this explains it all. What I was missing was my twin flame.  He was out there, trying to find his way back to me. Surely this can't be the answer! I remember saying to myself: 'if I believe this, then this is no different than what christianity has taught me - that to be complete, I must seek an external expression of love; something or someone separate from myself."

For me to accept this, gave me a feeling of defeat - losing a battle before it begun. How was I to find him if I didn't know what I was looking for; just like christianity: praying to a God that you couldn't see but must believe that he is out there.

As the years went by, I tucked that feeling away as far back into my heart as my heart would allow.

Then, I felt compelled to explore 'spiritual teachings.' I was searching for something; yet I knew not what.  But I knew there was something bigger about me. That feeling rose up again - that feeling of not being whole.  A sense of incompleteness.  And 'wo and behold' there it was again - videos about 'what are twin flames' and how to know if someone is your 'other half.'

I tuned in with one ear; thinking that maybe there was some information that I was not able to  grasp a few years back.  I was like a sponge; just soaking it all up.  I thought; okay,  maybe there is some truth to this; and so I surrendered to the concept. ...... For a while!

There comes a time when the answer that you seek will be found in the least expected place .............. YOUR HEART.

I can no longer embrace the notion of twin flames. Yes this concept has held up and served a purpose in our world; for a period of time in our history. It birthed the idea that there is love out there, if we but seek it out. More so, this concept served an even more profound purpose - The 'keepers of disguise' put it in place, to divert your attention from the power that you have inside - that power that comes alive when there is the merging of the masculine and feminine within................................ THE SACRED UNION.
Our universe is creating a new future, right before our eyes.  Divine Mother has made it clear - You do not need a soulmate or twin flame to vibrate love. This is the way of our future!
 I would go as far as to say; you do not need the 'physical' sexual union of man & woman to merge this sacred love. However, there are many among us that first need this experience with the union of such, in order to fully understand the concept of love; BEFORE THEY CAN HARNESS LOVE WITHIN THEIR OWN HEARTS.
I know what I am saying here is old news to many of you; and some would also disagree; but I know that somewhere out there;  someone needs to see these words. I believe that when information comes from the heart, it is meant to travel to another heart. 
...(just felt that I should elaborate on what I said above) - In no way am I saying that sacred love cannot be experienced within a 'physical'  sexual union.
Just want to hear your thoughts on "twin flames."

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